DS-160 Form Guide: Student/Exchange Visa/SEVIS Information

DS-160 Form Guide: Student/Exchange Visa/SEVIS Information

Additional Point of Contact Information

This section would show up for primary applicants but not for dependents.

You have indicated that you will be studying in some capacity while in the United States. List at least two contacts in your country of residence who can verify the information that you have provided on this application. Do not list immediate famliy members or other relatives. Post office box numbers are unacceptable. 

For each person, provide the following information:

  • Surnames 

  • Given Names 

  • Complete Address 

  • Telephone Number 
    Enter it, or if appropriate, click “Does Not Apply”.

  • Email Address 
    Enter it, or if appropriate, click “Does Not Apply”.

SEVIS Information

You have indicated that the purpose of your trip to the U.S. is to be a student or exchange visitor. Provide the following information regarding the institution at which you intend to study:

    E.g., N0123456789

  • Program Number 
    E.g., P-4-23221

  • Do you intend to study in the U.S.? 
    The answer should, of course, be “Yes” for primary applicant but would usually be “No” for dependents.

    Provide additional information below: 

  • Name of School 

  • Course of Study 

  • Complete School Address 

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