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Social security card update
Hi community
Queens NY
PD JUNE 28 2019
RFE September 2 2019
RFE received November 2019
Denial of I 485 February 2020
I 130 approved March 2020
Motion to reopen March 2020
September motion to reopen granted
EAD IN hand September 26/2020
After one week , I didn’t receive SS Even tho I did request that on I 765 form, I called uscis and they told me to call Ss office.
I called SS local office , I got phone number through google. Ss office asked to wait 2 more weeks.
I called after one week, the agent was able to put me on the wait list for interview. After one week, I received a call from ss office. The agent scheduled an in person appointment. . I went last week on Tuesday. Today I received my SS CARD, FINALLY.
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I 944
I'm US citizen married to my wife who was an an F1 student with a 7 years old son on F2.  I petition for adjustment of status 2 years ago and finally got her green card 3 weeks ago. I did not file for my stepchild in the application when I filed for the mom because of financial constraints.

Right now, I want to petition for my stepchild and I want to know which forms and supporting documents I need.

He is a minor and the only applicant.

I am the only person working in our household. Does he need to file i944? He is just 7 years old. has no SSN, no credit score, no medical insurance. My wife is currently schooling and never worked

I need someone to help me out please.
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i-130 Petition to Relative was denied, have 30 days to file an appeal with EOIR-29 form
Hello All,

My father sponsor my 3 siblings, 2 of them got approved and 1 got denied.

Since my brother was born in Saudi Arab and his birthday certificate was in Arabic language we attach both original and true translation from Arabic to English.

on May 2020 We received 1st RFE for missing birth certificate and respond back with same documents and couple other secondary documents and family pictures and i see status changed to "document Received"

On July 2020, we received same REF for missing birth certificate and i was very confused with that so i called USCIS and they said " You get same RFE in 2 cases, either you send too many documents or did not send the primary document"

So this time i just respond back with 2 document Birth Certificate and true translation.

On October 13, 2020 my father received denial letter for my that brother mentioning the reason following reason

"The birth certificate translation list registration date and beneficiaries birth date as 10-13-**** H (Islamic Hijri format). The translation is insufficient because the registration date and birth date were not translated in to Gregorian format"

My brother have now obtain the new translation with Gregorian format but I spoke to one lawyer, he suggested me to just file new petition of i-130 , instead of filling an appeal.

I am so heart broken with his statement....... filling a new case mean new priority date etc.
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Marriage based I 485 Experience 2020
Hello Guys

Currently I am in the same boat as many of you, hopefully someone who is going through the same timeline meets me here so we can share info.

Applications sent out – July 28th, 2020
Applications received by USCIS – July 30th, 2020
I-130 Receipt received on August 26th, 2020
I-485 Receipt received on (I-693 Deficiency) August 29th, 2020
I-131 Duplicate Receipt received on Sep 7th
I-765 Receipt – Rerouted to Lawyer
Biometrics Appointment Letter – USCIS ordered on October 4th and letter received on October 13th
Biometrics appointment – DONE, Document Stamped on 10/19/20

Waiting for fingerprint updates on website, how long does it take to get my EAD approved and card in hand???
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Is it necessary to apply for green card for both parents together?
I am a US citizen and wish to apply for green card for my mother who lives in India; my dad (also in India) does not wish for getting one right now (maybe later). I have already filed the I-130 application on behalf of my mother (which is under review right now)

So, does this scenario, where my father is not applying for green card at the moment, hurt the chances of getting one approved for my mother?

Do I need to present specific reasons for the same at any point in the consular process?

Ps: They are still in intact marriage
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How to change my last name after getting my green card through marriage?
I’d like to change my last name. I think I’ll need to send some evidence that my name has changed so I can get an updated green card with my husbands last name.

So do I need to get a new social security card with my new name first? (I still have the one from when I was a F-1 student that said "for work only")

Do I need to get a new passport from my home country first? (Even though it’s doesn’t expire until 2022?)
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Filing for stepchild
Which forms and supporting documents do I need to file for my 11 years old step child? He is here in the US on F2

I filed for his mom (My wife) that was on F1 and now has a green card which was approved 3 weeks ago.

Do minors go for interview?
Do minors need biometrics?

Thank you
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Hi guys,

One of my friend was married to usc and was waiting for interview. His marriage was always been trouble and now he wants to apply for vawa. I just wanted to know is it okey to file for vawa once interview is scheduled and will there be any trouble when he applies for vawa.

Any experience will be appreciated. Thank you
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10/24/2019-mailed in application
10/26/2019- USCIS received my application
11/15/2019- got my 18months extension
1/27/2020- fingerprints done
2/8/2020-fingerprints applied to my case
9/22/2020- New card is being produced
9/22/2020-case approved
9/24/2020-Card was mailed to me
9/28/2020 -Card was delivered to me by the post office

No FRE: I did everything on my own.

List of supporting documents

  Marriage License
 Birth Certificate of couples
Copy of US Citizen Passport
Letter from both husband and wife to support their application
Letter of support from both couples families
Copy of lease agreement
Car Title showing both name
Joint bank account letter
Joint 2019 Tax return
Joint 2019 Tax return
 Electric bill showing both names
Water bill showing both names
Copy of Insurance
Wedding Invitation
Flight Reservation to various destinations
Collection of photos

Good luck everyone!
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NVC scheduling an interview in London
I wondered if anyone here knows how long it is currently taking for NVC to schedule an interview in London. I have the priority date and have paid and submitted all paperwork just waiting for the date. Impatiently.
Thanks for your replies
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