Visitors Health Insurance Resources

What is considered the best visitors health insurance is subjective and a matter of opinion. Patriot America Insurance is an excellent choice. Patriot America Insurance participates in First Health PPO network.

For those customers that are cost conscious and would like Visitors Insurance from a reputable company, Visitors Care IMG is a very popular choice. Visitors Care is a scheduled benefit plan and can be purchased at IMG Visitors Care web site. Visitors Care is a scheduled benefits insurance plan and you can get more information about Visitors Care online.

If you are not sure for how long you may need Atlas America from HCCMIS is the most flexible as it allows you to extend the insurance in increments of 1 day. Atlas America Insurance provides the coverage for an acute on-set of pre-existing conditions up to the policy maximum for persons below the age of 70 years.

For short term visitors to USA, Safe Travels USA makes good sense as it provides $50,000 of comprehensive coverage plan for persons of age 80 years and above, it is very popular among that age group.

For short term visitors to USA, Diplomat America makes good sense if you do not want any PPO network and the coverage is the same no matter which provider you visit. Diplomat America Insurance provides If you are traveling outside home country for more than 3 months and up to 3 years, Diplomat Long Term is an excellent choice. It can also be purchased at Diplomat LT or at Diplomat Long Term Insurance.

Temporary health insurance for persons between jobs, new graduates, laid off, temporary and part time workers, can not afford COBRA and others. Whatever your short term medical insurance needs may be, we have got the right products from excellent companies, at affordable prices. It is available at short term health insurance.

If you are U.S. citizen and traveling abroad, international travel medical insurance can be purchased at Visitor Medical.

Liaison Travel Economy insurance provides up to $15,000 in acute onset of pre-existing conditions for persons below the age of 70 years. International Major Medical insurance provides the most amount of coverage available for 70-74 years which is $250,000. Patriot Platinum America insurance provides $100,000 policy maximum in comprehensive coverage for 70-79 age group and is the best choice.

Whether you are US citizen or non-US citizen, if you are traveling outside home country, WorldMed Long Term can be purchased for up to 364 days. It can also be renewed for minimum 15 days at a time.

If you are traveling outside your home country, Travel Health Insurance would protect you in case of any unforeseen injury, accident, sickness or illness. Medicare and most domestic plans do not provide International Health Insurance outside USA. In that case, at a very low cost, you can get peace of mind by purchasing International Travel Medical Insurance. Most International Travel Health Insurance plans generally do not cover pre-existing conditions, preventive care, annual physical check ups, cosmetic surgery etc. However, International Travel Insurance would provide coverages for emergency medical evacuation, trip interruption etc.

If you have recently immigrated to United States, domestic insurance plans may not be able available to you. Inbound Immigrant provides you coverage up to 5 years, until you may be able to find either suitable domestic plan or eligible to enroll into Medicare.

For visitors to United States, Inbound USA provides low cost fixed benefit visitor medical insurance. It can also be purchased online at Inbound USA insurance web site.

There are other few other visitor medical insurance plans such as Visitor Secure, Inbound Guest etc. that are worth considering as well. Visitor Secure Insurance is administered by HCC Medical Insurance Services (HCCMIS) while Inbound Guest Insurance is administered by Seven Corners. However, both of these plans are underwritten by Lloyds of London.

For short term group travel insurance, Atlas Group and Patriot Group are suitable. For a long term international major medical group insurance, you can choose either GEO Group.

If you are a new immigrant to the United States, please look at Inbound Immigrant insurance which is a low cost schedule benefit insurance plan. Inbound Immigrant that can be purchased up to 5 years.

Careington Dental Plan is a great choice for dental/vision plan for visitors and U.S. residents.

International Student Health Insurance:
International Student Insurance is mandatory for international students studying in USA. Without showing the proof of International Student Medical Insurance, international students can not register for their classes. Most universities have minimum requirements that must be met by International Student Insurance before they accept such insurance. Study USA insurance is a very popular insurance among them.

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