Sample Letters of Recommendation for Master’s Degree in U.S.

Sample Letters of Recommendation for Master’s Degree in U.S.

I have known Mr. Rahul Gupta for the last two years as an undergraduate while he was a student in the “Digital Electronics” and “Communication Systems” courses taught by me. I had ample opportunity to observe him as his instructor in a project on PLDs.

He is a very sincere and hardworking student. In the class, he was very attentive and used to participate in the discussions. He puts in the required work toward achieving results. I believe that he has a greater capability than his CGPA indicates. In the project on PLDs, he was required to read advanced material not normally taught in class. He designed a software to program the PLDs which could be used as a good teaching aid for students.

I note that he has worked on a variety of projects, generally in the areas of microprocessors, computers, and software. Through these projects, he has demonstrated his research potential. He has the required mastery in written and spoken English. He is able to express himself clearly.

Considering all the above aspects, Mr. Rahul Gupta is expected to do very well in his master’s program. I recommend him with full confidence, and support his application for financial aid.

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