Fiance Visa Consulate Process - Appointment Package

Step 3
Appointment package for K visa applicants (Packet 4)
When the consulate schedules your interview, they will send you "Appointment package for V visa applicants" (Packet 4). All members of your family applying for visas with you, irrespective of age, must appear in person with you for the interview. Each person, irrespective of age, requires a separate visa. If you cannot keep your visa appointment, you should notify the consulate immediately. Please note your case number in any communications with the consulate.

The following documents should be presented at the visa interview for each applicant:
  • Appointment letter

  • 2 DS-156, nonimmigrant visa application forms

  • Medical examination report

  • All the documents mentioned above in Step 2

  • Visa Fees
    You need to pay only the application fee. There are no visa reciprocity fees for these visas and aside from the fees required for the processing of waivers of ineligibility or any required fingerprinting or in certain cases, for special delivery arrangements or special telephone-arranged interview appointments, no other fees are required.

  • Completed DS 230 Part II Sworn statement.
    Do not sign until consular officer asks you to do so at the time of interview

  • Any other forms or items requested specifically by your consulate

  • DS-1858, Sponsor's Financial Responsibility Under the Social Security Act
    Some consulates require that this form be signed by the sponsor, while others don't. Some consulate even require the sponsor to notarize it.

  • Original I-797, Notice of Action, approval notice for K visa petition (Approval of I-129F)

    Approval is valid for 4 months. For any reason, if you need more time and if your approval is going to expire before you can get the K visa, you can request another extension of 4 months to the consulate.

    Sample request letter

  • Category specific
    • K1 Visa
      • 1 DS-156K Supplemental form for nonimmigrant fiance(e) visa applications

        It is a statement concerning your intent to enter into a valid marriage with your fiance within 90 days of your admission into the U.S.

        Do not sign the DS-156K form until instructed to do so by a consular officer.

      • A complete copy of your Fiance Visa Petition

      • Additional documents proving your relationship, to cover the time period since submitting the fiance visa petition. e.g.,
        • correspondence between you

        • telephone bills showing calls made to each other

        • photographs taken together while one fiance visited the other

    • K3 Visa
      • 1 DS-156K Supplemental form for nonimmigrant fiance(e) visa applications

      • Original I-797C, Notice of Action, receipt notice for K-3 visa petition

      • A complete copy of your Visa Petition

For appointments on or after Feb 1, 2010, and scheduling it on or after Jan 19, 2010, instead of DS-156 and DS-156K form, you need to submit the confirmation page of online submitted DS-160 Form with bar code. Not entire form.

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