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User Name Comments Visa Type Citizenship Country Interview Date Embassy/Consulate Visa Center Slip Color Document Submission Date Status Status Date Passport Collected Notes Date Added Last Updated
georgebernard 0 Comments B2 Philippines 06/12/2019 United Arab Emirates : Dubai Dubai
06/13/2019 Pending 06/14/2019 Yes June 12, 2019 - Had ...   more> June 12, 2019 - Had my intervew. CO said that my visa is approved and gave a pink slip mentioning that I can pick up my passport in 3-5 businness days. 3 hours after the interview, I received and email that additional information is needed. They let me answer questions from a DS-5535 form but there was no metion of the "DS-5535". <br> <br>June 13, 2019 - Sent answers early morning via email. Got automated reply that they have received my answers. <br>CEAC Status: AP <br> <br>June 14, 2019 - Received update from Consulate that they have released passport to Empost. <br>CEAC status: AP. <br> <br>June 15, 2019 - Picked up passport in Empost. Passport contains purple slip informing me that application is in AP. <br>CEAC status: AP. 06/14/2019 01:25:57 AM EDT 06/16/2019 02:05:09 AM EDT
urraj123 1 Comments H1 India 06/13/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai
Pending I have attended the ...   more> I have attended the visa interview 13-Jun-2019. They have asked me a couple of questions like <br>1) Employer Name <br>2) Salary <br>3) Is your wife working? <br>4) Do you have middle vendor? <br>5) Who is your petitioner? <br>6) Do you have a letter from the client? Provided <br>7) Do you have Form I129, LCA? while I was pulling that out, they asked me to share all the documents I have? <br> <br>After some discussion with her colleague, she gave me a Blue color slip and said you dont have to submit any further documents. You case is under administrative process. Gave the passport back to me. 06/15/2019 11:43:18 PM EDT 06/15/2019 11:43:18 PM EDT
h1bwa 0 Comments H1 India 05/20/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai
05/24/2019 Pending 06/14/2019 No May 20th - Submitted...   more> May 20th - Submitted docs in dropbox <br>May 21st - case created <br>May23rd - received email to collect passport <br>May24th - collected passport and noticed 221G - asked for new photo. Submitted new photo <br>May28th - CEAC - Case updated to Administrative Processing, CGI - Passport with Consulate, Passport tracker - Passport with Consulate, Passport tracker email - Delivered to Post <br>June 5th - Passport tracker email status changed to "No status available for the passport" <br>June 9th - CGI status changed to "Document Delivery Location:" <br>June 14th - CEAC last updated date changed <br> <br>No update after that ... not sure why they are holding my passport for this long 06/11/2019 12:17:36 AM EDT 06/15/2019 06:21:25 AM EDT
Kkaur2019 0 Comments H1 India 04/26/2019 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
05/03/2019 Pending 06/14/2019 No 2nd H1b stamping, FT...   more> 2nd H1b stamping, FTE with same employer for 7 years. <br> <br>4/26 - interview <br>VO handed over blue slip snd mentioned to email the docs <br>1. Lca full packet , I 797, I 120 <br>2. I- 539 <br>3. Internal job description <br>4. Employers tax returns for last 2 years <br>5. List of employees notarized <br> <br>5/3 - my employer sent the docs <br>5/13 - sent all the docs from my email just in case <br>5/15 - got an email to submit the lca and list if employees and my case is on hold. <br>5/17 - sent an email with 2 docs and got acknowledgement email <br>6/3 - Attorney sent an email to check the status <br>6/5 - Attorney received an email to submit same 2 docs at drop off location as my case is on hold from 5/6 because of these pending docs. <br>6/7 - documents submitted at drop off location and i also sent an email with same docs to be on safer side <br> <br>6/14 - as of today no online status change, still showing adminstrative processing and case date as 26th april . <br> 06/15/2019 01:34:33 AM EDT 06/15/2019 01:34:33 AM EDT
Jay@12 5 Comments H1 India 11/13/2018 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad
11/21/2018 Pending 11/13/2018 No Ist time F1 to H1B S...   more> Ist time F1 to H1B Stamping. <br>Nov 13 - Went interview @ 9:30 slot.. Asked some general questions. VO said this case is pending and need to wait until you hear the decision. <br>Nov 15 - Got a call from consulate FPU Hyd asked some random questions about the Project. Asked me to send the Project Details and LCA in a PDF format. <br>Nov 17 - Got a call and email from USCIS to my employer they verified and asked few questions <br> Emp Responded back with details to UCIS. <br>Nov 19 - Got an Acknowledgment from USCIS. <br>Jan 25th - Ask'd some set of doc from my employer. <br>Jan 28th - Emp responded & submitted requested doc's <br>Feb 21 - Still AP <br>Mar 14th - Still AP <br>May 8th - email inquiry by congressmen but it’s of no use <br>May 30th - Email enquiry by senator but response was same as AP. <br>June 15th - AP no change <br>Lost Hope.......! <br> <br> <br> <br>This wait is killing .. 12/14/2018 10:55:00 AM EST 06/14/2019 03:22:46 PM EDT
vspvinosundar 1 Comments H1 India 04/25/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai
05/10/2019 Pending 05/26/2019 Yes Apr 12 - Dropbox doc...   more> Apr 12 - Dropbox docs submitted <br>Apr 24 - Passport Issued with Blue slip and asked to appear for an interview <br>Apr 25 - Consular interview done but another blue slip issued with no document mentioned <br>May 3 - USCIS reached out to my client to do employment verification and other details and it has been responded on the same date <br>May 26 - case status is still AP <br> <br>UPDATE: June 11th - As on date there's no update. Case status remain AP. <br>UPDATE: June 14th - I got an email from US consulate asking me to submit my passport. I have submitted it today. Fingers crossed for getting my stamping to be done. 05/27/2019 02:06:00 AM EDT 06/14/2019 06:52:26 AM EDT
shivangi pandey 1 Comments H1 India 03/28/2019 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai
04/12/2019 Pending 06/14/2019 No I gave my interview ...   more> I gave my interview on 3/28/2019 and submitted the doc on 04/12/2019 after that I don't receive any confirmation. <br> <br>Can you please confirm how much time they will take ? <br> <br> 06/14/2019 04:42:03 AM EDT 06/14/2019 06:28:02 AM EDT
muneebhussain 0 Comments H1 Pakistan 05/12/2019 Saudi Arabia : Riyadh
Pending 05/16/2019 Yes VO kept the passport...   more> VO kept the passport and informed me that she needs to verify a few things. She only kept the Client Letter and did not request any further documents <br> <br>Status still shows AP. <br>First CEAC update: 14th May <br>First CEAC update: 16th May <br>2nd June: Email from Consulate requesting for Client Letter <br>11th June: Employer received Email from the Embassy for verification 05/31/2019 03:24:42 PM EDT 06/14/2019 05:46:47 AM EDT
askahd 2 Comments H1 India 08/30/2018 India : Mumbai
Approved 06/13/2019 Visa Interview: 30-A...   more> Visa Interview: 30-Aug-18 <br>Was asked few question on job role, location & Client (with years of experience working) <br>Yellow slip handed by VO <br>Submitted 7 documents on second week of Sep-18 (Work profile, Aggrement, Client letter, etc) <br> <br>Multiple follow-ups > Standard reply for AP <br> <br>30-Oct-18, follow-up mail fetched positive reply, submitted my passport on 5-Nov for stamping <br>2 additional follow-ups, got my passpoet back on 28-Nov-18 with Green slip, requesting to wait AP, with no additonal documents requirements <br> <br>Current status > AP <br> <br>Received mail to submit passport on 07- June-19. <br>Received passport with visa stamped on 23-June-29. <br> 03/21/2019 03:41:01 PM EDT 06/13/2019 08:05:56 PM EDT
raj_kumar1944 3 Comments H1 India 05/24/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai
05/29/2019 Pending 06/13/2019 No 06/05/2019 05:40:09 PM EDT 06/13/2019 02:42:58 PM EDT

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