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I-130 Evidence
I'm working on I 130 US Citizen for my parents overseas.
They were asking for evidence like:
Religious record
School records
Census records
Written statements and possible DNA.
Which I don't have access to them, and the paper form, they didn't ask for them, the PDF one.
For the ones who recently submitted I 130 online, did you have those records or you submitted it without those records.

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Receipt notice starting with: IOE
Hello everyone,

I have applied online immigrant petition (I-130) for my spouse. The receipt number starts with "IOE". How long does it take to process such online cases. I could not find any resource on USCIS website where they show the processing times for online petitions.

Please help!

Thanks in advance.
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I 130 For Mom
Dear All,
I am about to start filling an I 130 for my mom. She lives overseas. If you don't mind to walk me through the process, and besides the form, what else do we need to do. If someone can refer me for new posts with their experience.
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Approved Petition i.140 returned to uscis and now filled i 130
Kindly if anyone having same experience please guide me accordingly.
Our approved petition after i 140 approval of my husband returned to uscis for administrative action because my husband is in Usa and he filled i 1485 instead of counslar processing and got his GC .now he apploed for us i 130 but processing times seems to be never ending .
Now can we contact uscis for the previous petitions to be reopened??? Is it worth ??? We want family reunion soon .how long it will take to approved i 130 of permanent resident spouse and kids ? We have to wait so long for processing times or they will approved cases soon coz our cases will have to come here for counslar processing .
Waiting for reply 🙏
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I-693 Courtesy letter
I had applied I-485/I-131/I-130/I-864 for my parents in Sept 2021.

Biometrics done in November 2021

Received a 'Courtesy letter' for I-693 Deficiency Notice in December 2021.
It says to wait for either a 'Interview notice' or 'Request for Evidence' by mail, and 'DO NOT MAIL DOCUMENTS AT THIS TIME'. Mailing documents before receiving one of the notices may delay your case.

Until now (March 2022), didn't receive any such letter.

Did anyone get this courtesy letter? If yes, did you receive the RFE letter by mail?

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I130 F2B
Hi, I just submitted a I130 for my son over 21 yo. I wanted you to tell me some experiences as to what to expect, how long is it going to take and how is the process gonna be. I am a permanent resident. Thank you
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[I-130] Case was approved
An update - My I-130 case was approved. I had applied for my mom in March 2021.

Does anyone recently went to consulate interview recently (anywhere)? It seems there is a huge backlog and it moves very slowly.
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Service center for I-130 - Parents (IR-5)

I am about to file I-130 petitions for my parents. I just checked the processing times and there is a huge difference between the processing time at each center. I live in California. I wonder if my parents' I-130 forms will go to the California center (with the super long wait time) or there is a chance the applications might go to another center. Thanks a lot!
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Does anybody know whether Uscis uploads your medicals on your profile online because a friend just told me he found his and we are told it should be sealed. Finding it online now has him in a confused state. Thanks
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GC Interview scheduled for my Uncle

My wife had filed GC for her parents and my Uncle scheduled for interview at USCIS, Philadelphia in March 2022. I have heard that there will be no interview for aged (my uncles age is 72) people. However can any one had interview (USCIS) recently especially from Philadelphia would request you to share me your experiences. Like documents to carry and preparation prior to the interview.

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