Passport Collection Documents for USA Visa in India

The following documents need to presented for passport collection (witj your visa) after your U.S. visa is approved in India:

  • Self Pick Up:
    • Your original (not a photocopy) Indian government-issued photo ID

  • Representative Collecting the Passport on Your Behalf, Even in the Case of Family Members
    • Original government-issued photo ID of the representative and one copy

    • Photocopy of the applicant’s Indian government-issued photo ID

    • Original authorization letter signed by the applicant, authorizing the representative to collect the passport.

  • Requirements for a Minor Child Below the Age of 18 Years:
    • A photocopy of the applicant’s Indian government-issued photo ID. Birth certificate or school ID card is acceptable.
    • Representative’s original Indian government-issued photo ID and 1 photocopy
    • An original, signed authorization letter from either of the applicant’s parents
    • A photocopy of the Indian government-issued photo ID of the parent who signed the applicant’s letter of authority

  • Applicant / Representative Collecting for Group/Family
    • A photo of applicant’s Indian government-issued photo ID
    • Representative’s original Indian government-issued photo ID and 1 photocopy per applicant.
    • Original authorization letter – A single authorization letter with the required information of all of the applicants will be accepted.

For the security of your passports, they can not be delivered if all of the above documents are not produced. You must also sign for all documents handed over to you by the courier.

Authorization Letter

Original authorization letter must contain the following information:

  • Each applicant’s name and passport number
  • Original signature of each applicant
  • Full name of the representative as mentioned on his/her Indian government-issued photo ID

Sample Authorization Letter


  • The Indian government-issued photo ID can be the biographic information page of the passport, a voter ID, PAN Card, a driver’s license, or an Aadhar card. An employment ID card from an Indian government job, senior citizen card, etc. are not acceptable.
  • A copy of your appointment letter along with the above supporting documents is preferred
  • Children below the age of 18 years can not pick up their own passport. Either any one parent can collect on behalf of their child as per the requirements above, or any one parent can authorize a representative by following the requirements listed above.

Collecting Returned Passports

If you don’t collect the passports within 14 calendar days from the Visa Application Center or within 7 working days from Blue Dart location, it will be returned to the respective US Embassy/Consulate, and you will need to pick it up directly from the US Embassy/Consulate, according to the following schedule:

You must visit the Embassy or Consulate on Tuesday only. An appointment is not required.

  • Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata
    2:00 PM to 3:00 PM 

  • Mumbai and New Delhi
    Nonimmigrant visa and immigrant visa 
    2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

You will need the original Indian government-issued ID to pick up the passport. In case of a representative, they should carry an original, signed authority letter from the applicant with the representative’s original Indian government-issued ID .

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