USA Visitors - Preparing to Travel to USA
Initial Visit
If you get a 10 year multiple entry visa, you can come to the United States any time during those 10 years. There is no restriction to start your travel within a specified period such as 6 months of getting the initial visa. Your visa will not expire if you do not visit in a certain time frame. If you never visit during the entire validity of your visa stamp, that is not a problem at all and will not negatively impact your subsequent applications in the future.

Subsequent Visits
A multiple entry visa also allows to you leave the U.S. one day and return right back to the U.S. on the next day. There is no specific period for which you have to stay out of the U.S. before you can enter the U.S. again. But if you try to enter the U.S. too many times, or try to spend most of your time in the U.S. by stringing visits together, the immigration officer at the port of entry may suspect your true intentions and may deny your entry into the United States. While coming again to the United States the next time, you don't have to prepare any documents or send any affidavit of support again. You can just buy an air ticket, Visitor Medical Insurance and come to the U.S.

Air Ticket
Once your travel dates are decided tentatively, you need to buy airline tickets. Usually 4 months return tickets cost less than 6 months return ticket. However, in a 6 months open ticket, you may be able to change your return date without any penalties.

You can buy an airline ticket either from India or from the USA. As tickets prices vary a lot, check out with multiple agents. Do not just buy the cheapest one available as it may have undesirable features such as longer stop over, longer route, more stops etc.

Read Purchasing Air tickets page for detailed information about it.

Foreign Currency
You are allowed to carry a certain amount of U.S. currency for use during your travel to the USA. Please check out Reserve Bank of India web site to get more details.

Generally, you should get most of your foreign currency in terms of travelers checks, available at many banks and money exchange bureaus such as American Express, Thomas Cook etc. Travelers checks are safer than cash. Please make sure that you keep the proof of purchase separate from the actual checks. Proof of purchase would be needed in case the checks are lost. As travelers' checks do not expire, you can use them during your next trip also in case they are left over. The most commonly used traveler's checks are American Express Traveler's Checks, Thomas Cook, Visa Traveler's Checks, Master Card Traveler's Checks.

You should generally get the U.S. currency of about $500 in different denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20 etc. Please note that banks/currency exchangers do not give you any coins. If you have international credit card or if you are able to get it, it is highly recommended because you don't have to carry around a lot of cash. Unlike India, luggage trolleys in the USA are not free. Typically, the charge would be around $2 or $3. You would need cash if you would like to do some shopping at the duty free shops at the airport. You would also need some cash for snacks/incidental purchases at the intermediate airports like London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam etc. Shops at those airports accept the U.S. dollars so that you do not have to worry about currency in those countries.

Travel Companion
Many people who are traveling to the USA for the first time simply feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed. Also, many are worried because they don't know English. It really helps if they are able to find any travel companions who are experienced and who are traveling at the same time.

In order to help such people, immihelp® has developed a traveling companion section.

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The facility of requesting the wheelchair was designed so that people who have a difficulty walking long distances in the international airport or those who simply can not walk can travel.

However, many people started abusing this facility simply because their elderly relatives do not know English. Therefore, they simply ask for wheelchair assistance. In this case, the airport support staff would simply take them around. That way, they could find their way and at the same time, don't have to walk a lot.

Too many people unnecessarily requesting wheelchair started becoming the burden on the airline and on the airport. Therefore, they are very strict now. Before you can avail the wheelchair facility, you may be asked to provide the doctor's or hospital's certificate and extensive medical records to prove that you really need this service.

Therefore, in the best interest of everyone, please request the wheelchair assistance, only if you truly need it because of medical necessity.

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