Guide for Filling DS-160 Form - USA Visa Application Online Form
New and Enhanced Questions
While many questions in the new DS-160 form remain the same as those in the previous visa form, some of the questions have undergone substantial changes. e.g., you will be asked a lot more details regarding the purpose of the your trip and the visa category being requested.

Added questions:
  • The Form DS-160 asks for the applicant's social security number and driver's license information (of course this is applicable only to those who have been to the U.S. and have such information available).
  • Detailed information regarding previous visa applications.
  • The full name and immigration status of all immediate relatives in the U.S.
  • Additional security related questions.
  • Questions from DS-157:
    You will have to answer citizenship and passport-related questions previously listed only on the Form DS-157.

Begin/Resume Application Process
  • Make sure to choose the right consulate that is applicable to you. If you make an incorrect selection, your information in DS-160 will be sent to a different database and your application will not be valid.

  • In the initial screen, you can either start a new application or you can upload a previously saved application or you can enter the previously supplied Application ID to resume the remaining application.

Test Photo
Before you proceed with the application, it is a good idea to first test your photo to see it is an acceptable photo.

Photograph Requirements

Click on the button 'Test Photo' and upload the photo (.jpg file, less than 1 MB in size) to see if is accepted. You will either see the confirmation that the photo has been accepted or you will be provided with the reasons for rejection.