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I-130 & I-485 Marriage Based green card approval – Newark Field Office, NJ
Hi all,

I am a firm reader of this forum and use this forum as a reference throughout my anxious journey. Now please allow me to share mine.


8/23/2021 : Package (I-485 & I-130) sent via FedEX
8/25/2021: Package is delivered.
9/4/2021: Letter received for case is rejected due to mix of payment type.
9/5/2021: resent the package.
9/9/2021: Package is delivered.
9/13/2021: Received text message from USCIS stating the case is received.
9/15/2021: Check cashed.
9/18/2021: Received I-797C NOA for both I-485 & I-130. Fingerprint is able to reuse from pending asylum. No biometrics appointment is needed.
4/26/2022: Notification received from “case tracker” app for interview notice.
5/2/2022: Interview letter received.
6/2/2022: Interview date.
6/3/2022: Received notification for case is approved for both I-130 & I-485.
6/8/2022 : Card was produced.
6/9/2022: Received letter for case decision/ case is approved from USCIS.

Interview experience:

My interview was at the Newark FO on June 2, 2022 at 12:45 PM. We arrived half an hour early. Checked in at the counter 4 and the officer took the first page of interview notice and directed to wait at the waiting area.
Then the interviewer called our name after one and half hour of wait time. She took us to her office and put us under the oath. The interview is more like a casual conversation and pretty straightforward.

Questions to my wife: how did we meet, my DOB, my parents name, where I work.

Questions to me: my wife DOB, My wife’s parents name, where she work.

Questions to us: when did we buy the house, when did we move to NJ, wedding date, wedding day experience.

Then she ask me to gave her a copy of joint documents: Deed copy, joint bank statement, random 5 pics, Old IDs and New IDs the same address on it.

Then she said she will ask me security & admissibility questions. I made a honest mistake when filling the form. I explained it to her and she fixed it right away. I strongly encourage you to review the questions and if you made a mistake you can fix it at interview. Better to keep the record straight.

At the end, she said they will mail the decision to us and escort us to the exit. No white paper is given.

Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions.
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I had tried for many days to post in this forum but all attempts failed. I don't know the actual reason. Can any member guide me as to how posts can be made successfully.
My date of DQ is 2-7-2021. Pl let me know as to when I will get IL from NVC.
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I have tried many days to post in above columns, but failed. Can anyone guide me as to how to post my question.?
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Family based I130, US Citizen files for Parents - Consular processing, India.
Dec 15, 2020, filed at Texas Service Center. Processing time at that period was 9.5 months which is now 11.5 months. Nothing was heard even after 17 months.
Case Status shows " As of 18 December 2022 we are actively reviewing your case. There is nothing outstanding ......."

Please post your valuable suggestions. Thank you
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Long post on my I-751 approcal
I have decided to post this here as this might be of huge help to so many of us. Briefly I got my GC through my wife however upon moving in US in 2015 our marriage was less than 2 years even though we had 3 year old then. CBP mistakenly gave gave me IR1 (10 yr GC). I counted myself lucky since I did not have to renew my GC after 2 years. Since then I lived for 5 years without worrying and 5th year I decided to file for my naturalization. Everything went well during my interview until when the office realized I was admitted with wrong code since my marriage was less than 2 years and therefore I ought to have applied for I-751 years back and therefore I received NOID(Notice of Intention to deny). My heart raced , terrified and scared. I made multiple calls to different attorneys and each advised even though it was not my error, my case could go either way. Friends I spent sleepless nights, used $$$ with Attorneys. The NOID had instructed me to apply for late I-751 and hope lack of late acceptance and adjudication. Keep in mind we separated with my wife and therefore I needed waivers. Fast forward after 18 months I-751 approved and the notice added N400 also approved. Huge relief please Take notes on small mistakes by you or Govt can be very expensive and never ignore anything engage trusted attorneys and lastly prayers. I will keep you all posted and to all waiting please I know it is hard but sleep ,eat , move on as you await for response do not loose sleep it will be okay at the end. DM if you need any input
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What expect when entering USA for my husband who has IR1 Visa approved
I am an US Citizen and got married to an Indian national (IR1 Visa) and he got his visa approved got it attached into his passport also. We are travelling tomorrow to the USA and wanted to understand the procedure for him once he enters the first port of entry with US Border and Customs and what all we need to have with us.

Also, when can we expect the green card to come in the mail?
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Is it possible for me to apply family based greencard for my sister when I(US citizen) am not working.
Is there any age limit for applying family based greencard for my sister. I am 49 and my sister is 47 years old.
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90 day rule
Does the 90 days rule apply to Parent of US Citizen?

I applied for i130 in April 2021 consular processing and i130 was approved last week. My mom is currently in the US on a visit visa. She arrived 30 days ago.

I will like to file an adjustment of status. Does she have to wait 90 days before filing or can I go ahead an send the i485 right away. I know there is a 90 day if you are visiting and getting marriage.

Should I go ahead and file the AOS and do I need to contact NVC ?
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How to find the processing center for your application?
I am a US Citizen and had applied I-485/I-130/I-131/I-864 for my parents in Sept 2021.
So far I received Application acceptance notices, Biometrics appointments and a Courtesy letters on missing I-693 for both of them from all different 'from' addresses. NBC Overland Park KS, NBC and Lee's Summit, MO. How do I find out which center my I-485 and I-130 are processed in, to get the accurate processing times?
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Non-availability Certificate
Hello, I am planning to file a GC application for my widower father, since he is alone in India. He has visited USA 3 times before. However he does not have a birth certificate (he is 80 years old). The Municipal Corporation issued a "Non-availability Certificate" for his birth. It states his parents' names and his date of birth and states that a search was made, but his birth was not found to be registered.
Will this work in lieu of the birth certificate for his GC application ? Has anyone used a similar certificate before ? Thanks in advance.
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