Tips on Medical Needs for USA visitors
  • If you wear spectacles, you should note down the specification of your lenses in case you need to replace them in the U.S. You should also carry a couple of extra pair of spectacles with you as they are very expensive in the U.S. If you wear contact lenses instead, you should carry at least one extra pair with you. You should also carry necessary eye drops, ointments, lens cleaner solution etc. with you.

  • If you are regularly taking some medicines, you should get the full stock of medicines, enough for the entire duration of your stay in the U.S. You can get common basic medicines without a prescription and over the counter in pharmacies for common problems such as cough, cold, headache, mild fever etc. But if you require a prescription for the medicine, the pharmacy will not give it to you unless you have a prescription from a U.S. doctor. A prescription from a foreign doctor is not acceptable at the pharmacy. Also please note that if you are carrying any medicines that contain narcotic drugs or are addictive, you should get a doctor's certificate saying that it is medically necessary or else you may run into serious problems at customs.

  • It is best to get a thorough check up of your body before traveling to the U.S., to avoid any surprise while on your visit. You can also ask the doctor about traveling precautions and make the list of all medicines and their compositions as you will not find the same brand of medicines in the USA.

  • If you have problems while traveling such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, ear pain etc, you should consult your doctor before traveling and get the appropriate medicines to take care of it.

  • During take-off and landing, the cabin pressure changes which may cause ear blocking and ear pain. This may be relieved by chewing gum, or by opening your mouth widely as if you were yawning. Carry candies to chew and some cotton balls to stuff your ears, as they are not provided in most of the international flights.

  • If you are diabetic or a gastric patient, you may request fruits in the airplane while traveling.

  • If you are already having a cold, it will get worse while traveling. It is advisable to carry some nasal drops or other cold medicines. You should always consult your doctor first regarding this.