U.S.A. Nonimmigrant Visa Fees – Not Required

U.S.A. Nonimmigrant Visa Fees - Not Required

Certain categories of visa applicants do not require visa application processing fees, as listed below:

  • Applicants for A, G, C-2, C-3, NATO, and diplomatic visas
  • Applicants for J visas participating in official U.S. government-sponsored educational and cultural exchanges
  • Replacement of a machine-readable visa within one year of visa issuance – when the original visa was not properly affixed, or the visa needs to be reissued through no fault of the applicant
  • Applicants exempted by international agreement as determined by Visa Services, including members and staff of an observer mission to United Nations Headquarters recognized by the UN General Assembly, and their immediate families
  • Applicants traveling to provide certain charitable services as determined by Visa Services
  • U.S. government employees traveling on official business
  • A parent, sibling, spouse, or child of a U.S. government employee killed in the line of duty who is traveling to attend the employee’s funeral and/or burial; or a parent, sibling, spouse, son, or daugher of a U.S. government employee critically injured in the line of duty for visitation during emergency treatment and convalescence

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