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Ecos - hotel in chennai - palmgrove
yes thatz a nice hotel.. can stay with family... walkable distance from the consulate may take 10 - 15 min.. the auto walas charge around 10 rs to the consulate from the hotel and rs 15 back to the hotel.
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Got H1b After 221 (g) at mumbai consulate
Got H1b After 221(g) at Mumbai Consulate

Hi, yesterday was the most memorable day for me. i got h1b visa after getting 221(g) on 20th December, 2005.

About me,

I am MCA and working with one of the Top 5 MNC in India at mumbai. Having more than 3 and half years of experience in microsoft technology.

First time, i went on 20th December. My interview went like this:

VO : Give me your passport, token number etc.
Me : Gave.

VO : For which company are you going?
Me : I am going for XXX.

VO : How long the company is in business?
ME : for more than 8 yrs.

VO : Give me your appointment letter.
Me : i gave appointment letter along with a envelop provided by me employer. It was sealed cover and metioning confidential and To mumbai consulate. So, i gave it with appointment letter.

VO : He just get the document from envelop and start reading it. i know it was tax returns of the company.

Then he started typing something in his computer and after 10 min, he asked me the web page of company.

Me : i said

Again he started looking at the company's web site and after 10 min, he issue me 221(g), asking for following documents.

 1. A list of all candidates petitioned by the
 petitioning entity in the mumbai consulate, the
 times in which they joined and worked (including the
 date of departure if no longer with that entity) and
 their current whereabouts.
 2.A detailed description of the petitioner's needs
 this position and how the beneficiary worker intends
 to address them. Provide specific examples of how
 person's skills match the petitioner's needs.
 3.Photographs (15) of the inside and outside of the
 petitioner's work premises.
 4.Interior and exterior photographs(15) of the
 petitioning employer's work premises and of the work
 premises where the H/L worker is/will be deployed.
 5. Provide a detailed and specific account of how
 H/L worker will be employed during the next 12
 Be sure to specify location, client and client
 information, nature of project and duration of
 6. Principal's certified or notarized state and
 federal tax returns for the last three (3) years,
 including 2003.
 7. W-2 forms for all people employed by the

Finally, i got all the documents on 23th January, 2006.

So, i went to consulate on 30th morning.

For pending application, the queue will open at 9.30 AM, so don't go around 7, just reach there by 9.15. around 9.30, VFS person collect my passport, 221(g), DD, Original I-797 and I-129 and gave me pink token.VFS guy told me to come back around 11 AM, so i was there and was waiting for my turn. But after all the fresh applicant's were get inside, they allow all pending case to get inside. They told me that after getting inside, pending applicants need not to stand at any queue, just sit on any chair and wait for your token number to be announced.

Your turn will come to the same Visa officer.

So, around 1.30 my token number was announced at window number 4. The visa officer was same who issued me the 221 (g) last time, so i get upset and loose hope.

But, my second interivew went like this.

VO : So, you got 221(g) last time. 221(g) was with him only.
Me : yes sir,

VO : I require some more information about company, give me documents.
Me : I was confused, i asked sir which documents you want. Should i gave you the documents my employer provided me in response of 221(g) ?

VO : Yes, give me that
ME : Started giving document, one by one, VO told me to give all the documents. I gave all the doc.

VO : he started looking all the documents. He saw it very carefully for almost 20-25 minutes, Thay was the most crucial time for me.

After 20 min, he took the photographs of my employer and went inside and came after 10 min.

he return all the documents to me and told me that you will receive your passport in 2-3 days.

That's all.

I hope every indian get the H1 B visa and all the best to everybody and thanks to for providing such a wonderful site.

Thanks and All the Best
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about documents

anybody can tell the complete requiremts for H1
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prepone the slots
hi to all actually i had taken my appointment on the month of i want to prepone my every time i am checking the status of vfs.but i need it in when it shows the slots availability?
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what wud be the reason
hi all,

              First of all I like to thank each n everyone for u'r valuable suggestions but the day I attended visa interview is not gud for me. The VO has taken the american company's ITReturns and the project details of the project Iam goin to do there and issued me a 221g from stating that they need to do additional administration process. So wht does this mean?? and how long does it take for a reply??

thanks and regards,
H1B aspirant
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Itinerary of services or engagements the dates
Hi friends,

I got 2 times 221(g) in chennai.
I got query called "A Complete itinerary of services or engagements specifying the dates of each service or engagement, the names and address of agent, the names and addressess of the actual employers, and the names and addresses of the establishment, venues, or locations where the services will be performed"
If anybody have the same experience. Please Share with me.and also if anybody have the answer templete of this. Please let me know. Its very urgent

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Please let me know
Hi All…

I attended 2nd time for an interview at chennai Consulate on 12 Jan, 2006. She given 221g – she asked only one document – and she asked me to send that one tru Drop Box.. So on Friday (27th, Jan) I send that Document.

Please Let me know, In general – How many days they will take to give response.

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Hotel in Chennai near consulate ?
Can any one tell me about Hotel Palmgrove near by Chennai consulate if any one had experience there?How is it for staying with family ?

and also if any one can suggest me any good hotel near by chennai consulate for family stay in range of Rs 1200-1500.It will be helpful for me.

Thanks in Advance!
Wish you all Good luck for there Interview in consulate !!
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doubts regarding DS 157
most wanted
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Need a small info. I was issued 221g in chennai counsellate for the complete project details and itenary etc. Now i have a small doubt. My employer is ready to fax me the docs ASAP. Do i have to submite the original copies or can i submuit the xerox copies when i attend next time to the embassy. If anyone konws well please suggest me.

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