Permit to Re-enter India Within 2 Months

Tourist Visa Restrictions

This applies only to Citizens of Afghanistan, China, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistan origin, and stateless persons.

For tourist visa holders as listed above, there must be a gap of at least 2 months between two separate visits to India. Tourist visa holders need a permit if they would like to re-enter India within 2 months after last leaving India.

This requirement applies even if the tourist visa is not stamped to indicate anything regarding this.

This requirement applies only to tourist visa holders. It does not apply to other visa holders and neither to OCI card holders.

Permit Not Required

However, no permit is required if you are traveling to multiple countries on the same itinerary and the trip exactly follows the itinerary. You must carry a copy of the itinerary and the proof of ticket bookings to show the Immigration Officer at the port of entry.

In such cases, you may be permitted two or three entries, on a case by case and need basis. You can get such authorization from the officer at the port of entry or you can get it in advance from the Indian Consulate/Embassy. If you are already outside your country of origin, you can get such an endorsement from the nearest Indian Consulate/Embassy. The total period of stay in India, counted from the date of first entry into the country, will not exceed the maximum allowed stay during one visit, such as 180 days or 90 days.

Permit to Re-enter Within Two Months

This permit is granted only if the need is urgent such as death/serious illness in the family, non-availability of connecting flights to return to your country of origin, or travel to another country, or any other exigent situation which can be duly justified with proper documentation to the satisfaction of the Consulate/Embassy granting the permission. It will not be issued for Business Activities/Employment or pursuing studies/research, etc.

If a permit is granted, registration with the FRRO is required within 14 days of entry into India, preferably at the first place of visit on re-entry. An endorsement to this effect will be made on the visa sticker.

Any permit or authorization related information may be provided by the issuing Consulate/Embassy to the Ministry of Home Affairs (Foreigners Division) and to the Consulate/Embassy from where the original visa was issued.

In addition to the fees listed above, U.S. short term visa holders will be charged a reference fee of $20. U.S. Green Card holders and those who have a U.S. long term visa (3 years or more) will not be charged the reference fee. However, applicants with nationalities including Iran, China, Slovak Republic, and the Czech Republic will be required to pay the reference fee of $20 regardless of Green Card or U.S. long term visa status.

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