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User Name Comments Visa Type Citizenship Country Interview Date Embassy/Consulate Visa Center Slip Color Document Submission Date Status Status Date Passport Collected Notes Date Added Last Updated
ash_221g 2 Comments H1 India 03/13/2019 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
03/25/2019 Approved 04/16/2019 No 6 years in US; Appro...   more> 6 years in US; Approved I-140; Traveled to India almost every 12-14 months ; 4th Visa stamping <br>Working in EVC model since 2016. <br> <br>12-Mar-19-- VFS for photo and fingerprinting <br>13-Mar-19- Interview at US Embassy Delhi. Usual questions but given 221-G with document list as: <br> 1) I-797, I-129, LCA, Cover letter submitted for the petition <br> 2) Letter from End client, Itinerary of services and contract <br> 3) Paystubs and W2 <br>I had all these documents except Itinerary of services and contract but VO said that they need PDF version of the same. <br> <br>25-Mar-19--Document submitted. <br>05-April-2019: Client contacted by his legal/immigration team for verification. <br>10-April-2019-- Received email to submit passport; passport submitted;The case last updated date is still the interview date. <br>16-April-2019 -- CEAC Status changed to ISSUED; Waiting for my passport (opted for courier ) <br>19-April-2019 -- Passport collected from Blue Dart. 03/25/2019 12:53:54 PM EDT 04/20/2019 08:38:54 AM EDT
ak_02 0 Comments H1 India 03/06/2019 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
03/14/2019 Pending No 4 years in US. Appro...   more> 4 years in US. Approved I-140. Traveling india almost every year. 4th Visa stamping and second time stamping under the same employer. Working in EVC model since 2015. <br> <br>25 Feb: Submitted passport for dropbox for me and my wife. <br>01 Mar: Wife H4 got approved and received email for picking passport. <br>04 Mar: Received email for picking my passport but received passport with a paper for interview screening. <br>06 Mar: Interview at US Visa Embassy, Delhi. Ask some basic questions but gave 221G for asking below documents: <br> I-797, I-129, LCA, contract letters and Clients letters and itinerary of services. <br> I had almost all the documents but asked me to email them in PDF format. <br>14 Mar: Submitted all the documents through email. <br>02 Apr: Received email for submitting MSA document having signed by client and vendor. <br>05 Apr: Submitted MSA documents as well. <br> <br>The URL provided in the blue slip is still showing the 06 Mar date only (interview date). 04/20/2019 01:47:09 AM EDT 04/20/2019 01:47:09 AM EDT
Shan_H4221G 1 Comments H4 India 03/22/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai
03/23/2019 Approved 04/09/2019 Yes I have went for a H4...   more> I have went for a H4 interview and provided the details like Marriage certificates, Wedding photographs and Spouse's Visa copy. At that time of the interview VO gave me a blue slip and no additional docs were requested. Later on the same day I have received a white slip asking Marriage certificates and Wedding photographs which I have showed to the VO during the Interview itself. Any idea why they ask the same documents again? <br> <br>Case Created: 22nd March 2019: AP Message <br>23rd March 2019: Mailed Marriage Certificate and Wedding photos. <br>First Update: 05th April 2019 Same message as AP. <br>Second Update: 08th April 2019 Same message as AP. <br>Third Update: 09th April 2019 Issued. <br> <br>All the best for those who are waiting. Stay Positive. Thanks. <br> 03/27/2019 04:26:37 AM EDT 04/19/2019 03:09:44 PM EDT
msha 0 Comments H1 India 04/09/2019 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
04/12/2019 Pending 04/09/2019 N/A Brief intro: This my...   more> Brief intro: This my 4th H1B Stamping. Last one in April 2016 was a successful dropbox stamping with Same Direct Client (Means No middle vendor). I am with my H1B employer since 10+ years. With same client for 3+ years. <br> <br>1 April: Dropbox Document Submission <br>3 April: Admin Processing <br>Since my last dropbox was completed in 5 working days, i was expecting the same here. <br>4 April: I called national visa centre for updates and got to know that need to go for interview.l <br>8 April: got my passport without visa stamp and with a slip to appear for Interview. <br>9 April: Went for Interview. Questions asked: <br>1) how many years with current employer,2) Salary 3) Cleint Name <br>and then he typed something and gave me blue 221 g slip asking for following docs: <br>I-797,I-129,LCA, Cover Letter to DHS, Client Letter, Itenary of services and contract, Internal proj desc, paystubs & W2 <br> <br>12 April: Submitted All the Docs and got ack. <br>No updated yet. 04/19/2019 03:07:52 AM EDT 04/19/2019 03:14:06 AM EDT
Subhasree09 1 Comments H1 India 02/26/2019 India : Kolkata India : Kolkata
03/29/2019 Pending 02/26/2019 No 04/17/2019 09:21:55 AM EDT 04/19/2019 02:53:22 AM EDT
sunair 0 Comments H1 India 04/01/2019 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai
04/04/2019 Pending 04/19/2019 N/A Guys, Not sure whe...   more> Guys, <br> Not sure where is this heading to .. but 221 g is crazy and like a black hole. Got yellow slip 221g and submitted all the client docs on April 4th. Still waiting. Anyone on the same boat. Lets discuss. <br> <br>Thanks <br> 04/19/2019 12:28:24 AM EDT 04/19/2019 12:29:37 AM EDT
harishkasetty 0 Comments F1 India 04/16/2019 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai
04/17/2019 Pending 04/19/2019 Yes Hi, I was asked to s...   more> Hi, I was asked to submit documents related to medical observership. The interview was at Mumbai consulate on 16th april 2019. <br>I have submitted the requested documents at VAC Hyderabad on 17th April 2019. 04/18/2019 11:07:54 PM EDT 04/18/2019 11:07:54 PM EDT
vkapadia 1 Comments H1 India 03/26/2019 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai
03/28/2019 Pending No Hello All, Mine ...   more> Hello All, <br> <br>Mine is first time H1b (F1 to H1b). I work in EVC model. Here is my visa stamping experience at the mumbai consulate. <br> <br>March 25: Fingerprint <br>March 26: Interview Day <br> VO asked few basic questions like highest level of education, Employer Name, Client Name, Salary, What does my client do, My responsibilities, timeframe in USA. No documents asked <br> Then I got 221G slip (not sure yellow or white) and requested to submit few employer and client documents. <br> Requested Documents: - Original Petition, I129, LCA <br> - Contract between me and my employer <br> - Contract between all the involved companies (PO, MSA and SOW) <br> - Client letter to confirm there is a vacancy for me <br> - Project Document <br> <br>March 28: Submitted all the documents. <br> <br>Update: April 15 - Client received email <br> April 16/17 - Client responded 04/04/2019 12:15:22 PM EDT 04/18/2019 10:59:45 AM EDT
RFE2AP 2 Comments H1 India 02/07/2019 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
Pending 02/07/2019 Yes F1 -> H1B COS. F...   more> F1 -> H1B COS. <br> <br>First RFE for no reason, Now 221G for no reason. <br> <br>NO slips given, nothing was asked, just general questions, VO said VISA is approved. <br> <br>possibly because of no surname issue, My Job title(not my work) comes under TAL :( :( <br> <br>last case updated date - 07- Feb-2019 (Interview date) <br> <br>No update yet(Not a single update, Mailing replies are same BS) - 70 Days <br> <br>Reached to the congress women of the state, not having high hopes. <br> <br>1. Working for one of the global firms, Big 4 <br>2. No client, no vendor <br>3. No criminal record <br>4. Normal Hindu name <br>5. No tickets till date <br>6. Life is unfair <br> <br>No idea what triggered 221G and why is it taking so long. AFAIK employer not contacted till now and looking at the previous cases they won't be until the 4th-5th month :( :( <br> <br>Life is becoming delusional. I have become hopeless, On leave without pay, Still paying my bills and loans and i actually don't know when would i get any update. LIfe seems to be unfair for some sometimes. 03/04/2019 11:16:43 AM EST 04/18/2019 09:54:16 AM EDT
Smira 1 Comments H1 India 04/17/2019 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai
Pending No Received a 221g Yell...   more> Received a 221g Yellow slip asking for documents which were already submitted to the USCIS. Interview went very well but still Visa wasnt granted. 04/18/2019 05:34:31 AM EDT 04/18/2019 05:34:31 AM EDT

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