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User Name Comments Visa Type Citizenship Country Interview Date Embassy/Consulate Visa Center Slip Color Document Submission Date Status Status Date Passport Collected Notes Date Added Last Updated
kwlparul 3 Comments H1 India 12/17/2018 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
12/19/2018 Pending 02/07/2019 No 23rd Nov - went for ...   more> 23rd Nov - went for dropbox for both H1 and H4 <br>3rd Dec - Passport returned without visa stamping for both. H1 passport had a yellow slip asking to fill new DS-160. Filled that and submitted along with passports on the same day. <br>14th Dec - Passports returned, again no visa stamping for both H1 and H4. H1 passport had a white slip asking to come for interview at the Delhi consulate with both passports. <br>17th Dec - Both went for interview. Standard questions. Officer gave blue slip which mentioned additional documents to be submitted. <br>19th Dec - submitted documents via email. Got auto response. <br>Since then case has been in admin processing. <br>Case creation date: 4th Dec <br>Case update: 17th Dec (interview date) <br>Case update: 7th Feb 2019 (first update after initial date of Dec 17th) <br>Client received verification email on Feb 20th. Responded same day. Still in admin processing. No status update. 01/26/2019 04:20:31 AM EST 02/23/2019 01:42:33 AM EST
randomdelhiguy 3 Comments H1 India 01/24/2019 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
01/28/2019 Pending 01/24/2019 No 24-Jan: Passport ret...   more> 24-Jan: Passport returned. Need to submit documents via email. <br>28-Jan: Documents submitted via email. <br>7-Feb: Client contacted for verification. <br>8-Feb: Client responded to verification email. <br>21-Feb: Received email to submit passport. No change in ceac status or last updated date. <br>22-Feb: Passport submitted at Delhi VAC. 01/24/2019 09:53:58 PM EST 02/22/2019 08:11:31 PM EST
f1toh4cos 3 Comments H1 India 01/10/2019 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad
Approved 02/19/2019 Yes Intv date jan 10- hy...   more> Intv date jan 10- hyd <br>white 221g pp returned <br>rcvd email on 16 jan to submit pp <br>pp submitted on jan 17 <br>ceac 1 update 18 <br>ceac 2 update 22 <br>ustravel docs updated to no status available on feb 2 <br>waiting for pp since then <br>any one in the same boat? <br> <br>Still no update as per Feb 12 been almost a month since they collected the pp <br>Feb 15 issued- friday <br>Feb 19 pp collected with stamp <br> 02/10/2019 06:11:46 AM EST 02/22/2019 02:54:04 PM EST
ashishkmr 0 Comments F1 India 02/11/2019 India : Kolkata
02/22/2019 02:22:02 PM EST 02/22/2019 02:27:19 PM EST
onecitymail 3 Comments H1 India 01/18/2019 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
Pending 01/18/2019 Yes F1->OPT-> H1 Ques...   more> F1->OPT-> H1 <br> <br>Questions: Which university? Graduated on time? How long working for this company? <br>VO said approved, kept passport and said you will get it in 7-10 business days. No slips given. CEAC status stuck at "administrative processing". Emailed nidnv@state.gov, they confirmed its 221g. Last update date as the interview date. <br> <br>Called Department of state +16033340888 https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/contact-us/us-visas.html Same response case with consular post <br>Called SEVIS +18008924829 https://www.ice.gov/mobile/students/contact.htm Says Sevis is complete status and everything seems fine <br>Emailed VFS support-india@ustraveldocs.com. Usual generic reply to wait upto 60 days <br>Emailed New Delhi Embassy nidnv@state.gov Same response as above <br> <br>Jan 17 - Biometric <br>Jan 18 - Interview - Last Updated date on CEAC <br>Feb 22 - AP for 5 weeks. No Update anywhere 02/06/2019 08:32:21 AM EST 02/22/2019 01:03:40 PM EST
ruby57 1 Comments H1 India 01/22/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai
Pending Only employment veri...   more> Only employment verification letter asked and passport returned. VO scanned LCA and I-797 and returned it. 02/22/2019 06:47:33 AM EST 02/22/2019 06:47:33 AM EST
babuk80 5 Comments H1 India 06/11/2018 India : Chennai India : Chennai
08/06/2018 Pending 11/21/2018 No May 25 - Dropped doc...   more> May 25 - Dropped document in Cochin VFC, In a week time , <br>Jun 4 - i got blue slip to submit the document and come for interview <br>June 11 - Attended interview, Submit the document and they gave yellow slip to write about first project, <br>June 30 - Submit some document <br>July 12 - Again Submit another set of dcoument <br>Aug 2 - Again another set of document <br>Nov 9 - Not update yet. <br>11/9 - No Updates from last Submission on August 2018 <br>11/21 - Date updated in CEAC site, but no changes still showing AP. <br>12/03 - No Update <br>12/04 - No Update <br>12/08 - No Update <br>12/10 - No Update <br>12/14 - No Update <br>12/19 - No Update <br>12/23 - No Update <br>01/03 - No Update <br>01/24 - No Update <br>02/07 - No Update <br>02/21 - No Update <br>02/22 - Another 221G slip Inperson interview 10/29/2018 01:10:57 PM EDT 02/22/2019 02:22:40 AM EST
nkpsid 1 Comments H1 India 02/15/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai
02/16/2019 Approved 02/21/2019 Yes Was requested for sa...   more> Was requested for salary slips and proof of living in the US from 3 years back i.e. 2016. 02/22/2019 02:02:36 AM EST 02/22/2019 02:02:36 AM EST
kanna_vk 0 Comments H1 India 01/07/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai
01/10/2019 Pending 01/17/2019 No 1) Got Blue Slip - A...   more> 1) Got Blue Slip - Asked to submit MSA and Client letter. - 01/07/2019 <br>2) HR responded immediately within three days. - 01/10/2019. <br>3) Client received enquiry email - 02/07/2019. <br>4) Waiting for approval. <br> <br>I was able to see on that day that all got blueslip and only few family cases was approved. 02/21/2019 08:47:00 PM EST 02/21/2019 08:47:00 PM EST
johnwick6696 0 Comments H4 India 02/21/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai
Pending 02/21/2019 My wife went for H4 ...   more> My wife went for H4 visa interview on 2/21/19 @ 11.45am <br> <br>VO- Good Morning, give me your passport? <br>Wife- gave passport <br> <br>VO- saw F2 visa stamp in passport and asked did you study in USA? <br>Wife- replied no i did not study in USA, i was on F2 dependent visa <br> <br>VO- checked husband's H1B receipt in system, and then VO asked did your husband have gap in OPT? because if he was on F1 and then converted to H1B, making sure there are no gaps. <br>Wife- replied no he didn't have any gaps, he was on F1-OPT then, got H1B <br> <br>VO-Retained wife's passport and gave 221g-blue slip which is marked as "Your Application is refused for Administrative Processing. The application will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete". Also, said we need to do administrative processing and gave case number and said it is normal procedure and we will get back to you shortly once we have verified all info on our side. <br>Wife- just took the 221g-blue slip and came out of the consulate. <br> <br>Same boat anyone? 02/21/2019 06:59:44 PM EST 02/21/2019 06:59:44 PM EST

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