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Need help about my I130 and I 485. married to us citizen
My husband and i went for our first time interview and the separated us to do the interview. After that they said we'll receive a mail for their descision, this was in april 2019. We have call tons of time raise service resquest but nothing. They never sent us any RFE. 14 months after the interview, our case statut change on:

On May.., 2020, we began reviewing your Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, Receipt Number MS×××××, We mailed you a notice informing you of the action we intend to take on your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice and submit any requested materials. If you do not receive your notice by June..., 2020, contact the USCIS Contact Center.

We are confuse. What could it be?
Please if anyone have experienced this before or have an idea what i coulb be share.
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I 485
Hi everyone. I filled the I 485 form on March 4th and my papers were rejected because of an outdated form. Then I followed again on April 26th and it's been a month and I still haven't got an answer from the USCIS. I saw a couple people fallowed around the same time I did and they already got and answer. So, I was just wondering if there is anyone with the same situation as mine. This waiting time is stressing me out.
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Hello everyone!
Question here.
My brother was petitioned by my mother who was a green card holder back in 2015, this year we got the notice that the petition has been approved by the USCIS and the NVC is going to process the interview in the Philippines. My mom, abandoned her green card in 2017. Is my brother still eligible for a Visa? Thanks in advance
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Updates during May 2020 on my cases.
Hi everybody,

I hope you all started to get some positive updates on your cases. My lawyer and his assistant were so negative and waiting for the offices are open on June 4th. ( San Antonio )

Anyway just a day later (May 12th, 2020) I got an update for my I 485 ready to schedule an interview, and today ( May 20th, 2020) for the work permit it says "New Card Is Being Produced" finally. so I am happy.

I was waiting for 6 years. After I 130 approved, we stuck finding a sponsor.

Here is my time timeline for I 485, I 765, I 131

Application sent December 12th, 2019

Forms were received by USCIS December 16th, 2019

and of January 2020 Receipt notices came by mail and also I got a Biometric appointment notice.

I did Biometric for all 3 forms on February 6th, 2020

Biometrics applied to the I 485 and I 765 on Feb 10th, 2020 but for the I-131 it took time and applied on March 14th, 2020

And as I mentioned above on May 12th and May 20th I got updates. Now I am praying for the interview date.

Note: I filled from Texas to Chicago.

My service center shows the National Benefit Center

My I 485 form office is in San Antonio, TX

Have a great day to all, be safe.
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How long it will take to schedule the interview?
Hi All

Field Office: Minneapolis
PD: Aug 23rd 2019
EAD: Jan 15th 2020
Case is Ready to schedule for an Interview: April 20th 2020

How long does uscis will take to schedule the interview?
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No Update since application received

Married to USC from B1

I485 and I765

October 30, 2019 mailed application
November 1, 2019 priority date
December 2, 2019 biometric appointment
December 3, 2019 case was updated to show finger print was taken

***165 days since last status change

I130 and I131

October 30, 2019 mailed application
November 1, 2019 priority date/case received

***197 days since last status change
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I 130 Approved Without interview. Married to USC
Filed 04/01/2019 (i130 i485 i756 Medical) Concurrent
PD 05/19/2020
07/10/2020 Requested for Biometrics
08/25/ 2020 Biometrics Done
10/20/2019 Requested for Valid Birth Certificate
11/22/ 2019 Mailed birth certificate
01/24/2020 EAD approved
02/25/ 2020 notice of interview scheduled for March 3rd 2020 and instructed I bring updated Medicals when coming for the interview.
03/20/2020 Interview cancelled ( Due to Covid-19)
04/21/2020 i 130 approved
05/13/2020 Case ready to be scheduled for interview. for i485.

Is it possible they waive the i485 interview too?

Anyone in similar situation?
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I 751 Conditional Removal
April 18, 2020 File I 751 Conditional Removal
April 21, 2020, We receive your form I 751 and sent you receipt notice that describes...
May 13, 2020  Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken have been applied to your case...

I am yet to receive a receipt, No notification for biometric and I have not gone for any biometric.

My I 751 contain
 2 years bank statements since June 2017 after 2 years GC was granted
Our Insurance together
Our US/Canada Nexus travel card copies
our Global Entry Card 
20 different pictures of our 5 international travels
our flight tickets and boarding passes
Our hotel reservation and rental cars receipts from visiting counties
We always drive to Canada 3 times a year of a short visit 
rental agreement
Our car title and insurance
6 letters from friends and family
our last trip was to Cancun, Mexico in January 2020 before COVID 19 was discovered
Did anyone had the same experience of non-biometric for this type of update.
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I751 filed in Miami
Hey guys,
I submitted my I751 in Dec 2018, so it's been 17 months now since I filed the application.
My case has been transferred back and forth between four USCIS offices, and now it's back in their Texas office. I've done my biometrics twice already, USCIS never asked for any additional evidences (we provided a lot of documents initially), and yet my case is still pending and because the processing time keeps extending, my case can never make it to the point when I can submit the inquiry "Outside the processing time" to push things through.

In Dec 2019, I submitted my N400 application and did my biometrics in Jan 2020 already. In fact, I had my citizenship interview scheduled for end April but it got cancelled because of the covid19 lockdown.

Does anyone know if there's any correlation between these two cases (I751 and N400), and if my I751 might be pending because I filed for citizenship? Or these are totally stand-alone cases and I751 is still pending for its own (unknown) reasons.

Appreciate everyone's help!
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Hello family today at 10:30 am i called the USCIS about my case because I have not heard any updates on my case since March 3. And they told Me that i can fill out a request because I haven’t heard any updates for 60 days and the request will be maximum 30 days to hear back about the case.
So my advice to you that everyone who has been waiting for more than 60 days can do this request Just call the uscis and the 1 for English and then 1 to check your case status and then 2 that you don’t know your receipt number and then # it is not that hard to reach them i got them from the first try
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