India Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is appropriate for those who would like to visit India for tourism or other non-business related purposes.

The following persons are not eligible to apply for a tourist visa and they must apply for the Entry Visa:

  • Persons of Indian Origin.

  • Spouse and children of a person of Indian origin.

A Tourist Visa is granted for visiting India for recreation, sightseeing, casual visits to meet friends and relatives, etc. No other activities are permissible on a Tourist Visa. In order to get a tourist visa, you must not have a residence or occupation in India.

If you would be volunteering, working with charities or working with non-profit organizations, you must apply for an Employment Visa instead.

If you are coming to India for medical treatment, you should apply for a Medical Visa instead, and NOT a Tourist Visa.

The family members of diplomatic households who do not qualify for diplomatic visas (such as older children or domestic partners) may have to come on an Entry Visa, if eligible. If they come on Tourist Visa, all the requirements and restrictions of Tourist Visa apply, just like anyone else.

Tourist visa is generally a multiple-entry visa.

You can apply for various validity periods such as a 6-month, 5-year, or 10-year tourist visa. However, persons of Indian origin with US passport can apply for 10-year duration visas only. However, a shorter duration visa can be granted to applicants of Indian origin that have already applied for OCI card and waiting, emergency visa, for minors (5 years only).

The visa validity duration begins on the first day of issuance. Therefore, a six-month visa issued on July 1 would be valid until December 31.
Duration of StayRegardless of the duration of the valid visa, the maximum duration of stay in India is limited to 6 months (180 days) on each visit.

Extension of stay is not granted on tourist visas and it can not be converted into any other visa.

Traveling to Neighboring Countries

No Permit is needed if the visa holder is also travelling to neighboring countries of India for tourism purposes on the same itinerary as long as the trip follows the itinerary exactly.

The visa holder must carry a copy of the itinerary to show the Immigration Officer

If foreign national applies for a Tourist Visa frequently, i.e., within one month of expiry of the previous Tourist Visa, the Indian Consulate/Embassy would scrutinize the application thoroughly and refer such cases to MHA (Foreigners Division) for clearance before granting a fresh Tourist Visa.

Permit to re-enter India within 2 months for further restrictions.

Visitor Visa – Pakistani
If the person is of Pakistani origin, they must apply for Visitor Visa, instead of a tourist visa.

If the person is of Pakistan origin who is current or former Pakistan citizen, they must provide proof of Renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship to apply for Visa on a US passport. If that is unavailable, the visa application must be made on a Pakistani passport.

Applicants of Pakistan origin who are born outside Pakistan (such as in the US) and have never held Pakistan nationality must provide a notarized affidavit that the applicant never held Pakistan nationality or POC (Pakistan Origin Card) or NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani) and does not hold any other nationality except that of the US (Non-Pakistan).

Visitor visa is a single entry visa and is granted for three months, valid from the date of issuance and not from the date of entry into India.

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