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My time line
Hey everyone I would like to thank everyone who shared his experience with the USCIS because it was so useful to me when first i tried to start my journey with the USCIS by December 2019 .At a Center call MSC

I sent the package (I485 , I765, I30 and I31) by December 7
Package Received by 12-12
Got the receipts notice by 12-21
Bio scheduled by January 7 2020
RFE by Feb 10 (The sponsor’s income wasn’t matching the uscis)
Case updated to show RFE was received by March 3
Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken for I31 by March 12
No updates on my case until today April 19
Haven’t received EAD yet
I’m wondering if the USCIS still working on my case during this pandemic
Thank you so much and please stay safe...
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From NOID to 10yrs G.C with no second interview
I want to use my time line as a source of encouragement to whoever is going through this kind of situation. I no one thing for sure with prayer n fasting in total trust in God you shall scale through like I did. Pls don't give up, though I almost did but God intervene so shall God intervene in ur situation too. Here is my update

09/29/2017......... Married to Us citizen
11/17/2018.........Documents sent back bcos of incomplete medical fee
11/20/2018........ P.d
12/27/2018....... Finger print
04//10/2019.......Ead with no SS
04/20/2019..........Notice of interview by text message
05/16/2019...........interview with no letter. I called USCIS OFFICE, they promised to send me the interview letter but I got nothing. I also send them fax no fr them to and it but to no avail. With d help of God I went and I had my interview. That's was my first miracle but I explain situation of things to them. Though I was told they actually sent it but was returned back bcos my name was not on d mail box bcos it was my wife name only on the lease.

05/30/2019.......... SS sent
08/17/2019............ Change apartment, and had to change address with uscis though same building but different apart from due to ongoing renovation

12/26/2019................ I got a Notice of intending to be denied. I did not get the notice till 8th of January and I have just two weeks left to respond to them. I had to start looking for immigration lawyer that can help but there charges are on the high sides bcos of time frame. God intervene I got one just exactly 10days to dead line. I had spent lots of money in trying to respond to all they requested n required me to do n sent to them.

01/28/2020.............. Sent document. I did a day delivery bcos it already a day after dead line. I couldn't get some of the required doc. I sent the document n explain others I couldn't get with d help of the lawyer.

02/15/2019......... Applied for Ead re-newer
02/25/2019.........Changed apartment again

03/26/2019........To God be the glory, ........ Card in production

03/27/2019..........i130 & i485 approved
O4/03/2019.........Card delivered! Even the lawyer told me to start preparing for stoke interview. Cos I don't even have enough prove to convince them but God favoured me beyond expectation.
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need your help on I-130
hello guys i am green card holder and filing for my wife. she is on student visa. I entered in US on student visa in 2015 but got my green card on August 2019. In form I 130 page no 4 question 40a " class of admission " .and 40b " date of admission " and 40c " place of admission " . what should i put on those boxes. should i put my student visa details or my GC details.
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MArriage Based GC - chicago
Here is my timeline for the chicago office.

Filing for spouse
I-130 I-485 I-131 I-765 filing
10/02/19 package sent chicago lockbox
10/03/19 package delivered
10/10/19 check cashed and received emails and texts (received date 10/03/19)
10/17/2019 - Got paper receipts and notice for fingerprinting on 30th OCtober.
11/26/2019 - RFE for Birth Certificate
01/24/2020 - RFE response was received (I had to get some documents from my home country ex affidavits etc so took time to respond)
01/31/2020- Case ready to be scheduled for an interview
02/03/2020- Interview Was Scheduled
Interview scheduled for 10th March 2020.

Finished interview.The interviewer did not ask me a lot of questions apart from my work history and role. he did ask my S.O. a lot of questions about how we met, trips we took etc, just the usual. After we got done with the interview, he asked if we had more bona-fides. We submitted additional affidavit of support, Joint house tile, new tax returns, new photos since filing. After the interview was done, the officer told me we were approved and i should get my conditional GC in a couple of days.

11th March status of I-485 changed to card is in production.

I never got the EAD or the travel waiver, the status still says finger prints were taken.
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Family based Green Card
Packet (immigrant visa/EAD) received by USCIS Dec 16, 2019
Biometrics Jan 23, 2020
Case ready for interview email from USCIS Feb 18, 2020
When can I expect to receive EAD?
When can I expect to get the interview date?
Thank you in advance for your responses and guidance
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greencard timeline Atlanta field Office
I am an Atlanta field office filer,
my timeline is the following,
PD ; 8/6/2019
Fingerprints : 9/6/2019
Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview : 2/26/2020

I am wondering how long it takes for the office to schedule my interview for the Atlanta area, anybody would like to share their timeline? I also have not receive any update on my EAD card or travel application, should I be worried? Nobody wants to give me any information at the USCIS and I am thinking they just forgot my application?

What can I do about my EAD card, I am ready to go back to work !! Please share your timeline with me if you applied in the ATL area, THANKS and GOOD LUCK TO Y'all
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Question on Sponsor
Hi All,

Need some advice (I am not sure why i am not able to post to the forums so posting here)

I am on H1B visa and married to USC, she was working until last year, but we moved to a different city for my new job and she is not working now. I make decent money (100K+) but will it be a problem if he is not working?

She has filled the affidavit of support but with no current income but we have included our 2019 joint tax returns. Thanks in advance!!

PD 02/19
Bio-metric 03/18
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Defensive I-130
I went to an immigration attorney today and I was told that since my mom entered illigally the best thing they could do was file a "defensive I-130" since she won't be able to come back into the county. I don't know what a "defensive I-130" is nor have I been able to find any information on it. Can someone please explain this to me.
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Form I-130
I'm a GC holder, I have a PD 04/11/2019 for my spouse's petition, the form was submitted to California Service Center, according to the processing times it takes 8.5 to 11 Months, TODAY they have updated the website with the receipt date for 04/11/2019.

Waiting for news soon.

Anybody knows how long it takes to be process in the NVC after the form is approved ?
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I 130 delivered but no receipt letter
My petition for my husband I 130 was delivered on 1/22 the Texas center .. I see the tracking but I haven't gotten a receipt letter as of yet .. Just checking to see if today 3/2... was enough time for me to get a receipt letter ?
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