India Visa Application Process in USA

When applying for an Indian visa in the USA, a separate application must be made for each person, even if they are family members. To do so, you need to follow the procedures described below.

  1. Visit the VFS Global Visa Services Page.
    • Have the following information handy:
      1. Your current passport number, issue date, expiration date, and place of issue.
      2. The Web Reference Number from the Passport Application Form.
      3. Details of your current citizenship, as well as any previous nationality, if applicable.
      4. Proof of renunciation of citizenship, if not applying together, and if applicable.
    • Follow the checklist to determine the visa type you need, and the corresponding documents and fees required for that visa.
  2. File your visa application online at the Government of India Website.
    • Follow the three-step visa application process.
    • Click on the “instructions” tab if you have any questions.
    • If you have difficulty, you can receive assistance with this step using the VFS form-filing assistance service.
    • Upon completion of your Visa Application at the Government of India Website, you will receive an application ID, which you will need to save.
  3. Return to the VFS Global Visa Services Page to register with VFS Global and pay your fee.
    • If you applying by post/courier and are a new user, click here.
    • If you are applying by post/courier and are already registered, click here.
    • If you need to book an appointment and are a new user, click here.
    • If you need to book an appointment and are already registered, click here.
  4. Submit your visa application along with all necessary documentation.
    • If you are submitting by post or courier, you will need to mail your completed application, including your most recent passport used to complete registration with both the Indian Government and VFS Global, photo, fees, and all required documents as stated in your application confirmation letter.
    • If you are submitting by appointment, you will need to visit your VFS Application Centre on your scheduled date/time to submit your application and complete biometrics (if applicable).
  5. Track your application status online using your application ID and your date of birth.
    • Note, you should only use the application tracking link above if:
      1. You submitted the application with the VFS Indian Consular Application Centre on or after December 13, 2021.
      2. The application has been reviewed and processed in the VFS system.
      3. You have not received any updates via email or SMS regarding the status of the application within seven days of it being received at the VFS Centre.
    • Please understand that may take up to six or seven working days for your application to be reviewed. VFS recommends that you only track the status of your application on their website after seven days, and to contact them if you do not see a status after this period of time.
  6. Understand what your application tracking status means.
    • Invalid input – Your application has either not been reviewed and processed in the VFS system, or you have entered incorrect information.
    • On hold – Your application contains some sort of deficiency. You should check your email for additional details. If you do not find such an email, be sure to check your spam/junk folder.
    • Your application has been forwarded to the Embassy – Your application meets all documentation requirements and is in transit to the Embassy/Consulate for processing.
    • Your application has reached the Embassy – Your application has been successfully received by the Embassy/Consulate for processing.
    • Your application has been dispatched by the Embassy – Your application is currently in transit back to VFS, after which it will be prepared to dispatch via courier.
    • Your application has been dispatched via courier – Your package is now ready to be shipped and awaiting courier pickup.


  • Please read the relevant instructions carefully before applying to avoid any inconvenience.
  • The validity of the visa starts from the date of issue, not the day of entry into India.
  • Once VFS Global has collected the application form and supporting documentation, it submits them to the Consulate/Embassy for processing. VFS Global does not issue visas or in any way determine or control the issuance of or terms and conditions of visas. All of that is determined and controlled solely by Indian authorities.
  • Except in the case of Tibetan nationals, visas can only be issued on passports and NOT on travel documents.
  • The passport must be valid for a minimum period of 180 days. It must have 2 blank pages. One page is required for affixing the visa sticker, and another page will be used by an immigration officer at the airport for entry and exit stamps from India.
  • No vaccination should be necessary for those traveling to India from the USA. However, persons coming from or passing through Yellow Fever infected areas are required to be in possession of a valid certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever before arriving in India.
  • For persons age 18 to 70 years who stay in India for more than one year, an AIDS test is required.
  • Acceptance of a visa fee is not a guarantee of a visa. The Indian Embassy/Consulate will still need to approve the visa.
  • The granting of a visa is not a guarantee of entry into India. The immigration officer at the port of entry may refuse entry to the person if appropriate.

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