Indian Passport Application
Effective May 7, 2016, Indian Embassy and Consulates have outsourced passport application services to Cox & Kings Global Services (CKGS). You must apply at the India passport application center and NOT at the Embassy/Consulate.

Unlike earlier passports, new passports that are being issued do not carry "ECNR" endorsement because ECNR is included by default.

Ghost Image:
In Washington DC, New York, and Houston jurisdiction, passports are not issued with a ghost image printed on it. In Atlanta and Chicago jurisdiction, passports are issued with a ghost image printed on it. However, if the passport was printed in India for Houston jurisdiction, it will have ghost images.

Application Procedure
Keep the following documents handy before proceeding:
  • Adult:

  • Minor:
    • Recent original Indian passport (in case of renewal)
    • Parents passport
    • Details about US legal status

Follow the procedure as described below:
  1. Passport Widget:
    Visit Passport Application - Started.
    Answer the questions in the widget. Based on your passport requirement and category, purpose of renewal, miscellaneous services needed etc., it will generate document checklist.

    It will also show
    • Documents checklist which lists the documents, letter, whether original or copies are required, which documents have to be notarized or self attested, number of documents need etc.
      Required Documents
    • Passport fees
    • Processing time
    • Temporary number
      You can use this number on the CKGS web site to apply later or disconnected. Make sure to write this number down or you will have to start the application all over again.

  2. Documents Preparation:
    Based on your answers in the widget, wherever a repetitive information is needed, those fields are already auto populated in various forms. Please review the forms and supply additional information, as needed. Print all the forms and documents as per Document Checklist provided. Alternatively, you can also print the documents later from My Account.

    Sign the documents where indicated. Check which documents need to be self-attested or notarized, which documents need any copy or color copy.

    Along with the documents, please print the document checklist and tick the boxes as you complete the documents. You must enclose one copy of the filled Document Checklist.

    Signature should be clear, legible and within the box. For minor applicants under the age of 5 years, right hand thumb impression for girls and left hand thumb impression for boys should be provided.

    Application Tips

    Print all the documents on one side of the page. Double sided printouts are not accepted.

    Do not staple photographs or documents.

  3. Government of India Application Form:
    Complete an application form at Government of India.

    You will get a 'New Web Reference Number'. Check the number next to 'WEBFILE NO:' which will have a format such as 'USASP0421E16'.

    Return to CKGS web site at Already filled in the Government Online NRI Passport Form and continue rest of the online process. Make sure to enter 'New Web Reference Number (not the temporary tracking ID), along with the passport number and date of birth to continue to the process. CKGS system will check all the details that you provided them and that in Government of India form. If you made the mistakes in either of the processes, the system will an error. You will have start the entire application process all over again, unfortunately.

    It is recommended that you do not fill the Government of India Application Form online first before going through CKGS process, as it will increase the chances of the details not matching.

  4. Application Submission:
    Submit the application, either by shipping or in person by appointment.

  5. Once you have submitted the application, you can read more about processing and tracking it.

    Processing and Tracking

Certain category of Indian citizens are ineligible to apply for passport or any other consulate services:
  • B1/B2 : Applications can only be accepted under lose & damaged category. No prior approval from the consulate is required. San Francisco will issue only short validity passports.

  • AS6, AS7, AS8 and CO8, C visa holders are not eligible for re-issue or any service on passports.

  • Refugees from India will not be given Indian passport. However, for the purposes of returning to India, they can apply for travel document through U.S. border protection (CBP). CBP officer will issue them an Emergency Certificate (EC) at the time of departure from the US, which is good for one-way travel from the US to India.