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mandy1227     10/13/2019 19:25 PM

hi I got an update say my new card has been order for my EAD but where on uscis profile mark next step it say if card cannot produced we mail as to why what does that mean please some one tell please I wait 8 month now for my EAD but I worried

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MattRenshaw     10/13/2019 14:04 PM

Anyone here have any updates on May filers?

I-485, I-765, I-131 Marriage based NBC (Sacramento Field Office)

No updates what so ever! Will I receive my EAD before the end of the year???

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Niwihn_niw     10/13/2019 14:02 PM

6 months almost. 1 drugs developed for treating cancer in the clinic. One on going. My science featured around the world including the NYT.

Many universities looking for hiring me (UCSD YALE JOHN HOPK STANFORD HARVARD)

Many companies leading in the field are trying to recruit me.

And my career and my science is stuck because of USCIS. This agency is not hurting me but all the ppl that can benefit from my discoveries. Nothing so far has been processed or approved.

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nomorepatience     10/12/2019 17:27 PM

Today just got the letter saying why my I-485 was denied and according to USCIS I failed because didn’t sent my birth certificate and my affidavit of support which doesn’t make any sense because we did sent all those things. My I-130 was even previously submitted and accepted last year which doesn’t even make any sense but it’s okay. After 8 months and even went to my biometrics appointment. This is just unbelievable.

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March22     10/12/2019 14:03 PM

My EAD was delivered today. You can check my journey on my status history and if you have any question you can ask

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Meilima     10/12/2019 10:17 AM

Let’s see , peoples with PD June and July already got EAD cards ??
Someone know which month NBC processing now ?? But not at website, it seems doesn’t work there.

Thank you , good luck all

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Koumi54     10/12/2019 09:45 AM

Hi there,

I want to share my experience as I have been using this website for a while and it really helped me cope with the wait. I live in Houston TX, filed as a marriage application with adjustment of status.

Filed with NBC.
PD April 19th 2019
Biometrics May 20th 2019
Pink Courtesy letter August 21st 2019
Ready to be scheduled for interview August 28th 2019
I-765 New Card is being Produced October 11th 2019

Hope this help others in the future!

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kkaren     10/12/2019 08:30 AM

Today I randonly checked my EAD app and finally stated card in production. I am beyond excited! Now, not sure if it was because my RD is 4/19 or because I requested to expedite but just glad there's finally momevent!

NBC is my filing center.

No updates still on 485 since my interview was cancelled and still waiting for rescheduling.

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thisbs     10/11/2019 20:50 PM

Okay so my I-485 case actually got updated yesterday. The morning started with "case is ready to be scheduled" and later that day I got the notification that they did schedule me for an interview. I haven't got the actual mail with the date yet.

How long after the interview does it take to get a decision about the AOS?
Since I have no update on my I-765 yet I'm guessing maybe, hopefully, I can actually get my green card instead and be done with that.

PD December 31st, marriage based, NBC/Phoenix
Biometrics February 14
Raised 1 SR July 31st
Raised 2 SR September 3rd
RFE for my I-485 September 13
They got my response for RFE September 25
Notification about case getting scheduled October 10

Any other December out there without work permit?

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Salvador Advento     10/11/2019 16:21 PM

Hi everyone, did anyone received a combo cards filed on June 17, 2019? AOS married base. Sent to Texas.

PD: June 17, 2019
Bio: July 30, 2019
Ready to be scheduled for interview: August 29, 2019

Until now no updates on the system yet. Some applicants
Who filed after June 17, 2019 got their combo cards already.
So stressful waiting for long time! :(
Have a blessed Friday everyone!

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