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F1 Visa alprov.

Status : Approved.

Interview time : 6-7 minutes.

Background : I was applying for fall semester 2018 for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science engineering from University of Mary Hardin Baylor, Texas. It was my first attempt.

IELTS Score : 9 bands.

Visa date : 23 May 2018 (some of the worst days in American consulate, the acceptance ratio was 10:2)

Consulate : Mumbai.

Time : 8:45 AM

All of the student and work visas were getting rejected only B2 (visit visas) were being approved.

After about an hour and a half of waiting in 5 different lines, and experiencing all F1 visas before me getting rejected I finally get in front of the counter.

VO is an American lady in her late 20's or early 30's.

Me: Good Morning ma'am, how're you this morning?
VO : Maybe replied, I didn't pay attention.

VO: Pass me your passport and I20.
ME: Done.

VO: Why US?
ME: (A well rehearsed answer) Well, US is the education capital of the entire world...

VO: Okay, fine. Stop. (In an exasperated tone.)
ME: (completely thrown of the game all of these conspiracy theories came to my mind that maybe she has already decided to reject my visa and such, I push it out if mind.)

VO: When did you finish your undergraduate?
ME: I am actually going for my undergraduate...

VO: (interjecting) Yeah, but when did you finish your 10+2?
ME: I finished my 10+2 in 2016..

VO: (interjecting, again) So what have you been doing till now?
ME: I didn't want to graduate from any mediocre college that's why as soon as I was done with my 10+2 I started working on the entrance test for IIT and Bits Pillani but unfortunately , couldn't get in and missed out by just a scratch my Plan B was to get my undergrad degree from abroad and US was the first country that came to my mind because a degree from US is valued all over the world. (I knew about midway in my answer that she wasn't liking the answer, her frown deepened as I kept going.)

VO: Wait, so you couldn't get into these Indian universities and your Plan B was to try for US? That doesn't make any sense.
(I was shook, I wasn't expecting this)
ME: Actually these are 2 of the best universities in India it is really hard to get into it.

VO: Okay. (shrugs) (Starts typing on keyboard)
ME: (Thinking on my feet, I knew I had to say something and fast, the first thing that came to my mind was a times of India article I read almost a month back)
The reason i don't want to continue my education here is because the situation here is very bad.

VO: How so?
ME: Well there are about 5000 engineering colleges in India. 1.3 million engineers graduate every year. There are only 500K new jobs available every year. So If am to have any kind of career in my field of study I am expected to have exceptional skills. And education from USA allows me to attain those skills and when I come back to my country I will have an edge above the rest of the graduates.
(All true facts, but not something I prepared for, just said of the top of my head.
In hindsight if I hadn't given this answer I am almost sure I would have been rejected in the next minute.)

VO: Okay that makes sense. So I see you have been given a scholarship how are you planning to pay for the rest of your education?
ME: (Gave a detailed answer, she was obviously satisfied, didn't even ask for my financial documentation.)

Final Question (And The answer that got me my visa)
VO: (Starts typing then stops, looks at me and asks) So, you said you're from Hyderabad right? (I had mentioned that in my sponsor answer) Then why are you applying from Mumbai?

ME: (Wasn't completely prepared for it, Was debating if I should say the truth or make something up, something told me that this VO wasn't you're average VO she'd understand if I lie, I decided on telling the truth)

Well a friend of mine, who had an excellent profile applied from Hyderabad and his visa got rejected for no specific reason, he took a deferment applied for the second time and his visa was approved. In my situation my mom told me that I had this one chance to get my Visa and if I don't I'll have to continue my education in India, I didn't want to take any chances or risks which is why I am here.

VO: straight up starts laughing for at least 20 seconds (she liked the answer).
Everybody in the hall were looking at me curiously, this hadn't happened before (at least in the past 2 hours.)

VO: (stops laughing, but still smiling) I have never hear that answer before.
Me: No comments.
VO: How old are you? (casually)
ME: I am 19.

VO: Alright, give me a minute. (she turns off her mike, and starts typing for a whole minute, at this point I was hopeful that I'd get my visa than she signals toward someone and another American guy comes up beside her and they started discussing. It was at this point all my hopes came crashing down because of all the reaserch I had done and experiences I had read I understood one thing if the VO calls someone to discuss, it means your visa is getting rejected. I lowered my gaze to the floor and started making plans on what to do next. About a minute after she knocks on the glass, I look up.)

VO: So I am keeping your passport, and approving your visa. (Then she passes me the slip on how to collect your passport, I don't respond, I still haven't processed what I heard)

VO : Are you gonna take this?
ME: Yes Of Course, thank you so much, you made my day. (And I was about to take the slip she pulls it back, I look up)

VO: congratulations on your Visa and best of luck in your future endeavors. (smiling)
VO: Thank you again. (Took the slip and basically ran out of there.)

She didn't ask for any of my documents only the I20. The rest was all based on the conversation. Even though my scholarship and IELTS score was my plus points and I wanted to push it but I didn't even get a chance to mention it.

I know that its popular belief that you need to answer to the point, but I obviously went for another strategy I gave long and detailed answer for every question. And I think this is what got me my visa. You just need to talk on the subject and not defer into other things and you will be fine.

Other than that stay calm, collected and never panic or be nervous. Think that it doesn't matter if I get accepted or rejected. (even if it does) It will help you immensely.

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Will my SEVIS ID change if I try for F1 Visa at a US consulate after COS (H4 to F1) denial?
I came to the USA in September 2016 on H4 visa and started going to school from January 2017. I applied for a change of status H4 to F1 in June 2017 and my H4 expired in October 2017. I got a denial from USCIS with the reason that my H4 expired before 30 days of my program start date. I initially applied COS for August 2017, but my University deferred the start date to January 2018 and August 2018 subsequently. So, my COS is denied as I could not maintain my H4 visa while COS is pending. However, I traveled back to my home country immediately after COS denial and would like to apply for an F1 visa at a US consulate here.
In this situation,
1. Does my SEVIS id change if I apply for an F1 visa now?
2. Do I have to pay SEVIS fee again?
3. What happens to my previous SEVIS history if that record is terminated after COS denial?
4. Is there any way that I can transfer my credits from old SEVIS id to new SEVIS id?
5. Do I face any OPT issues as I only have a semester left?

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F1 transfer while h1B petition pending

I am an international student needing some advice on travelling outside the US. Here is my current situation –

I am working on my OPT (F1 student visa)
My company applied for H1B petition this year and my application was picked up in the lottery. I think it’ll be effective from October onward once appoved.
But I am planning to leave my company in coming June and join another University in August for graduate school.
I was told that my OPT would end as soon as I transfer my i-20 to my new university so I waiting until June to leave my company and then transfer my SEVIS and i-20 record from current to new University.

My question is – Can I travel to India in July (after leaving my company and before joining my new graduate school)? I would have transferred my i-20 by then so I’ll have the new i-20 from new University to enter the country. I understand that having new i-20, I shouldn’t face any problem entering US but I am afraid that having my name in H1B petition has made it trickier. Under the petition, I am asking USCIS to convert my F1 to H1B so technically my F1 is no longer acceptable to re-enter the country, is that true?
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F1 Visa rejection
Profile - I have completed my computer engg. in 2013 . After that i worked as adnroid developer for 1 year then i was employed in finance company as technical stock analyst in Indian stock market for more than 3 years. and now i want to do MBA in finance.

Visa Interview date - 3rd of April 2018, Venue - Mumbai , Visa Type - F1
It was my first attempt.
Experience of more than 3 years .

Interview time - 8:45 ,

I was nervous but still tried to smile at counter.

VO- Good morning (Without any smile)
Me- Good morning (Try to smile but nervous inside)

Vo- Passsport and I20 ?
passed both. I didnt staple my I20. He looked at me with anger on face.

Vo- Why do you want to go Monroe college?
Me- There are are several reason behind this, First and foremost reason is curriculum. I was looking for such curriculum in which i could learn Financial Analysis and M&A. and I found such curriculum in Monroe college, Second reason is Trimester system of Monroe which will help me to get my degree faster.and third reason is small class room size of Monroe which will help me get more interaction with my faculty.

(My body language was positive,my hand was moving and i was smiling also with nervousness inside.)

Vo looked at me.

Vo- What is your GRE score?
Me- Actually my college required good academic and English proficiency. For English proficiency i appeared IELTS and on base on my strong academic i got admission so i didn't required this GRE exam.

He stopped me without completing my answer. ( I want to say if it will be required in future than i will give it.)

He typed in computer for while then said
V0- Sorry for this type . your visa is denied. and passed my passport back.

I took that and smiled at him with big disappointment.

so what was my problem? Was my visa denied because of i didn't give GRE EXAM?
or I want to do mba and I am engineer . Was that a problem?

I am confused now . What should i do now .. please help me.. should i appeared GMAT/GRE and reapply in next intake ?

Thank you.

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F1 visa
Hi, I need some clarification on my DS160 profile. Have been to the U.S embassy one's unfortunately my F1 visa was denied but wanted to reapply now. I finished college 2010 to 2017 my first visa attempt that's 7yrs. On the Work/Education/Training information I only filled in a year course i had in desktop publishing, i didn't put in my academic record on the first profile application but now wanted to fill in my academic record on the second application. Need to know if it's possible for me and will i have any questioning problems at time of interview. Please your advice is highly welcome. Thank you

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F1 Visa Approval
Profile - Been rejected thrice in 2011 for F1 visa
              University - Oklahoma city University for the first 2 times and NYIT for the 3rd time.

Visa Interview date - April 25th 2015, Venue - Chennai, Visa type - F1
University - University of South Florida, Master's in Management.
Work experience - 2 years, GRE - old format gave in 2010 dec (converted score - 302), Toefl - 102.
Profile - Below Average.
Interview time - 8:30. Reached the line at 7:30am.
Went inside the Building at 7:55 and within no time was already in line for the counter no 22.

ME - Good Morning Sir.
VO - Morning.

VO- Passport and I20.
ME - Handed him.

(there was a staple on my passport)
VO - handed my passport back and asked me to take it off and come back in line.

Waited for my turn again.
Handed him the passport again.
Typed something for few seconds with silence.

VO - Have you applied for visa before?
ME - Yes sir.

VO - you have been rejected 4 times.
ME - No sir it is three times.

VO - No it is 4 times.
ME - Kept quite.

Was 100 percent sure wont get the visa

VO - Ok your visa is approved.
ME - Thank you very much sir.

So, My visa interview ended in just 2 mins without even asking me which university. Maybe it was just luck and also i chose a decent university.
Just wanted to share my exp with you guys.
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F1 Visa Experience Hyderabad
Consulate : Hyderabad
Visa Status : Approved.
Appointment time :10:00AM

VO was young American female.
VO:Good morning sir.How are you ?
Me : Good morning mam.i am are you ?
VO : pass me passport and i20.
VO:why are you going to US?
VO:Who is sponsoring you ?
Me:Father and brother
VO: what is your father?
Me:Retd govt employee working as consultant.
VO:What exactly was his previous job ?
Me: Answered
VO: Smiled
VO:How many siblings ?
VO:Wow.Really ? ( smiling)
Me: yes mam (smiled)
VO:whats your mom ? She was smiling again
Me:housewife mam
VO:What do you wanna become ?
VO: Your visa is approved sir.Have a great trip
Me:Thank you Mam.Have a great day.

VO did not ask for any documents.Just be confident and answer to the point.

Timeline :
16th March 2018:11:00AM VAC Appointment.FInished in 10mins
19th March 2018 :10:00AM Visa interview :Visa Approved durning interview
19th March 2018 :4:00PM Visa Administrative processing.(normal process)
20th March 2018: 2:00PM : Status changed to issue.

Waiting for pickup email to pickup the passport.

Hope this experience helps.
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Getting student visa for my mom
I'm going to shift to US, and want to take my mom along with me to live there. So, i'm exploring options and stumbled upon Student Visa option. My mom is not so educated and I'm wondering if it is possible for her to get a student visa - even for a basic school (definitely not a college). If so, what are some ways to get it?
Thanks in advance.
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F1 visa renewal
I'm a bit late to post details of my experience since I got immersed in work as soon as I returned to the US. However, in case it helps, please find the details below:

Consulate: Kolkata, India

Visa type: F1 renewal; had received pink slip the first time at Delhi consulate, which had taken 6 weeks to resolve

Interview date for renewal: 29th December 2017--was issued pink slip again, consulate didn't keep my passport

Required documents (publications list, CV and summary of past, & present research); sent on 30th December 2017.

First status change: January 4th 2018, still said 'Administrative Processing'

Email received from consulate: 23rd January 2018; asking me to submit my passport for 'final visa processing'.

Second status change: 24th January 2018, still said 'Administrative Processing'

Submitted passport: 29th January 2018

Final status change: 1st February 2018, 'Issued'

On 2nd February I received a text message from the consulate asking me to pick up my passport, which I did on the same day.

During my 3.5 weeks of waiting with no news I did a lot of searching on the internet from other people's cases. My understanding is that in general, renewal for F1 visas for students not working on research topics on TAL takes between 2-4 weeks. Although I have also heard of cases where students on TAL were not given a pink slip at all or their processing took the standard 2-4 weeks. However pretty much all cases that I have read about that took more than a month (in some cases 2-3 months) were TAL cases.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if anyone has any questions.
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J-1/J-2 visa approved
I'm sharing the timeline in the hope that it's useful to others
Consulate: Hyderabad, India
Interview date: Feb 15
Visa approved at interview time
Feb 15: Case status was still "Ready'
Feb 16 evening: case status - administrative processing for me as the principal applicant (this is NOT the 221g administrative processing, but the standard administrative processing that happens before issuance); for my dependents, status changed to ISSUED!
Feb 17, 18 was the weekend, Feb 19 is a US holiday
Feb 20 afternoon: my application status changed to "Issued"; my dependents' passports with visas had already left the consulate in the morning but mine was still at the consulate as per passport tracking status.

I think many observations can be made from the above that I hope will be useful to others. All the best!
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