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User Name Comments Citizenship Country Applicant Type Application Type Appointment Schedule Method Appointment Scheduled Date Fingerprint Appointment Date Fingerprint Appointment Location Interview Date Embassy/Consulate Visa Center Status Status Date Passport Received Date Visa Entry Type Travel to USA Date Port of Entry Notes Date Added Last Updated
EVVC 0 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Online 08/17/2017 09/13/2017 India : Chennai 09/14/2017 India : Chennai India : Chennai Pending 08/17/2017 Multiple 08/17: Gave my inter...   more> 08/17: Gave my interview <br>I am on EVVC model. I did not have MSA between client and vendor /client letter. He wanted to show something that i do have a job after i return. <br> <br>He have me blue 221g and asked me for 3 documents. <br>1. MSA between my employer and vendor. (Which i already showed him and he said to also include this) <br>2.Contract between vendor and client <br>3.Client later stating there is a vacancy for me. <br> <br>08/20: 1. Submitted MSA between Employer and Vendor. <br>2.Submitted MSA between Vendor and Prime Vendor <br>2. Submitted a letter from Prime Vendor, Stating that cannot provide MSA due to confidentiality. But this letter will confirm that there is an contract between prime vendor and client and also vendor and prime vendor with dates and possibility of extension. <br>3.Since my client do not provide a client letter, they sent me an email with my name, contract start date and end date. I also submitted the email which i told my manage the dates i will be working from home and time sheets. 09/15/2017 02:18:24 PM EDT 09/15/2017 02:36:20 PM EDT
doctac 0 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Online 08/29/2017 India : New Delhi 08/31/2017 India : New Delhi India : Delhi Pending VO said visa is appr...   more> VO said visa is approved ,no documents were asked for apart from i797 .last update is the interview date 31st aug stating adminstrative processing.Any one else with same experience <br> 09/10/2017 08:54:39 AM EDT 09/10/2017 08:56:14 AM EDT
getMeVisa221G 0 Comments India Primary - H1 Extension Embassy/Consulate 08/01/2017 08/10/2017 India : Chennai India : Chennai Pending 08/10/2017 Single 08/17/2017 Hi, Did a drop bo...   more> Hi, <br> <br>Did a drop box on 1st Aug, 2017. Got a blue slip stating i have to show up for an interview on 8th August. <br> <br>Went for interview on 10th Aug, and got a blue slip again . The interviewer said i have no documents to submit and i should receive my VISA early next week . Is this something i can count on ? <br> <br>Any one has this experience ? How long does blue slip take ? This is an extension and i work Full Time in US. <br> <br>Got my return on 17th. Might have to cancel ? 08/10/2017 08:23:48 AM EDT 08/10/2017 08:25:30 AM EDT
bboys 0 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Online 07/05/2017 India : Hyderabad 07/06/2017 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad Pending 08/03/2017 Case Last Updated da...   more> Case Last Updated date has updated twice but no update in the status it is still in Admin Process 08/03/2017 08:29:13 AM EDT 08/03/2017 08:30:28 AM EDT
NPN 0 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Embassy/Consulate 07/10/2017 07/31/2017 India : Mumbai 08/01/2017 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai Granted 08/02/2017 05/04/2017 02:51:50 AM EDT 08/02/2017 03:14:41 AM EDT
lily12345678@ 0 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Online 01/28/2017 02/27/2017 India : Chennai 02/28/2017 India : Chennai India : Chennai Pending 05/09/2017 Single they have not given ...   more> they have not given me any slip or 221G. they have not taken passport also. status says pending. They said they need to verify information and once they received it they would get back to me. 07/03/2017 11:40:46 AM EDT 07/06/2017 12:58:45 PM EDT
deeman07 0 Comments India Dependents - H4 New Application Embassy/Consulate 06/29/2017 06/22/2017 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai India : Mumbai Granted 06/29/2017 06/30/2017 Multiple 07/11/2017 Seattle - Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA) 07/05/2017 04:17:07 AM EDT 07/05/2017 04:17:07 AM EDT
glory_008 0 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Embassy/Consulate 09/25/2007 09/25/2007 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai Granted 09/25/2007 01/02/2008 Single 01/12/2008 09/26/2007 05:08:42 AM EDT 07/03/2017 01:05:41 PM EDT
satishchadokar 0 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Embassy/Consulate 03/07/2017 03/05/2017 India : Mumbai 04/07/2017 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai Pending 03/07/2017 Multiple Simple interview wit...   more> Simple interview with US Consulate after that she trying to feed some data in system and after some time she have given me a White slip and asked for list of docs send them on provided mail id. <br> <br>I have forwarded to concerned person and he has given all necessary docs to consulate on 13/03/2017. <br>Waiting for approval ... 04/12/2017 01:12:16 AM EDT 04/12/2017 01:12:16 AM EDT
004mohan 0 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Embassy/Consulate 03/07/2017 03/06/2017 India : Chennai 03/07/2017 India : Chennai India : Chennai Pending 03/07/2017 Single Hi, My visa inter...   more> Hi, <br> <br>My visa interview was scheduled on March-07-2017. VO asked for my I797, I129, LCA and client letter. Since I did not have client letter, I submitted supporting docs like my ID card, vendor letter. VO gave yellow slip and asked me to wait at lobby. After 30 mins I got a call back and VO asked whether I worked under F1 visa (like CPT, OPT), I said yes then I got a blue slip and said my application needs administrative processing. <br> <br>Did anyone attended interview during same time frame? please advise me if there is a way to expedite the process. <br> <br>-Thanks. 04/10/2017 12:22:50 PM EDT 04/10/2017 12:22:50 PM EDT

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