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221g white form, passport retained
Hi All,

I scheduled a dropbox on June 7th called in for an in-person interview on June-18.

1st H1-B (old employer Sep-2019) approved and visa stamped and I changed employer to XYZ valid till June-2020.

Visa Officer asked me the following questions:
1. Is this your 1st H1-B extension?
              I told him that I changed my employer and my visa extended till June-2020.
2. Who is your Employer?
ABC and I work directly with them,FTE reputed company(no 3rd party or clients).
3. Your highest level of education?
Masters in computer networking and telecommunication at XYZ
4. Were you out of status anytime?

VO said no need to panic, we need additional information for admin processing and require 3-5 business days.

Can anyone please help me
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Thanks a thousand times over
I wanted to reach out and thank everyone who have shared their experiences at this forum. For those of us who are losing their minds waiting, this ends up being the only solace where we get to read what other people went through, and temper our expectations.

My experience is as under

Status: I797 extension
Years completed on H1: 4
Status of I140: Approved
Sponsor: No change
Role: No change
Expiry of Prior Visa - Aug 2018
Dropbox eligibility - Yes

June 10th - Dropped off Documents at Delhi Drop Box Location
         Documents Requested and Submitted:
                  Drop Box Confirmation Letter
                  DS160 Confirmation Letter
                  Copy of Current I797
                  Passport Photo
June 11th - Status
         US Travel Docs - Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate
         CEAC - Not Checked
June 11th - Status
         US Travel Docs - Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate
         CEAC - Case Created
June 12th - Status
         US Travel Docs - Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate
         CEAC - Case Created
June 13th - Status
         US Travel Docs - Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate
         CEAC - Administrative Processing (Here is where I start freaking out, and the group support matters
June 14th - Status
         US Travel Docs - Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate
         CEAC - Administrative Processing
June 15th - 16th Saturday/Sunday
June 17th - Status
         US Travel Docs - Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate
         CEAC - Issued at around 2pm

It appears to take a few days to issue the visa and appears that all submissions are in Administrative Processing regardless of whether they are 221(g) or not.

I was losing my mind because the last time I was in administrative processing under 221(g) I waited for 6 months with no update before the visa was rejected.

I am hoping to get my passport over the next couple of days so that I can make my flight on Saturday

Again, thanks to everyone for sharing and best of luck to those waiting.

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221G Green Slip in Toronto Canada -(6/6/2019)
Here is my H1B renewal experience in Toronto Canada.

6/6/2019 Visa Interview
                Straight forward questions
                Issued 221G Green Slip
                Looks like TAL check
8th year on H1B. 4th renewal. I-140 approved

6/17/2019 Waiting . No update

Anyone with similair experience in Toronto?
Any idea on the wait times.

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Dropbox H1B Chennai
Here is my experience. Renewed my expired H1B visa. Though my spouse H4 had got stamped with latest I797 last year itself. I'm FTE with one of very well reputed company which is within top 20 in Fortune 500 companies.

I changed my employer from previous stamped Visa. This is my second dropbox. My new employer changed my work location within same MSA as well.

June 10 - Drop box documents submitted.
June 11 - Application received
June 13 - Administrative processing
June 17 - Issued

Documents submitted - copy of previous and current i-797.
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H1B Stamping Help
Hello Experts,

I am planning to visit India in August and will need to appear for H1B stamping. I am being told by my friends to avoid going if possible as there are many rejections. Going through the forums, I havent seen lot of rejection stories (which is good news). My questions that I am hoping someone can help with are.

1. What are the chances of getting a denial?
2. Is it better to go to Canada for visa stamping or should I just plan to do it in India while I am there.
3. Does working for a company like Google, Amazon, Microsoft make it easier?

Thanks for your help.
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221g with blue slip no documents
I attended interview on jun 13, 2019 in Chennai. Asked some basic questions, like employers, salary and work location. She asked me share i129, LCA, while getting the documents out she asked for all the documents in the folder. She verified them all. Asked if I have a middle vendor. Called someone for a question, she had a discussion with him. Then gave me a blue slip, said no documents required, you may not come for another interview. We need some time to do administrative processing.

Returned my passport to me. Tensed n fingers crossed now.

Anyone in same situation.

I am on EVC.
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Need Advice on 221g white slip
Hi Everyone,

I have attended my h1b interview at Hyderabad consulate on June 6th(f1 to h1b).At the end of interview VO said visa was approved. After a week I received an email to collect my passport but when i went to collect my passport there was 221g white slip with second option ticked(your application required additional administrative precessing before final decision made).

Did anyone has faced similar issue and got visa approved?

Please advice me how to move forward.

Below are the questions which VO asked me :

1.who is your petitioner?
   xxx company

2.who is your end client?
   xxx company

3.what is your salary?
   xxx per annum

asked 797 form,LCA and client letter

By looking into client letter vo was typing something into system

4.what is your employer address?
   Replied exact address

5.what is highest level of education?
   Masters in computer science

6.How many people work in your team and who is your favorite colleague?
   answered accordingly

Finally returned my 797 ,LCA and client letter and said your visa is approved retained my passport

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L1B - F1- H1
I was on L1B for 2.5 years in US. I went to India to get F1 and came back to US in 3 months. After that I never left US. I got my H1b in 2016. Does my time period on L1 count towards H1 6 years max out period ?
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Question about Stamping in Vancouver - DS160 form mistake
Hi All

I have an appointment scheduled for stamping in Vancouver in 1st week of July. I realized I did a mistake in my DS160 form (salary information was wrong)

I have gone ahead, filled a new DS160 and corrected it but it doesnt allow you to update the DS160 information on the website, untill you cancel and reschedule the appointment.
I am worried if I cancel and reschedule, I will lose my spot and the wait times in Vancouver are huge at this time (you have to wait till end of the year)

Any suggestions or experiences who might have gone through the same experience?

I am also interested to know how to contact the Vancouver Consulate, is there a good email or phone which doesnt go to automated system?

Thank you
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221G white slip -H1B visa

I received an email to submit my passport after three half months. But, my passport was returned again with new 221G white slip, second box selected "your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made" and online case status still shows admin processing.

Anyone in same boat? Can someone please suggest how long will it take to issue visa?
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