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Family Based Greencard

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I moved from Boston to Dallas few months before. Both my wife and I filed AR-11. My wife's i130 address changed was accepted. I got a email response for AR11 that, address cannot be changed because interview is scheduled with local office and I can update the address at the time of interview. Recently my i485 status changed to interview scheduled. I called USCIS customer care and they informed that interview is scheduled in Boston and the notice is being sent to my old address. The customer care agent told that if I have moved out of state then the interview needs to be rescheduled with the texas office. My lawyer will receive a copy of the interview notice.

We are ready to travel to Boston and attend the interview. My lawyer said I can do that, But the online postings of similar issues advise that I reschedule with the new location and I can be turned down if I go for the interview at the old address.

Has anyone been in this situation and attended the interview at the old location? Please share you experience if you were in in similar situation.
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I-130 ( Spouse) - Sent to NVC
Hi All,

I applied for I-130 for my spouse in March 2020 and it got approved but was sent to department of state. What does this mean? We now have an additional $500 to pay.
Both parties are in the states and application was filed together
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I-130 (Parents): Any updates?
Hi all,

Could you please let me know if you have recently got approval for I-130 (IR5 - parents)?

What about interview? It seems it's stuck since pandemic got started. Any one got any update for that?

Thank you!
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I130 for parents
So I filed I-130 Petitions for my parents. Both petitions are being at different service centers. One month after I filed, my wife also filed I130 for her parents. Both petitions were at the same service center. We just learned that her parents petitions just approved and my parents petitions is still pending.
So my question is adjudicating petitions at different service center cause delays?
Anyone in same situation?
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Family Based Green Card - Timeline
I recently received my marriage based green card and wanted to detail my experience here. I think we got extremely lucky as the entire process from filing date to receipt of green card took exactly 8 months. We worked with an immigration attorney and I would highly recommend that as it makes the process so much easier and worth the money.

Application mailed to USCIS - 02/05/2021
Receipt date - 02/08/2021
Receipt notices received - 03/22/2021
Notice for Biometrics appointment - 07/24/2021
Biometrics appointment - 08/09/2021
Notice for Interview appointment - 09/03/2021
I-765 approved (USCIS Case status website) - 09/29/2021
Interview Appointment - 10/01/2021
I-485 approved - 10/04/2021
EAD card received - 10/05/2021
Green Card received - 10/07/2021

The interview itself was pretty quick and straightforward. We went to the Detroit Field Office. Our appointment was at 11:15am and we got there about 30 minutes early. Went in at 11am. It wasn't very crowded and we were called into the interview around 11:25am.
The interview started off with the oath. Then she asked us some basic questions about our relationship - when we started dating, when/where we got engaged, when we got married, how many people attended etc. She then looked through the Form I-130 and confirmed the details that we had included in there - names addresses etc. She then asked is we had any extra documents to give her. We gave her some updated photos, insurance policy papers and joint bank account statements. She then moved on to the Form I-485 and asked my all the 60 or so Yes/No questions from the form. After that she verbalized approval and said it was pending a background check.

The I-130 was approved a couple of hours after the interview and the I-485 showed that the petition must be reviewed. The next business day, both cases were approved and the day after that card was in production. The card was mailed on 10/6 and received on 10/7.

I'm happy to answer any questions.
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I-751 scheduled multiple times
I received I-751 interview scheduled letter 2 times this month for different dates and then the case was updated with "interview cancelled". Now again today case was updated with an Interview was scheduled. I am confused now why my case status is changing so frequently.

Does the same happen to anyone else? Any suggestion is appreciated.

Case history

October 5, 2021 Interview Was Scheduled
September 27, 2021 We cancelled your interview for your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, and mailed you a cancellation notice.
September 23, 2021 We are ready to schedule your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, for an interview.
May 4, 2020 We transferred your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, to another USCIS office that now has jurisdiction over your case.
November 14, 2019 The fingerprints relating to your Form I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, were taken.
February 25, 2019 We received your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.
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Any one knws about interview.. bcz my family based green card interview next week and my parent dont knw english.. so allow to me go with my parent for interpreter... and whats kind ask a question to my parents..?

And usics need certified interpreter? For my parents interview.
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EAD delay
I applied to renew my work permit Dec 2020 and didn't even get a receipt notice until March 2021.
In April 2021 I applied for Vawa

My EAD expired May 2021 and have been working with my 6months automatic extension which will expire first week of November 2021.

I called USCIS in August and was told my case has moved to the VAWA office and I will need to write to them to release the work permit as decisions on any of my cases can only be made by the VAWA department.

I have written 2 letters and yet no reply
I even tried to expedite and also contacted my Congress woman.

I am getting nervous as I may lose my job if I do not receive it before November 2021.
Has anyone experienced this and what did you do to speed the process?

The Vawa office is at Vermont and I am thinking of driving down there since it's just 3hours from me to see if I can talk directly to someone . Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you
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H 1 visa
aim from Pakistan can I apply H 1 visa for USA while aim already on the waiting list of green card through F4 visa, thanks
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Employer change
My AOS (IR1) is still in progress with a PD of 05/03/2021. I'm currently on H1B with employer A. Is it a good idea to transfer my H1B to employer B now while AOS is still in progress?
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