India Visa Fees
The India visa fee amount depends on the type of visa applied for and duration of visa. Since consular fees are fixed on the basis of reciprocal arrangements or special agreements between governments, the fees differ for citizens of different countries. Consular fees, once received, are nonrefundable even if the visa application is withdrawn, the visa is not granted, or if a visa is issued for a shorter period of time or otherwise issued or returned at a time or on terms and conditions that vary from those sought by the applicant.

U.S. citizens should note that issuance of 5-year and 10-year visas is at the discretion of the Indian Embassy/Consulate. No refunds will be given if shorter visas are issued.

Payment Methods
The India visa fee payment can either be made with money order or with credit card (Visa and MasterCard Only). Cash, personal checks, other credit cards, etc., are not accepted by post. The credit card is charged only when the actual application is received and is not charged at the time of making an online application. (This is particularly helpful to those who would like to complete an online application again for some reason.)

The payment method should be selected when completing the visa application. If the payment is not made in full, processing delays will occur.

Money Order: You can purchase a money order at your local post office. Post offices will charge you $1.10 extra for purchasing the money order. You must pay the post office with either a debit card or cash to purchase a money order. Personal checks or credit cards are not accepted.

Money orders should be made in the name of "Cox & Kings Global Services USA LLC".

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Visa Fees
In addition to the visa fees, a processing service fee of $17.00 will be charged by Cox & Kings Global Services per application, per passport.

Applicants needing a Protected Area Permit (PAP) will need to pay an extra $30 in addition to the consular fee.

US short term visa holders (non-US citizens) need to pay $20 as a reference fee in addition to other fees.

All non-US citizens residing in the U.S. for less than 2 years need to pay $20 as a reference fee in addition to other fees.

US green card holders and the applicants who have a US long term visa (3 years or more) do not have to pay the reference fee. Reference fee is to facilitate a routine background check and/or other application processing.

Visa fees also depend upon the type of visa sought:

Business Visa
Conference Visa
Emergency Visa
Employment Visa
Entry Visa
Journalist Visa
Medical Attendant Visa
Media Visa
Missionary Visa
Research Visa
Student Visa
Tourist Visa
Transfer of Business Visa
Transfer of Entry Visa
Transfer of Tourist Visa
Transit Visa

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