India Visa Application Process in USA

Note: Indian government’s contract with CKGS is ending on October 31, 2020. Therefore, CKGS will accept the applications till October 14, 2020. New provider VFS Global will start accepting applications from November 2, 2020 onwards. We will update the instructions when available.

A separate application must be made for each person, even if they are family members. When applying for India visa in the US, you need to follow the procedure describe below:

  1. Visit CKGS website – OCI Application – Get Started.

    You will need to keep the following details handy:
    • Your current passport such as number, issue date, expiry date, place of issue
    • Web Reference Number from the Passport Application form
    • Details your current citizenship as well as previous nationality, if any.
    • Proof of renunciation of Indian citizenship, if not applying together, and if applicable.

  2. The next page will provide the following information:
    • Document Checklist
    • All forms to be downloaded
    • India Visa Fees
    • CKGS Web Reference Number

  3. Visit the Government of India Online Visa Form website and complete the form.

  4. You will get a NEW Web Reference Number from the Government website which will be used to register your application on CKGS website as well track the status of your submitted application. Sample number: USAH01D24N20

  5. Return to CKGS website and click on ‘Appointment and Payment’ option.

  6. Application Submission:
    Submit the application, either by shipping or in person by appointment.

  7. Once you have submitted the application, you can read more about processing and tracking it.

    Processing and Tracking
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India Visa Submission in USA
An application for India visa in the USA can be submitted to CKGS either by shipping or in person. Submit the documents in person or by mail, to CKGS, according to your jurisdiction. Both options are described in detail below:

  • Shipping:
    Shipping your documents to CKGS is a preferred method as it saves travel times and parking charges, as well as avoids waiting at the CKGS application center.

    You can use the Shipping method for sending the documents as well receiving the passport back.

    When you choose the shipping method, please print the label which will be automatically addressed.

    Shipping arrangements

    Once CKGS receives your application, you will receive an email acknowledge with the status ‘Received, but Not Verified’. Once they verify your application, you will receive another email indicating the outcome of the verification process.

  • Walk-In (By Appointment):
    While making an online application, you will select the ‘Walk-In’ as the submission option and follow the steps below:
    • Choose your ‘Appointment Date’.
    • Select your time slot
    • If the date/time slot is already booked, the next available option will be displayed
    • You will get a confirmation of your appointment date and time booked.
    • Come in person at the CKGS Application Center at the designated appointment date and time to submit your application.
      Appointments can be booked through My Account as well. You can also cancel your appointment and reschedule.

      The application can be submitted in person either by the applicant or immediate family member of the applicant, with a proper authority letter and proof of relationship.

      In case you are applying for a minor child, both parents have to present themselves at the counter. If one of the parents is unable to attend, an authority/consent letter must be given by the parent not attending, authorizing the other parent to apply alone.

      If all documents are in order, your original US passport/foreign passport will be returned to you once an India visa is issued.

Processing by CKGS
Once CKGS receives your application along with supporting documents, they will submit them to the respective Indian Embassy/Consulate for processing. In the order of their receipts in the consulate, applications are scrutinized to ensure the completeness of all required documents and information for deciding the eligibility of applicant(s) for granting an India visa.

If they find that any of the documents, forms are payments are missing or if there is any deficiency in your application, you will be notified via email for re-submission of the necessary documents. You should make sure that [email protected] is in your white list / approved list / safe sender list so that you may not miss any emails from them.

Until they receive your documents, your application will be ‘On Hold’.

If they don’t receive your documents within 21 days, they will return your documents. In this case, CKGS service fee will be non-refundable.

My Account
You can access My Account for a wide variety of services. In order to access My Account, you need Web Reference Number, Passport Number, and Date of Birth.

Once you login, you would be able to access the following:

  • Track Application Status
  • View Applicant details
  • View Service details
  • Download and Print Documents and Forms
  • Download and Print Shipping Label
  • Download and Print Payment Receipt
  • Make Payment
  • Purchase Shipping and other value-added services
  • Upload missing / additional documents requested

Visa Application Processing and Tracking

  • CKGS is not liable for applications lost in transit.

  • CKGS’s role is solely on processing applications. They have no impact on the outcome of the decision or the processing time, as they are determined by the Embassy/Consulates of India in the USA.

  • Any false documents or other misrepresentation of information in support of the application will have a direct bearing on the judgment of their application by the Embassy/Consulates of India in the USA.

Application Tracking
When you schedule an appointment, you will be provided a Reference number generated by CKGS. The reference number printed on the online application form is NOT valid for tracking with CKGS.

  • Online:
    You can track your application by entering your Tracking ID / CKGS Web Reference Number, Passport Number and your date of birth.

    Track Application

    You can also use the above link for tracking your courier by providing Airway Bill Number and Passport Number.

  • By Phone:
    Call (888) 585-5431, Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 10:00 Eastern, except Holidays

  • Use My Account

  • Use Contact/Feedback – an online form to contact CKGS.

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Visitors Insurance

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  • Please read the relevant instructions carefully before applying to avoid any inconvenience.

  • The validity of the visa starts from the date of issue, not the day of entry into India.

  • Once CKGS has collected the application form and supporting documentation, it submits them to the consulate/embassy for processing. CKGS does not issue visas or in any way determine or control the issuance of, or terms and conditions of, visas. All that is determined and controlled solely by the Indian consulates.

  • Except in the case of Tibetan nationals, visas can only be issued on passports and NOT on travel documents.

  • The passport must be valid for a minimum period of 180 days. It must have 2 blank pages. One page is required for affixing the visa sticker and another page will be used by an immigration officer at the airport for entry and exit stamps from India.

  • No vaccination is necessary for those traveling to India from the USA. However, persons coming from or passing through Yellow Fever infected areas are required to be in possession of a valid certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever before arriving in India.

  • For persons age 18 to 70 years who stay in India for more than one year, an AIDS test is required.

  • Acceptance of visa fee is not a guarantee of visa. Indian Embassy/Consulate will still need to approve the visa.

  • Grant of visa is not a guarantee of entry into India. The immigration officer at the port of entry may refuse entry to the person if appropriate.

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For visitors, travel, student and other international travel medical insurance.

Visit or call +1 (866) INSUBUY or +1 (972) 985-4400