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sunnysingh.nyit     10/11/2019 16:00 PM

Hello everyone,
Its been long -2 time since my lawyer filed I130 application at Potomac center , after 6 months they transferred the case to st louis nbc center and the letter we received says- case was transferred and a new office has jurisdiction. I'm not sure whats going on with my file. the concern is case processing date already passed long time ago. and the total time since application filed is- 22 months and have not heard any update yet. not even interview date.

PLEASE HELP ME to understand this situation and Is there any concern because i have been thinking and little stressed??

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bluetesoro     10/04/2019 00:28 AM

Just wanna ask if what does this mean "Duplicate Notice Was Mailed about a decision on your Form I - 130, I - 485, and I 765"?

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mandy1227     10/02/2019 18:15 PM

my PD 2-26-2019 BIO 4-25-2019 notting till now when I check my online case it says case not asing to an officers yet what does that mean an how long will it take still waiting for EAD so stressful anyone with this same problem please share thank you so much I cant have no job no money omg its so painful

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Marinda     10/01/2019 22:19 PM

My interview was on 6th September it went good counseled gave me rights of spouse document he said we are giving you visa and you will get your passport in 2 weeks on 10th working day I called ustraveler docs to check status they collected my case info and proceeded inquiry without telling me after 4 days I got this email
Your case has been updated, please log back into your account to view the details.

Date/Time Case Opened: 9/20/2019 8:34 AM
Description: Call Log Name
Call-2019- 09-20-16972242

Passport Status
Origin: Portal
Case Reason:
Public Response: Dear Sir/Madam,

We have recently reviewed your immigrant visa case. To move forward, please provide us with the following

• Family registration certificate.

Please upload above mention documents at https://ceac.state.gov/iv/. Once uploaded, we will review the documents for further processing.


Immigrant Visa Unit
U.S. Embassy, Islamabad

I am worried should I act upon this my husband says it's a generic email today is 15th working day please guide should I wait more there is no update on my case account of ceac to submit any further document please help

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ORDGUA     09/30/2019 17:13 PM

I would like to share my experience.

I came to the US in 2002 with a B1/B2 Visa. I had multiple entries before and two US visas. Last time I came I decided to stay. During these years I took classes here and there at the nearest college. I paid for all the classes I took, I worked here and there to support myself.

My husband was born in the United States, and in March we submitted and application to Adjust my status.

Priority date March 19, 2019
Fingerprint notice March 29
Fingerprint received April 4
Walk-in for fingerprints April 5 YOU CAN DO THIS
I485 April 08 changed to your interview is ready to be scheduled
I485 August 12 your interview has been scheduled
I765 August 27 We ordered your new card
I765 August 28 We approved your form I765
I765 August 31 I received the card
I485 September 19 Interview date
I485 September 19 Interview was completed and my case must be reviewed.
I130 September 25 Approved
I485 September 25 Approved
I485 September 27 Card was Mailed

***I didn’t requested a combo card because I had no status for so many years so our lawyer recommended us not to apply for it.

The day of the interview we arrived one hour before the appointment and the appointment time arrived but we were not call, we waited another hour after the time given in the notice. All our energy was consumed in the waiting, we were tired because we had to wake up very early, not our usual time, we didn’t have time for a good breakfast, so my husband was super hungry. We finally get call one hour after the original appointment time, the IO was in a hurry, we barely had time to answer every question when another question was asked. The IO was like do you have the original of the petitioners birth certificate, your original and translation of your birth certificate, what other documents you have with you. The IO also asked my husband my date and place of birth, if he petitioned for someone else before, if he was married before, so basically questions of the I-130. Then IO got the I-485 and went through the questions:

1.Have you been denied a US visa before, I said yes… I had a vague memory from when I was very little my parents applied for US visas for me and my brothers so everyone got their visas except one of my siblings and I, I don’t have a record of that but I know it happened.
2. Have you violated the terms of your nonimmigrant status…I said yes… I stayed over the time allowed.
3. Have you ever worked without authorization in the US… I said yes… I arrived in the US in 2002

After the questions we had to sign over the forms.

The IO didn’t have time to see our folder with documents, instead put pressure on me asking me which documents I had so I gave all we had… and I showed the photo album with more than 100 pictures and the IO didn’t even take time to see the pictures, IO acted like those things were not important, so quickly said “let’s do this, can you please (the beneficiary) take the pictures and pick the best ones and give them to me but do this outside in the waiting room, because I need to ask questions to your husband (the petitioner). So I did as instructed. I don’t really know how long it passed because I lost track of time but I guess it was more than 45 min until the IO came to get me and release my husband, so it was my turn to continue the interview. I can honestly say that some of these questions are mental breaking. Personal questions like name, family names, dates, are still okay, but then describe me your apartment, how many rooms, who lives with you, what size of bed, color of bed sheets, how many pillows, what you had for breakfast, where you do grocery shopping… OMG! the most absurd question was, what color is your toothbrush…. How in the world I would be paying attention to my toothbrush...my husband and I don’t share the same toothbrush holder, I have many more important things to focus than remembering the color of my toothbrush. So when I said “I don’t know” the IO was surprised, then quickly asked what’s your husband toothbrush color… I remembered his because he left it on the sink and I put it back in its place, later that day I verified the question so I went to check our toothbrush colors which are different brands and obviously in my husband’s toothbrush the color was noticeable, but not in mine. At the end I got the white paper the IO walked me out to the waiting room and finished the interview without calling my husband back.

The officer never was rude, the IO also apologized at the end for the delay. The entire experience was overwhelming, I didn’t know what to think or say during many hours after the interview, my husband was the same, we were mentally drained. We probably missed two questions out of I don’t know how many, we are not worried about it but it is not what I thought our interview would be. If anyone read this before their interview and failed some of the questions, please do not worry, we are not robots, the mind plays tricks when people are under stress, you can even forget you date of birth or the previous addresses. Each individual has a purpose in this world and probably our purpose is to master patience.

Personally, hope one day they change the system to verify if the information given is legitimate.


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nypc11     09/30/2019 00:25 AM

Hi, can any one who went to Federal plaza NYC tell me their experience please. I sent my i-130 & i-485 in July 28, 2018. got my work permit approximately 3 months later and in September 2018 my i - 485 status changed to " case is ready to be scheduled for an interview". Now is October 2019, i'm still waiting for the interview. Can anyone who also filed in 2018 let me know their processing times.
Thank You.

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mandy1227     09/29/2019 21:51 PM

I pd 02-29-2019 still awaiting for EAD can someone tell me what to do I am very stress out BIO- 04-26-2019 Its been 7 months now an notting please I need you guys help

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Need to about i130     09/27/2019 18:03 PM

Had my interview August 26 it went well I thought
Office give us white paper case must be review
120 days

Status still say interview Scheduled

No update yet

Any Oakland park filer going tru the same thing?

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goliath79     09/20/2019 08:37 AM

Hi everyone.
I had our marriage based interview on July 25 in NJ. In the end everything went well.
The officer said she will review our case but we did good.
It was 2 months ago, On the spot she gave us a paper what it says case held for a review please allow us 120 days to response.
Nothing yet. Should I start to get worry? Most of the couples get their green card in 1-3 weeks.
Thanks for the answers.

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hampton     09/18/2019 10:10 AM

Have I-485 interview is next week in Houston.
Any suggestion or help (specially interview questions / experience) from this wonderful group will be helpful to me. Thanks.

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