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User Name Comments Visa Type Citizenship Country Interview Date Embassy/Consulate Visa Center Slip Color Document Submission Date Status Status Date Passport Collected Notes Date Added Last Updated
indian_h1b 4 Comments H1 India 12/12/2017 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
12/14/2017 Approved 03/21/2018 Yes Working in U.S for l...   more> Working in U.S for last 8 years. Got question <br> <br>- Why did you come back after a long time. (Parents visited U.S instead) <br>- What do you do in your company - (Explained technical mgr role) <br>- Do you have any kids who is U.S citizen. - (No) <br> <br>Document submission 12/14 <br>Case updated on 01/12 without status change. <br>Case updated on 02/27 without status change <br>Case updated on 03/19 : Issued <br>Email 03/20 : Got email from the visa office to collect the passport . I am hoping the visa is stamped. Will get to know tomorrow when I receive the passport (at Nehru Place , New Delhi). Wish me all the best. <br>03/21 : Received the passport with the visa from Nehru Place (New Delhi) personally. <br> <br>Thank God , the endless wait is over. Heading back to U.S where family is waiting. <br> 01/10/2018 04:35:18 PM EST 03/22/2018 06:29:22 PM EDT
illuminati 1 Comments H1 India 02/21/2018 India : Chennai India : Chennai
02/26/2018 Approved 03/15/2018 No Bio-metric : 20th Fe...   more> Bio-metric : 20th Feb 2018 <br>Interview : 21st Feb 2018 <br>221g for Psychological evaluation (appointment on the same day) : 21st Feb 2018 <br>Report submitted : 26th Feb 2018 (as per hospital) <br>H & L Email to submit passport : 5th March 2018 (submitted on the same day) <br>Last updated date changed : 8th March 2018 (no status change) <br>Status changed to Issued : 15th March 2018 <br>Picked-up passport : 19th March 2018 <br>POE Abudhabi : 21 March 2018 03/14/2018 01:39:00 AM EDT 03/22/2018 05:03:55 PM EDT
nehasharma89 2 Comments F1 India 01/24/2018 India : Kolkata India : Kolkata
01/24/2018 Pending 03/21/2018 No It's the 7th week si...   more> It's the 7th week since my interview and no update. Still showing AP. Doing PhD in biological sciences in a fully funded program. This is for the renewal of the F1 visa for the same program in the same university. Please share any information of your knowledge that why the delay might be and what are my options. <br> <br>)3/21/2018 - Date changed in the status. Received email to submit passport. 03/12/2018 04:38:37 AM EDT 03/22/2018 02:58:08 PM EDT
senthild4u@gmail.com 2 Comments H1 India 03/13/2018 India : Chennai India : Chennai
03/14/2018 Pending 03/13/2018 No After the general qu...   more> After the general questions VO asked me to submit the detailed project description as I am wokring product development. <br> <br>Interview Date : Mar 13, 2018. <br> <br> 03/21/2018 11:44:59 PM EDT 03/21/2018 11:44:59 PM EDT
h1stuck221g 2 Comments H1 India 11/27/2017 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai
11/28/2017 Pending 02/05/2018 No I had applied for ex...   more> I had applied for extension stamping and had submitted all documents via Dropbox on 11/21/2017. <br>Got an email that passport was ready for pick on 11/25/2017 - but visa status was still showing Administrative Processing. <br>Picked up passport on 11/26/2017 and there was a letter to visit Embassy for fingerprinting. <br> <br>Visited US Embassy in Mumbai, India on 11/27/2017 and was told that I need to go through interview also apart from finger printing. <br>During interview, was asked few basic questions and was handed over 221g letter and was requested to submit documents. <br> <br>Submitted Requested Documents on: 11/28/2017 <br>1st Update in Portal: 12/15/2017 <br>2nd Update in Portal: 01/19/2018 <br>3rd Update in Portal: 01/30/2018 <br>Received email to pick up passport: 02/07/2018 <br>Noticed that passport wasn't stamped still and there was another 221g with 2 more documents. <br>Submitted Requested Documents on: 02/08/2018 and have been waiting since then - no update on my case. <br> <br>Anyone with similar experience, pls post here. 03/21/2018 05:43:18 AM EDT 03/21/2018 11:07:59 AM EDT
Narasaiah 4 Comments H1 India 01/05/2018 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad
01/12/2018 Pending 03/21/2018 No This is my first H1B...   more> This is my first H1B extension with same employer and client, I have approved petition until 2019 <br>My employment structure is EC and I am a FTE. <br> <br>04-JAN-2018 : Finger prints given at OFC <br>05-JAN-2018 : Attended interview, VO asked simple questions and gave me 221g white slip <br>05-JAN-2018 : "Case Created" updated to "04-JAN-2018" and "Case Last updated" changed to "05-JAN-2018" <br>12-JAN-2018 : Received call from embassy and asked to send the documents to HYDFPU@state.gov <br>12-JAN-2018 : Sent current/previous LCA and client letters to HYDFPU@state.gov email id. <br>22-JAN-2018 : Client HR received verification email and he replied to the same email within 4 hours <br> <br>Since Jan 22 there is no single update on my case. <br> <br>My LCA has different client address as they moved to a new location after my extension was filed but new address is in same county and within 8 miles hence did not amend the LCA. <br> <br>Please let me know if anyone has similar problem.. 02/06/2018 07:43:49 AM EST 03/21/2018 09:21:40 AM EDT
dvaidee 1 Comments H1 India 02/26/2018 India : Chennai
02/26/2018 Pending 02/26/2018 No Submitted passport i...   more> Submitted passport in dropbox on 1/24 <br>Received passport with 221G blue slip on 1/31 asking for additional docs and appearing for interview. <br>Employer Submitted all the docs on 2/23 and I appeared for interview on 2/26 <br>Received 221G blue slip again and VO said no more docs needed. Passport returned to me. The CEAC status shows AP till date. 03/21/2018 08:09:34 AM EDT 03/21/2018 08:09:34 AM EDT
renu2888 1 Comments H1 India 10/16/2017 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
12/05/2017 Approved 01/09/2018 No Hi, I gave interview...   more> Hi, I gave interview on 16 Oct 2017 and got 221g. Below are the details: <br> <br>Interview Date: 16 Oct 2017 <br>Document Submission : 5 Dec 2017 <br>Case Status Last Updated : 9 Jan 2018 <br>Case Status : AP <br> <br>Don't Know why it is taking so long. Called support helpdesk multiple times but got standard response. <br> <br>Got mail to submit passport on 14 March 2018. Submitted passport on same day <br>Case Status Last Updated : 15 March 2018 still AP , Passport is still with US Embassy/Consulate <br>Case Status Last Updated : 16 March 2018 still AP , Passport is still with US Embassy/Consulate <br>Case Status Update : Issued 19 March 2018, Passport is still with US Embassy/Consulate <br>20 March 2018 : Passport Ready to pickup. <br> <br>Good luck to all!! <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> 01/17/2018 11:17:55 PM EST 03/21/2018 06:02:54 AM EDT
shashank_m 0 Comments H1 India 03/06/2018 India : New Delhi India : Delhi
03/06/2018 Approved 03/16/2018 Yes I have been in US fo...   more> I have been in US for 12 years on H1B (GC is in process for 6yrs). Use drop box few years ago for my last visa renewal. This time too I qualified for drop box. <br> <br>3/6: Used drop box for the renewal of my H1B. Dropped off the documents. <br> <br>3/7: Case updated to "Application received" <br> <br>3/15: Passport didn't arrive. When I emailed the embassy, I was told that my application was refused under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act for administrative processing. <br> <br>3/17: I have not received any 221g slip or a request for any documentation. Case updated to " Administrative Processing " <br> <br>3/19: Case updated to "Issued" <br> <br>3/21: Passport arrived with the new visa 03/15/2018 07:03:51 AM EDT 03/21/2018 06:00:55 AM EDT
NancySam 0 Comments H1 India 03/21/2018 India : Chennai India : Chennai
03/21/2018 12:00:59 AM EDT 03/21/2018 12:00:59 AM EDT

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