OCI Miscellaneous Services
OCI Miscellaneous Services are available in the event of:
  1. issuance of new passport.
  2. change of personal particulars such as nationality, name, father's name, date of birth etc.
  3. loss/damage of OCI Card, U.S. passport in which OCI U-visa sticker was affixed.
  4. erroneously entering wrong personal particulars while submitting online applications such as name, father's name, date of birth etc
  5. change of address and occupation
  6. change of appearance
Only registered OCIs can avail OCI Miscellaneous Services.

Online Form
Access the online form at MHA web site. Proceed further by accepting whatever browser warnings you get, even if the browser recommends you not to do so.
  1. Fill in at least one of the following data fields:
    1. U-Visa number
    2. OCI Registration number
    3. OCI File number

  2. After that, fill all of the following fields:
    1. Current Passport number
    2. Date of birth
    3. Place of birth
    4. Mother's name

    The applicant would be able to proceed ahead and seek the particular services(s) only if, the above data (except 2(i) above) matches with the OCI database. Even if there is a minor difference (even if space or comma), the system will not allow to you to proceed further. This feature is used as a security measure so that the scheme is not misused. If you are unable to proceed after several attempts, contact the Consulate for further help.

  3. After that, select any one or many of the following services:
    1. Change of Passport particulars
      e.g., passport number, date or place of issue etc
    2. Change of Personal particulars
      e.g., change of name, change of date or place of birth etc
    3. Loss/damage of OCI certificate/visa
    4. Change of Address/Occupation

  4. Once you select the desired service(s), an Online Registration Form will show only the relevant fields that need to be entered accordingly. You must fill in all the relevant fields afresh online. You must also fill the reasons for available services.

  5. Once you submit the Online Registration Form, you need to print a hard copy of the application with the Reference number along with the instructions for filing the application form. If you made any mistakes while filing the online data, discard it and start all over again. Do not make any changes in the hard copy as they will not be recorded by the online system.
  • Applicant's signature under the photograph and specimen signature:
    If your child is below the 5 years of age, thumb impression (left for boys and right for girls) is fine. For any child 5 years and above, signature of the child is mandatory (Complicated signature is not required. Just writing name is enough). In any case, the signature of parent is not allowed.

  • Parents/Legal Guardian signature:
    In case of application for minor child, both parents should sign and it must be notarized. This is required even if both parents are not applying for any OCI service. If only one parent is available to sign for the minor, proof of custody or a death certificate must be provided.

  • Do not use a thumb impression and sign in the same box. All thumbprints should be in black ink. There are total three places to sign in the OCI card application. The application will be rejected, if any of the signature or thumbprint is outside of the boxes.