DS-160 Form Guide: Address and Phone Information

DS-160 Form Guide: Address and Phone Information

When applying for a US non-immigrant visa, you must complete Form DS-160, which is a multiple part form. This web page describes the address and phone information section.

  • Home Address:
    Your complete home address including apartment number, street, city, taluk or district, state or province, postal code, and country.

    The address to be mentioned should be the one where you have been residing for the last six months. It can differ from your permanent address mentioned in your passport. 

    If you are presently staying in the USA and came to your home country (such as India) for passport stamping, you should write the address where you are currently staying in your home country. 

    The online system does not allow to put / as part of the address, such as D-5/7. In that case, you can write it as D-5-7 or something similar.
  • Mailing Address:
    Is your Mailing Address the same as your Home Address? 
    Answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ accordingly. 

    If you answer ‘No’, you will be asked to enter your entire Mailing Address here. 

    That is also the address where the passport will be sent to you if you get a visa. 

    In case of applicants in India, the delivery address or the HAL (Hold At Location) you specify while taking the appointment is what matters as that is where the passports will be couriered to. In other words, it is fine for this address and the delivery address specified while taking the appointment to be different. Follow the instructions given in the appointment section for further details. 

  • Primary Phone Number:
    You must provide a primary phone number. This can be a cellphone or landline in your home country or in the U.S. The U.S. Department of State simply states that it needs to be the phone number where you are most likely to be reached.

  • Secondary Phone Number:
    If you have an additional landline or a secondary number, please list that as your secondary phone number. Otherwise, click ‘Does Not Apply’.

  • Work Phone Number:
    If you have a telephone at your place of business, list that as your work phone. Otherwise, click ‘Does Not Apply’.

  • Email Address:
    You must provide an email address. The email address you provide will be used for correspondence purposes. Provide an email address that is secure and to which you have reasonable access.

Social Media

Do you have a social media presence?

Select from the list below each social media platform you have used within the last five years. In the space next to the platform’s name, enter the username or handle you have used on that platform. Please do not provide your passwords. If you have used more than one platform or more than one username or handle on a single platform, click the “Add Another” button to list each one separately. If you have not used any of the listed social media platforms in the past five years, select “None”.

Social Media Provider/Platform

Choose the social media account from the drop-down. For example, if it is Facebook, then click on the drop-down and select Facebook.

Social Media Identifier

Enter the social media account username. The username can be a name, nickname, email id, phone number, or any text or number that you use to login to the account. For instance, if it is facebook, you can either provide the email or phone number on the textbox.

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