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I-485 RFE
Hi Everyone,

I submitted my petition, GOT an RFE for the Birth certificate. unfortunately i don't have my birth certificate. I did some research looks like for folks who have an indian passport can get the birth certificate from chicago , since i live in Missouri.

My Question is will the certificate provided by Chicago consulate be enough for this RFE.

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I-130 Application from state other than residence state
I live in CA and want to apply for I-130 for my sister. Could I apply instead from Texas instead? My employer and residence are both in CA.
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Regarding surname spelling change
Hello everyone,

please some one could help my issue to resolve it. My sister in USA (married) and she is an US citizen. Now she want to apply for sibling as brother for US immigration. the issue was surname spelling is different like say example
My sister's : DHATTUL (before marriage)
Brother : DATHUL
please advice me the right way , so that i shouldn't have issue in filing

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Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is staying safe. I have submitted my family based (My US CITIZEN WIFE FILED FOR ME) I-130 and I-485 on april 16, 2018, got case received notice (Case number starting with MSC) after that no updates for two years. Finally after two years on April 09, 2020 my I-485 case status was changed to MY CASE IS READY TO BE SCHEDULED FOR AN INTERVIEW and now i have not received any notice yet. In first week of july 2020 LONG ISLAND, NY field office was processing cases of last week of January 2018 and suddenly last week that processing time changed to july 2017.. I am so worried now, i don't know what's going on, how long more i have to wait... Anyone has any idea why USCIS processing times changed...

Please advise if someone know anything.
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Inquiry is not updated

Last monday (07/27/2020) i made an inquiry about a notice i didn't receive, it was the approval notice. The next day it said "On July 28, 2020, your inquiry about an approval notice that you did not receive, referral number SRXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, was assigned to an officer for response." and the next day, on july 29, it was updated to the same thing: "On July 29, 2020, your inquiry about an approval notice that you did not receive, referral number SRXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, was assigned to an officer for response."

On july 31, my case was updated again like "Case approved" and that they will send me the notice by mail, but the inquiry never updated anymore, is it normal?
I had send inquiries before and it normally says "we sent a response to your request" and "your request was completed". But this one doesn't say that.
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Interview date sent in mail.
Hello everyone,

My interview date was cancelled (status change) on March 18th, 2020 due to COVID- it was scheduled on March 25th, 2020.

On July 21st, 2020, I got a status change saying my interview was scheduled, and I got the letter in the mail on July 29th, 2020. It is now scheduled on Aug 24th, 2020.

This is just a heads up for everyone- I believe USCIS they are sending out dates to people. Please feel free to reply to this thread if your date was cancelled due to COVID and is rescheduled again. Also, mention your city and type of application. Mine is Marriage based GC- AOS pending- San Diego- Nov 2018.

This is just to get an idea if USCIS is really sending out dates and are re-opening.

Thanks and good luck!
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Timeline to get the petition Approved

Does any one know what is the timeline to get the marriage based petition approved?When it is the chicago office.

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I-130 Form
I had Medicaid for couple months, and I am going to file for my parents and siblings. Will me taking Medicaid cause any problem?
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Hey guys
I don’t know I recieved a interview notice in nov 2019 for a interview with Uscis . Went to the interview and the guy approved me on the spot looked up to see if it was visa available in my country and he told me yes it was . My case was approved on the spot and couple week after they opened back up the case it’s now July and still no after case still opened , I’m confused because the man at the interview told me I’m approved .

Could it be because it’s a a marriage based interview and My daughter and I case are together but her stuff are processing months after mine . ?? Could it be a mistake or they decided to look into my case more ??

My daughter is now waiting for her ead card to renew and then she will have a interview .
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Any Portland OR filers? Please share your timeline.
Any Portland filers with aporoved GC recently? My PD was Jan 14 2020.
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