India Visa Categories

Note: A change of purpose is not permitted once you reach India. Depending on the nature of your journey, apply for the correct visa category.

Collective Visa: Collective visas can be issued to group tours consisting of not less than 4 members and sponsored by a travel agency recognized by the Government of India. Such groups may split into smaller groups for visiting different places in India after obtaining a collective “license to travel” from the immigration authorities in India. However, they must reassemble and depart as the original group.

Landing Permit Facility: A tourist group consisting of 4 or more members arriving by air, ship, or by a chartered or scheduled flight may be granted a collective landing permit for a period of up to 30 days by the immigration authorities on landing, provided the group is sponsored by a travel agency recognized by the Government of India. A pre-drawn itinerary must be presented along with details of passports, etc., of the members, and the travel agency must give an acknowledgment to conduct the group together.

Children of foreigners of Indian origin under the age of 12 without a visa may be granted a landing permit by the immigration authorities of a period up to 90 days to see their relatives.

If you already have an India visa, but if your purpose of the next visit has changed, you must obtain an appropriate visa as the change of purpose is not allowed. However, as you can not hold multiple visas at the same time, the earlier visa will be cancelled when you apply for a new visa.

Visa Types
Business Visa

Conference Visa

Diplomatic Visa

Employment Visa

Emergency Visa

Entry Visa

Journalist Visa

Medical Visa

Missionaries Visa

Permit to Re-enter India Within 2 Months

Research Visa

Student Visa

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa On Arrival

Transit Visa

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