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Anyone December 2019 VAWA Filers
Anyone filed for VAWA in December 2019 received approval decision?
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Blurry notice of action.
My own people, can i travel with a blurry i751 receipt of notice , i called uscis,they said it's ok but sill waiting for update since April 2020
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1-130 for father filed 04/28/2021; Processing started 09/10/2021 - TSC - still waiting
I am US citizen originally from India and have applied I-130 or my father on 04/28/2021 for consular processing (father still in India) and the petition was assigned to TSC. Online it say the case is being reviewed since 9/10/2021. The processing date for TSC is 12/09/2020, so I think it might still take some time before it gets approved.

My question is does the status gets updated online when it the petition is approved? Is the approval notice sent to me or directly to my father at his home address in India?
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How and where to change address while waiting for Green Card to arrive?
Hello, my mom just got US for a month, and still waiting for her green card to arrive. We have to move now, where and how to change address? Could anyone share experience? Thanks!
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I-130 and I-485 concurrent filing
My I-130 was filed on September 16;2020 ; It has crossed the normal processing time of Dallas,Tx and when we put our service request for outside normal processing time, we have been told that my file is located at a Federal Records center and USCIS is trying to get that file from there. We have been getting the same reply for the past three months. Is it normal ? Did anyone in this forum has the same problem.?

  I will be thankful for your reply

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1485 based on family!!!
Hi everyone! As of Dec 30 2021, i chacked my case status, and it says. Finger print relating to my form i-485 application to registered for permanent residence have been applied to your case. Did anybody has the same experienced please i'm curious to know what that mean.
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Reg. Birth certificate alternative for mother
I am applying for green card for my mother (Indian citizen). She does not have a birth certificate (1947 DOB) and the USCIS website also says Birth cert is not necessary for those born before 1970. However, she does have an emplyment letter from the Income Tax stating her date of birth. Is that sufficient. She is already in the US, and when we contacted the Local government for non availability certificate, they are asking for quite a bit of "you know what".
She has one elder sister who can provide affidavit for her date of birth.

Are the above two documents sufficient or should I be looking a appeasing the government officials?
Thank you
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Concurrent filing of I-130 & I-485 for parent
We have filed I-130 & I-485 concurrently in Sept 2020, Biometrics done in Nov,2020, REF replied in Jan 2021 still no progress

When concurrently filed which one is processed first I-130 or I-485 ?
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I moved from Boston to Dallas few months before. Both my wife and I filed AR-11. My wife's i130 address changed was accepted. I got a email response for AR11 that, address cannot be changed because interview is scheduled with local office and I can update the address at the time of interview. Recently my i485 status changed to interview scheduled. I called USCIS customer care and they informed that interview is scheduled in Boston and the notice is being sent to my old address. The customer care agent told that if I have moved out of state then the interview needs to be rescheduled with the texas office. My lawyer will receive a copy of the interview notice.

We are ready to travel to Boston and attend the interview. My lawyer said I can do that, But the online postings of similar issues advise that I reschedule with the new location and I can be turned down if I go for the interview at the old address.

Has anyone been in this situation and attended the interview at the old location? Please share you experience if you were in in similar situation.
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I-130 ( Spouse) - Sent to NVC
Hi All,

I applied for I-130 for my spouse in March 2020 and it got approved but was sent to department of state. What does this mean? We now have an additional $500 to pay.
Both parties are in the states and application was filed together
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