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Family Based Greencard

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i filled for I360 and i485. After Responding to RFE on my i360, i received my EAD with Code C31. On my app it showed green and there has not been any other update(its 10 days now) while my I485 status has not changed since 660 days ago (and its blue)

first, receiving an EAD C31- does that mean my VAWA is approved?
second- since the status on I360 is green and shows ‘ Card was delivered to me by mail’. - what next should i do

third- has anyone been in this situation and what will be the next move
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I-130 for parents
Does anyone have recent experience filing I-130 for parents? what are the steps? what is your timeline?
If parents are outside of U.S. can they concurrently file i-130 and i-485? thank you
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IR1 visa- no green card after POE 120 days
Hello everyone, I came to the US with IR1 visa in September 2019, we paid the fee before entered to LAX, I’m supposed to receive green card in 120 days and today is 132 days, my status is still showing “payment received”. We called USCIS and they made us an inquiry which we should get response in 2 weeks. Anyone has or heard similar experience? I’m so frustrated, thank you.
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Family based Green card
11/13/2019 - received notice (I 765 & I 485 )
11/22/2019 - bio notice received
12/09/2019 - bio completed
01/18/2020 - case ready to schedule interview
01/22/2020 - interview schedule
01/27/2020 - interview appointment letter received
Hoping for the best !!! ( no EAD yet )
Your time will come, just relax and wait patiently.
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US Citizen daughter sponsored green card for father
Have anyone received green card for the application filed in August 2019 ?
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Filed I-130 for Parents
I'm writing on the behalf of my friend. He's an US citizen and he filed I-130 for his parents few months ago, but now his dad passed away, who was a principle beneficiary. So now, does he need to file another petition for his mother or already filed petition will stay valid for his mom (alive beneficiary)
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Biometrics timing?
Hi all. I applied green card through marriage to USC. My PD is Nov 2019. Yet my status is still fingerprint fee received and I haven't received biometrics appointment. I just want to ask if this is out of normal processing time? Anyone here with similar PD could please share your experience? Really appreciate it!
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Need help urgently!!
hi there all i just got my immigrant visa approved. I wanted to know if my spouse has to be with me when i go to the U.S for landing and if she can join me later as she has to get her spellings changed on her medical diploma in pakistan and this process can take a few months to complete and she needs to be in pakistan for this. I have been to the U.S several times before on visit visa if that would make a difference. Waiting for your reply. Thankyou
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Greencard Approved!!!
Hello All,

All thanks to God and the experiences shared on this forum, I finally got my Greencard in hand today. The experiences shared really helped me in keeping hope alive. I am praying for all those who are still in the process that your cards would come through by God's grace...Amen.

Let me share my timeline and experience below:

Married to Greencard holder
4 Sep 2018 -> I-130 PD
15 Jul 2019 -> I-131/I-765/I-485
30 Jul 2019 -> Biometrics completed
4 Oct 2019 -> I-130 transferred from California Service Center to NBC
5 Nov 2019 -> Expedited request raised based on financial loss to company and self (Provided job offer letter and letter from company)
8 Nov 2019 -> Faxed supporting documents to USCIS
21 Nov 2019 -> Expedite request approved
22 Nov 2019 -> EAD combo card approved and sent for printing
26 Nov 2019 -> EAD combo card mailed out
30 Nov 2019 -> EAD combo card in hand
12 Dec 2019 -> Received Interview notice

10 Jan 2020 -> Completed interview and Greencard approved on the spot
15 Jan 2020 -> Greencard mailed out
17 Jan 2020 -> Card in hand

Our interview was simple and straightforward. Most of the questions were directed towards my wife (petitioner). Questions asked were what we filled in the I-130 and I-485. The agent made a couple of updates as we had changed addresses and jobs. Agent requested for supporting documents and we provided our wedding albums, lease agreement and joint account statements. (In my opinion, I believe most of the cases have been pre-judged before the interview).

I am so happy that the wait is finally over. Goodluck to everyone waiting out there. Your time would surely come.

Do have a great year ahead.
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Family-based green card with J1 waiver
I just got my green card process finalized, and I found it helpful the posts with the timelines for each step. So, I decided to share my experience here, as well.

I came to the US with a J1 visa with the 2-year foreign residency rule. Thus, before I could apply for the green card, I had to first apply for the 2-year rule waiver.

When I finished my Ph.D. I extended my J1 visa based on an Academic Training (AT), the J1 equivalent of an OPT for the F1s (This does not require an EAD card, only an extension on the DS-2019). After I had my AT approved, I received a new DS-2019 with an extension so I could complete the AT. I waited 90 days after the date the new DS-2019 was signed by the university to apply for the waiver. After the 90 days, I then filled out the online form in the Department of State (DOS) website and followed the instruction on how to file the waiver request. The timeline for that process went as followed:

April 16th – Completed online the waiver request form on the DOS website (as soon as you finish the form you are given a case number that can be used to check the process status online)
April 17th – Mailed the requested documents to DOS
April 17th – Requested to my home country embassy (Brazil) to submit the J Visa Waiver No Objection Statement to the DOS. As soon as I sent the request, I received an email back from the Brazilian embassy confirming they received it, and a promise that it would be processed within 5 business days
April 17th – I received a copy of the No objection Statement the Brazilian Embassy had submitted to the DOS
May 2nd – First update online showing the DOS received my documents and fee payment
May 22nd – No Objection Statement from home country marked as received
July 18th – DOS sent to USCIS the favorable recommendation to waive the 2-year rule
July 23rd – USCIS received the recommendation from DOS to waive the 2-year rule
July 25th – USCIS made the final decision to waive my 2-year rule
July 27th – Received notice from USCIS on the mail to state they received a favorable recommendation from the DOS; and also a separate notice with their final decision approving the waiver of the 2-year foreign residency rule

After I received the notice waiving the 2-year rule, I started to assemble the package for the Family-based - Adjustment of Status (AOS). We were, at the time, residents of Mississippi.
Timeline for AOS:

September 16th – Submitted all the paperwork for concurrent filing with overnight shipping to the National Benefits Center
September 17th – USCIS received the package, and this became our priority date
September 27th – Received the notices on the mail with all the case numbers
October 16th – Biometrics appointment set for Birmingham, Al. However, notice for the appointment did not arrive until the afternoon of October 18th, therefore, I missed my original biometrics appointment
October 18th – Contacted USCIS to get an info pass for biometrics, but I was not able to since it was late on the day and only tier 1 agents were available
October 20th – Talked to a tier 2 agent and was able to get an info pass for new biometrics appointment for October 25th
October 25th – Biometrics appointment, early morning
October 25th – Fingerprints review was completed by the FBI, late afternoon
November 11th – Case ready for the interview
December 3rd – Interview was scheduled
December 6th – Received noticed on the mail with interview date and place
January 7th – Interview at Memphis, TN. Our interview was very relaxed and quick. We were not asked for any extra documents or photos. The interview did not take but 7 min to be completed, and in the end, the officer congratulated me on becoming a permanent resident. She then handed me the approval notice and said that within two weeks, I should receive the card in the mail.
January 7th – Status updated online that the case was approved
January 10th – Card was mailed to me
January 13th – USPS picked up the parcel
January 15th – Card delivered

I never received the EAD/Travel document combo card. On the day my green card was approved, the status for the forms I-765 and I-131 changed to let me know that the requests were terminated, since I received the benefit by having the green card approved.
Best of luck to everyone going through the process!
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