India Visa Application
After you fill out the online application, print and sign. When you have all the relevant documents, you can either apply in person or by mail.

Unless specifically asked for, you should submit the photocopies of the supporting documents. You should not send original documents as Cox & Kings Global Servicesl can not be responsible for them.

Indian Consulates/Embassy in the U.S. have outsourced the India visa operations to Cox & Kings Global Services. It is recommended that you use a trackable method such as FedEx or UPS.

Application Tips

You can either apply in person or by mail. Notes
  • Track application

  • For applicants from Hawaii, if the applicant has PO Box number instead of physicall address, PO Box number has to be validated by letter from government authority. Otherwise, your application will not be accepted.

  • Biometric service is applicable only to the walk-in applicants from Atlanta at present.

  • Please read the relevant instructions carefully before applying to avoid any inconvenience.

  • The validity of the visa starts from the date of issue, not the day of entry into India.

  • Once CKGS has collected the application form and supporting documentation, it submits them to the consulate/embassy for processing. BLS International does not issue visas or in any way determine or control the issuance of, or terms and conditions of, visas. All that is determined and controlled solely by the Indian consulates.

  • Except in case of Tibetan nationals, visas can only be issued on passports and NOT on travel documents.

  • The passport must be valid for a minimum period of 180 days. It must have 2 blank pages. One page is required for affixing the visa sticker and another page will be used by immigration officer at the airport for entry and exit stamps from India.

  • No vaccination is necessary for those traveling to India from USA. However, persons coming from or passing through Yellow Fever infected areas are required to be in possession of a valid certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever before arriving in India.

  • For persons age 18 to 70 years who stay in India for more than one year, AIDS test is required.

  • Acceptance of visa fee is not a guarantee of visa. Indian Embassy/Consulate will still need to approve the visa.

  • Grant of visa is not a guarantee of entry into India. Immigration officer at the port of entry may refuse entry to the person if appropriate.

  • Visa can be revoked by Government of India and if the person is already in India, he may be asked to leave the country.
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