DS-160 Form Guide: Crew Visa Information

DS-160 Form Guide: Crew Visa Information

The following section is required for some people as part of completing their Form DS-160 while applying for a US visa.

You have indicated that you are a crew member:

  • Specific job title aboard aircraft or vessel 

  • Name of company that owns the aircraft or vessel you will be working on 

  • Company Telephone Number 

  • Did you acquire your position using a recruiting/manning/crewing agency? 

    If yes, provide the following information:
    • Agency Name 

    • Contact Surnames 

    • Contact Given Names 

    • Complete Address 

    • Telephone Number

  • Are you serving aboard a seagoing ship or vessel? 

    If yes, provide the following information:
    • Seagoing Ship/Vessel Name 

    • Seagoing Ship/Vessel Identification Number 
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