Means of Substinence for Schengen Visa
Schengen visa applicants must prove that they have enough financial resources during their stay or transit in the Schengen area. The required means of substinence depend upon the purpose and duration of the stay, according to the average prices in the Schengen country of main destination or of first entry for board and lodging in budget accommodation, multiplied by the number of days stayed.

Acceptable means of substinence may be cash, travelers' checks, credit cards or anything else that guarantees sufficient funds. Alternatively, declarations of sponsorship or guarantee letters from hosts, where they are provided for by national law, may also be considered as evidence of sufficient means of substinence.

Guidelines and reference amounts are set by most of the countries in the Schengen area.

No firm guidelines. Determined on a case by case basis.

Staying with a private individual: €38/day.
Hotel accommodation: €50/day.

If the applicant can't provide the proof that he/she can support himself/herself, a solvent person living in Belgium must provide a signed affidavit of support, and it must be authenticated by the local municipal administration. The affidavit of support is valid for 2 years and covers the costs of the traveler's stay, health care, accommodation and repatriation in the event that the traveler is unable to pay, to ensure that the traveler does not become a public charge. If the sponsor is not a citizen of Belgium, a residence or establishment permit must be provided along with the affidavit.

Applicant also must produce an air ticket enabling him/her to return to his/her home country after the authorized stay in Schengen area.

Czech Republic
Stay up to 30 days - 0,5 times the substinence minimum per day.
Stay more than 30 days - 15 times the substinence minimum per day. It will be increased to double the subsistence minimum for each whole month of stay. Applicants may present an engangement de prise en charge For children under 18 years of age, amounts reduced by 50%.

DKK 350 per 24 hours.
Return air ticket.

EEK 600 per day

€30 per person per day.

Amount equal to the guaranteed minimum wage in France (SMIC). i.e., €56.20/day
If you are holding an attestation d'accueil, you must have a minimum equivalent of half of SMIC. i.e., €28.10/day.

Return ticket or corresponding financial means.

Additionally, a formal declaration of commitment subscribed by a relative/acquaintance, using the required form available from the local Ordunungsamt.
The applicant can also present a legal guarantee from a German bank, a telegraphic money order or use a guarantee deposited with the immigration authorities responsible for the stay.

€20 per person per day, minimum €100.

The amount is reduced by 50% for minors who are members of the traveler's family.

Enough money to meet their needs in Iceland and to make the return journey.
ISK 4,000 per person, minimum ISK 20,000 for each entry.
If the expenses are borne by a third party, the amount is halved.

Demonstration of suitable accommodation in Italy, required money for repatriation, and air ticket.

Minimum amounts per person are listed below:
Duration of trip
1 participant
2 or more participants
1 to 5 days overall fixed sum
6 to 10 days daily sum per person
11 to 20 days fixed sum
daily sum per person


more than 20 days fixed sum
daily sum per person



Travelers staying with a private host - LVL 10 per day
Travelers staying in a hotel - LVL 30 per day

€40 per day

No reference amount. Decided on a case-by-case basis.

MTL 20 per day

Regular traveler - PLN 100/day, minimum of PLN 500
Traveler under the age of 16 - PLN 50/day, minimum of PLN 300
Travlers participating in tourist trips, youth camps, sport competitions or arriving for health treatment in a sanatorium - PLN 20/day, minimum of PLN 100
Travelers who stay does not exceed 3 days (including transit): Adults: PLN 300, Person under the age of 16: PLN 150

€75 for each entry and €40 for each day.
If you may be exempted from above amounts if you can show that you have your lodging and boarding guaranteed for the duration of your stay.

€34 per day.

NOK 500/day is considered adequate for the persons not staying with friends/relatives.
Reduced amounts will be considered if you have a ticket for the return journey and a guarantee has been given for the stay. Relatives/friends may provide a signed affidavit of support (garantiskjema) and authenticated by the police.

Adult - SKK 3450 per day Under age 16 - Reduced by 50%

Adult - €70 per day Under age 16 - Reduced by 50%

€57.06 per day, minimum €513.54 per person.

SEK 370 per day