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User Name Comments Citizenship Country Applicant Type Application Type Visa Type Degree GRE Score TOEFL Score Appointment Schedule Method Appointment Scheduled Date Fingerprint Appointment Date Fingerprint Appointment Location Interview Date Embassy/Consulate Visa Center Status Status Date Passport Received Date Visa Entry Type Travel to USA Date Port of Entry Notes Date Added Last Updated
mdnoaman 0 Comments India Primary Self Sponsored F Bachelors Pending 01/20/2020 03:29:05 AM EST 01/20/2020 03:29:05 AM EST
saiteja 0 Comments India Primary Self Sponsored F Online 12/09/2019 12/10/2019 Pending Single 12/27/2019 02:39:45 AM EST 01/05/2020 10:44:32 AM EST
gsushma97 0 Comments India Primary Self Sponsored F Masters 306 Pending 05/05/2019 05/04/2019 04:32:27 PM EDT 05/04/2019 04:32:27 PM EDT
me12 0 Comments India Primary Partial Scholarship F Masters 292 104 Embassy/Consulate 07/17/2018 07/16/2018 India : Chennai 07/17/2018 India : Chennai India : Chennai To be Processed 07/17/2018 VO retained my passp...   more> VO retained my passport and did not ask for any documents. I haven't received any mail till today that is 2nd August asking for documents. He handed me a blue slip stating administrative processing. Any one else faced the same? 08/02/2018 04:11:34 AM EDT 08/02/2018 04:12:12 AM EDT
sarangan 0 Comments India Primary Full Scholarship J Online 05/14/2018 05/10/2018 India : Chennai 05/14/2018 India : Chennai India : Chennai Pending 06/13/2018 05/14/2018 Single 06/11/2018 I attended my visa i...   more> I attended my visa interview on scheduled date. Consulate officer asked about research and collected my passport, DS and resume. <br>He gave me blue and told application has to undergo administrative processing. They will information after that. Still in processing. 06/13/2018 11:27:56 AM EDT 06/13/2018 11:27:56 AM EDT
new_visa_user 0 Comments India Family Other J Online 04/17/2018 04/22/2018 04/23/2018 India : Chennai India : Chennai Pending 04/24/2018 02:42:53 AM EDT 04/24/2018 02:42:53 AM EDT
atinuke 0 Comments Nigeria Dependents Self Sponsored F Pending 12/13/2017 01:34:03 PM EST 12/13/2017 01:34:03 PM EST
filip 0 Comments Serbia Primary Self Sponsored F Bachelors 07/06/2015 Serbia : Belgrade Granted 07/21/2015 Single 07/21/2015 08:18:22 AM EDT 07/21/2015 08:18:22 AM EDT
sunpra 0 Comments India Primary Other F Masters 298 108 Visa Center 06/11/2015 06/04/2015 India : Chennai 06/11/2015 India : Chennai India : Chennai Pending 07/08/2015 Multiple 07/28/2015 Gainesville - Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) WENT FOR THE INTERVI...   more> WENT FOR THE INTERVIEW, THE VO SAID THAT MY VISA IS APPROVED BUT IT NEEDS TO GO THROUGH ADDITIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING AND SO RETAINED MY PASSPORT AND CV 07/08/2015 02:26:30 AM EDT 07/08/2015 02:26:30 AM EDT
rchad 0 Comments India Primary Full Scholarship F PhD Online 04/24/2015 India : New Delhi 04/30/2015 India : New Delhi India : Delhi Granted 06/01/2015 I have been given wh...   more> I have been given white form to submit my invitation letter, resume, research statements, travel and funding details via email. <br>I submitted all these on 30th april 2015. <br>I am still waiting for the approval of my visa, but really worried as I have to join my program in 1st week of july. 05/06/2015 12:57:51 AM EDT 06/01/2015 06:06:01 AM EDT



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