Fiancé Visa Petition Documents

Fiancé Visa Petition Documents
  • The application fee must be sent with the application.
    There is no biometric fee.

    Fee details

  • Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé
    If your fiancé has unmarried children under the age of 21, they are eligible to accompany your fiancé only if they are listed on this form. At the same time, K-2/K-4 visas will not be denied because the child’s name is not listed on the I-129F petition, as long as it can be established that he/she is the minor, unmarried child of the applicant issued a K-1/K-3 visa.

  • Evidence of your U.S. citizenship

  • 2 completed and signed documents of Form G-325A, Biographic Information, one for the U.S. citizen petitioner and one for an alien fiancé.

  • photograph of the U.S. citizen and 1 photograph of the alien fiancé (K1)/spouse(K3). These are separate passport-sized photographs for each person, and not both of them together.
    Place each photo in a small plastic bag and label the bag accordingly. e.g., “Photo of <petitioner’s name>” or “Photo of <beneficiary’s name>”. Attach the bag to a blank sheet of paper and place it behind the corresponding G-325A form.

  • Proof of termination of prior marriages for either of you.

  • Category-specific
    • K-1 visa
      • Cover letter

        Sample letter

      • Proof of permission to marry if you or your fiancé are subject to any age restrictions. E.g., in some U.S. states, you must receive special permission to marry if you are under the age of 16.

      • Proof that you can legally marry
        • If either of you is of an age that requires special consent or permission for you to marry in the jurisdiction where your marriage will occur, give proof of that consent or permission; and

        • Proof of termination of prior marriages for either of you.

      • Proof of meeting or waiver
        • Copies of evidence that you and your fiancé have personally met within the last 2 years.
          Documents from a neutral, third-party outside source work the best, e.g.:
          • Copies of air tickets, including boarding passes, train passes, itineraries, that you used to meet each other

          • Copies of your passports showing the stamps from when you traveled to meet each other

          • Dated photographs of you together. If your camera does not insert a date on the photo automatically, write the date on the back of the photographs, and also write the name of the place. Provide a maximum of 5 photos.

            You may not receive originals of photos back. Therefore, if you don’t have extra copies, make sure to make them if you need those photos.

          • Credit card receipts showing that you spent money at the same time and the same place. Even though it may not be considered best to split the expenses in some cultures, it is OK that each person pays with his/her own credit card, just for the purposes of this proof.

          • Copy of the engagement ring receipt

          • Copies of phone bills, emails (you may mark off very personal details you may not want to share), chats through WhatsApp, Skype, or Facebook, letters, stamps on the letters (to prove the date they were sent), and other written documentary proof. Provide a reasonable amount; 2 to 4 of each type. Choose a range of dates up to and including the present.

        • Description of how you met in person in the last two years on a single typed page regarding part B, question 18 of the I-129F. Remember to sign and date it.

        • Provide a detailed explanation that:
          • The requirement to meet your fiancé in person would violate strict and long-established customs of your or your fiancé’s foreign culture or social practice; or

          • It is established that the requirement to personally meet your fiancé would result in extreme hardship to you. You may provide several types of evidence. e.g.,
          • A detailed letter from a medical professional and copies of relevant medical records

          • A letter from your parents

          • A letter from your religious guide or leader

      • Original statements from you and your fiancé with whom you plan to marry within 90 days of his/her admission.

        Sample letters: Petitioner    Beneficiary

        Also, submit copies of any evidence you wish to submit to establish your mutual intent. e.g.,
        • Wedding announcements

        • Copies of telephone bills showing that you called each other or other proof of calling such as WhatsApp, Skype, or Viber

        • Copies of cards and letters between you discussing your marriage plans (it’s fine to block out some very personal details)

        • Evidence of wedding arrangements. E.g.:
          • Contracts for photography, catering, rented premises, dishes, flowers, other equipment, and musical entertainment

          • A letter from the religious leader who will perform the ceremony (father, kazi, pandit, etc.)

    • K-3 visa
      • Cover letter

        Sample letter

      • Copy of marriage certificate

      • Copy of evidence that you have filed Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, on behalf of the alien spouse listed on the form I-129F.

        Preferably, I-797C, Notice of Action, Receipt Notice.

      • A K-3/K-4 visa must be applied for only at the appropriate consulate, in the country where the marriage took place. Carefully write to that consulate to avoid lengthy delays.
        If the marriage took place in the U.S., list the country of the alien’s current residence.
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For visitors, travel, student and other international travel medical insurance.

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