DS-160 Form Guide: Additional Work/Education/Training Information

DS-160 Form Guide: Additional Work/Education/Training Information

As part of applying for a US visa, you have to complete Form DS-160 which asks for additional work, education, or training information. 

Provide the following work, education, or training related information. Provide complete and accurate information to all questions that require an explanation.

  • Do you belong to a clan or tribe? 
    If Yes, provide the Clan or Tribe Name. 

  • Provide a list of languages that you speak. 

  • Have you traveled to any countries/regions within the last five years?
    If Yes, provide a list of the countries you have visited. To do this, select the country from the list. If you need to add more countries, click on ‘Add Another’ and select other countries. 

  • Have you belonged to, contributed to, or worked for any professional, social, or charitable organization? 
    If Yes, provide a list of the organizations that apply. Enter the organization name. If you need to add more organizations, click on ‘Add Another’ and add more organization names. 

  • Have you ever been a member of the Taliban? 

  • Do you have any specialized skills or training, such as firearms, explosives, nuclear, biological, or chemical experience? 
    If Yes, please explain in detail. 

  • Have you ever served in the military?
    If Yes, provide the following information:
    • Name of Country/Region
      This should be the current name of the country where you performed military service. 

    • Branch of Service 

    • Rank/Position 

    • Military Specialty 

    • Date of Service From (DD-MM-YYYY) To (DD-MM-YYYY)

      If you have served in the military of more than one country, click ‘Add Another’ and enter the above set of information for each additional country.

  • Have you ever served in, been a member of, or been involved with a paramilitary unit, vigilante unit, rebel group, guerrilla group, or insurgent organization? 
    If yes, please explain in detail. 

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