India Visa FAQ

Q: I have a valid visa in my old passport which expired and I got a new passport. How can I get my India visa transferred to the new passport?
A: If you have a valid visa in your old passport that has expired, your visa is still valid. You can travel to India using both the old and the new passports, as long as your nationality and passport particulars remain the same. There is no procedure to get it transferred in the new passport. The only way to have the visa in the new passport would be to apply for a new visa all over again.

Q: I currently have an India visa. However, my name has changed. Do I need a new visa?
A: If you have not obtained a new passport, and you still have your non-expired passport with your prior name and a valid visa issued in your prior name, you can travel with your marriage certificate or other proof of name change.

If you do not have a previously issued passport, simply apply for a new visa with your new passport.

Q: After I complete the online application, the visa application PDF did not appear on the print page. How can I print the application?
A: Most likely, the problem is with the Adobe Reader on your computer. You can reprint the application using Track Passport by entering the application id and last name, and then click on “Reprint Application Here”. If that still does not work, try using a different computer.

Q: What can I do if I am having trouble completing the online visa application?
A: Make sure that Javascript and cookies are enabled on your computer. Make sure that the date/time on your computer is set correctly. You can’t have a date/time set in the future.

Q: Is it possible for me to save the incomplete application and resume it later?
A: When you start the online application, you will be provided with an Application ID and a temporary password. You can use that to retrieve and complete the application within seven days.

Continue Saved Application

If you don’t finish your application within seven days, it will be deactivated and you will have to start a new application.

Q: I am just not comfortable with the online application. Can you fax or email the application to me?
A: No. You must fill an online application. This form is barcoded and will store your information securely for faster processing. No handwritten application forms will be accepted.

Q: Why am I not being allowed to check ‘Yes’ to Question 9 in the online application form?
A: If you are a U.S. citizen, the correct answer is ‘No’ and therefore you are unable to check ‘Yes’ as an answer to this question.

Q: If I made a mistake on my visa application, how can I correct it?
A: If the mistake is minor (such as a typo or address correction), you can make the corrections directly on your physical application and initial any changes prior to submitting your application. If you are applying in person, you may also correct any mistakes in the Cox & Kings Global Services office.

Q: How can I obtain the receipt of the payment?
A: Please contact Cox & Kings Global Services and they will email you a receipt.

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