Tatkal Passport - India
Tatkal Service is available for issue or re-issue of Indian passports. It is not available for Miscellaneous services, or OCI card. Tatkal service is available on compassionate grounds of a genuine emergency like death or serious illness of a blood relative. Tatkal passport service is not available for cases where references have to be initiated; lost and damaged passport cases; in cases of schedule travel plans, in case of expired visa status, and in cases where the passport has not been renewed for more than six months after the date of expiry.

In such a case, a short validity passport can be issued to the applicant.

  • Washington DC, New York, Houston:

    As the Consulate in Atlanta does not process Tatkal applications, they will be handled by Embassy of India in Washington DC.

    1. Send an email to CKGS ([email protected])

      However, for New York, send en email to [email protected] with a CC to [email protected]

      Put a subject line "Tatkal Service Required".

      Make sure to include the following details:
      • Applicant Name
      • Passport Number
      • Email Address
      • Phone Number
      • Reason / document scanned for opting Tatkal service.
      • Remarks (optional)
      • Copy of your current valid passport (first and last page)
      • Copy of US visa or green card
      • Proof of residence

      Once the CKGS receives the request, they will coordinate with the Embassy who will decide to approve or reject the request, depending upon the nature of emergency is satisfactory to the Embassy. You will be informed by CKGS of Embassy's decision. If you are approved, you can apply for Tatkal passport.

      Processing time for approval of the request is around 1 to 2 business days. Once the embassy receives the application, they normally take around 3 to 4 business days to process your application. However, if they need any additional information or clearance, it may take longer.

    2. The procedure for applying for Tatkal passport is the same as regular procedure.

      Complete Application Procedure

    3. Even after approving a Tatkal request, is it entirely up to the Embassy to decide whether to grant or deny a Tatkal passport, without giving you any reason. Embassy's decision is final. CKGS does not play any role in making such decisions.

    4. You can either choose to ship the documents or apply in person at CKGS.

      In person timings: Monday to Friday (except Holidays) - 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM - No appointment required

  • Chicago, San Francisco
    1. Apply at CKGS website for Tatkal passport.

      Complete Application Procedure

      You need to carry the physically filled and signed application, as well as supplementary documents, letters, and forms as per document checklist.

      • San Francisco:
        • Visit the Consulate with all the documents.
        • Receive approval from Consulate.
        • Submit all the documents to CKGS in person.

      • Visit CKGS and submit all the documents to them in person.
      Monday to Friday (except Holidays) - 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM - No appointment required