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Which is best among K1 and CR1 in current pandemic situation?
I am from India and recently got engaged and legally married in September. My husband is an American Indian, US citizen. We are confused between K1 and CR1. We want to choose the best and fastest way so that we could start our married life together soon.
k1 is although for fiancé but we are confused we should consider it or not. CR1 looks a better option though but we are not sure about its processing time and other details.

we want to make a correct decision to take a step forward as soon as possible.

Can someone please guide us ?

Thank you!!
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FRAUDS…CHEATERS…LIARS… a couple of words to describe WWICS as a company and their work ethics. They are a bunch of white-collar cons and nothing more.
I am going to provide real names so that people know who am I referring to here.

My name is Murtaza and currently residing in Dubai. Back in 2018 I was trying to submit my application under Canada Express Entry program on my own. I had completed all the required paper work (WES, IELTS) but still was not able to successfully submit my application. My IELTS band was 7.

I reached out to WWICS and one of their consultant name Akshay Manoj Sapru, after checking all my papers and IELTS result, confirmed to me that I qualify for the application. I asked him twice if WWICS could submit my application with current IELTS score and he confidently said yes. I signed a contract with them in Oct. 2018, paid AED 10000, filled multiple forms in the following days and then they disappeared until I emailed them in December 2018, out of frustration due to unnecessary delays.
In Jan 2019 they told me that they could not submit my application because my IELTS scores were less and that I had to re-appear for IELTS !!!
Subsequently I spoke to their branch manager Syed Wajahat Ali and I was so amazed by how he tried to cover up their false claims by saying "galti baccho se hi hoti hey" {Akshay was inexperienced and made a mistake in assessing your file). So, that meant I simply paid AED 10000 for somebody's mistake !! (Akshay had left WWICS already by then)

They refused to return money and so I continued with them. I re-appeared for IELTS and got band 8 this time. My application was submitted and that was the end of it. My application was never selected under Express Entry because my points were low and there was nothing that WWICS could do to help but just to sit on my file and wait for me to improve scores.
My EE application expired after a year. I was not well and was in India for couple of months and that was when Covid was spreading rapidly. I could not follow up with them and they never re-submitted my application. It was only when I reached out to them in Oct. 2020, they resubmitted my application and informed me.
All their claims of helping you secure a PR for Canada is just a hoax. FALSE promises and a legalized way to take your hard earned money. They have no morals values or ethics.

On one occasion, they even offered me a under the table option to pay $50K to secure a PR.

I would urge to all those in UAE to contact me and connect with me so that we all can file a complaint against WWICS and get back our hard earned money. It is time we put an end to their wrong and illegal practices.

[email protected]
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vawa processing 2021
Applied for I 360 in jan 2021, biometrics august 2021. What is the average timelines for other folks for vawa approval. I have seen some cases from anywhere from 20 months- 2 years so far. And then another 1-2 years for I-485 approval. That's really long timeline. Does anyone want to share their recent timelines?
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Change of Employment, H4 Biometric

I would like to know the following. My husband is on H1, son and wife is H4 dependent. Currently in ISA and my husband is changing the employer from A to employer B.
So my husband is going for COE H1 on premium with the new employer. Now for H4 dependents, I have heard the biometric has been temporarily suspended. So is this true in this case as well?

I would highly appreciate it if anyone can confirm this ?

Thanks in advance...
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Hi all just curious to know that any applicant who filed a VAWA on February 2020 ? How long does it to get approved VAWA now ??? Anyone who filed vawa on 2020 and get approved ??? Plz respond I really appreciate for your time Thank you
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I applied for I751 in March 2020 and my receipt number starts with msc I live in Pennsylvania and my status updated ready to schedule for an interview since January 20 2021 but I haven’t heard anything after that I haven’t received any notice in mail..anyone has same kind of case running with uscis???I wonder how long it will take to schedule for an interview
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Sir , My Humanitarian Reinstatement Approved Petition is with USCIS Since October 2020. It has been approved and we are waiting for welcome letter, When we inquire with NVCreserch they said they have not received approved case back from USCIS, what to do ? Please guide me , 7 months already passed . My children also crossed 21 years of age , as per CSPA presently they are eligible ...
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I had my interview on May4th .the officer asked me to submit the form SD-5535.
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Cheated by Wwics
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WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services Ltd (WWICS)
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WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services Ltd (WWICS)



Siji Francis
2 days ago, 134 Views
Hi Everyone,

To all the people who has put positive comments recently and joined wwics, I can say only one thing the money you paid for your dreams is gone.Its an online process which hardly take 20 minutes and you can do yourself..really you need to pay so much for them to do it???????I was too impressed by their false talks at first and I was asked to put good reviews too when I joined. I did the same but I deleted it later because you will realize the facts if you are learning the correct process.All the very best if you still believe them. I have filed case against them it’s a long process now can understand why people leave their money just like that with them . Most of us don’t have time to go behind it and spend money again for the case. They didn’t appear even for compromise case next is civil case I can’t leave them for spoiling my dreams.

Never trust them and lose your money almost 9000 AED ( if I include Eca, ielts it will be more)My time, efforts, age, dreams and hope all gone. Be very careful when you sign their agreement too, its a trap. They promise you lots of things and take the money but when its not happening, your money will not be refunded. If they tell you that they created express entry for you, ask them for login ID details, because I couldn’t see my profile submission by the time I got my details after 7 months and I asked them to correct it. Then they blamed Canada government portal and told that there was some technical issue. One of my job was not included which is under B level skill, I found out this from other consultancy. They promised province nomination and told me that they applied for Prince Edward Island however I didn’t get any email from the province or any PDF submission paper for that. Saskatchewan they told that I don’t have points when I had 63 points where the minimum required is only 60.One day they again called and told I can apply but have to do it myself which was their responsibility. Then they offered me free service again for their mistake which I didn’t accept because I cant trust them anymore. I asked refund, send legal notice. Later they asked me to sign their declaration form for refund. My advocates notice was standing against them hence she asked me to sign the declaration form of WWICS and send them as the Manager in Sharjah branch told us that my refund will take 2-3 weeks only if I sign that. Then suddenly they send another email stating that the refund is not approved(Again cheating).Later my advocate told them we will file police case. They called me and told only 30% of total amount they can refund i.e. approximately 2600 AED only which is not acceptable. The only thing they told they did is express entry pool creation which is done free of cost online within 10 minutes maximum and that too was not seen linked to CIC website until i informed after months. Another reason they told in the email to my advocate is that , It took time for them to upload my file because, they were also waiting for my spouse documents.. .ha ha that was funny because I applied as single applicant.(lies again)

Last but least they told I shouldn’t put negative reviews here because I will have fines from them it seems. That means they know that people will do it. Please check the cases against them in Indian Newspapers also , YouTube videos, daily motion videos, its not just made like that it came in the news. I don’t want anyone to go through the same issues I faced.
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Immigrant Visa/ NVC
Hello, my parents filed for me back in 2017 while i was in the United States as a student, for my I-130 and it was approved in 2019.

I then decided to pursue my adjustment of status but I was denied in 2020 due to being out of status as at that time even though I asked them and they told me to go ahead with it. I couldn’t go back home due to security issues I then decided to leave for another country as a refugee.

 A few weeks after I got a mail from the NVC that my visa number was ready and I should pay for my documents and submit them online. I have paid and submitted some documents but as a refugee I don’t have a passport anymore and I’m a little skeptical about this as have never encountered anybody with this sort of case. Would anyone please give me an advice or idea on this case I would really appreciate it. Thank you and please stay safe.
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