Schengen Visa Application Form

Schengen Visa Application Form

A uniform visa application form is used by all the Schengen countries.

Download Form

Download Schengen Visa Application Form – English

Completing the Form

  • Only the latest form will be accepted.
  • Any person can fill the form either in legible handwriting or by typing it, but it must be signed by the applicant.
  • As the form is fillable online, the best way is to fill the form online, print it, and sign it.
  • Please do not leave any columns blank. Write “N/A” if a particular field is not applicable.
  • In case of minor applicant, both parents have to provide written consent and sign the application form.
  • If writing by hand, complete the form in black ink.
  • In some cases, you are required to print the form twice. You must sign both the completed copies.
  • A separate application form must be completed by each applicant.
  • Do not write anything in the area marked “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY”.
  • Fields marked with * should not be filled in by family members of EU, EEA, or CH citizenship. Family members of EU, EEA, or CH citizens must present documents that prove the nature of their relationship.
  • When writing the phone number, make sure to include the country code.  E.g., +91-9812345678
  • Check the boxes with an “X” and not with a tick mark ().
  • Do not lie.  Provide only truthful and honest answers.
  • Before submitting the form, make a copy of the form. At the time of interview, it would be helpful to remember what details you provided.

Details in the Application Form

While completing a Schengen visa application, you generally have to provide the following information:

  • Personal information
  • Background information
  • Purpose of trip to the Schengen area
  • Your trip details

Sample – Completed Schengen Visa Application Form in English

How to Fill a Schengen Visa Application Form

It is very important to complete the form accurately, and the following tips would help you do that.

  1. Surname (Family Name)
  2. Please write your surname, also called last name, exactly as on your passport.

    Do not add any unnecessary extra notes here.

  3. Surname at Birth (Former Family Name(s))
  4. If your surname is different now than at birth, mention it here.

    That would normally be the case for married women who changed their last name after marriage.

    Do not add any unnecessary extra notes here.

  5. First Name(s) (Given Name(s))
  6. Write your first name exactly as on your passport.

    If you have a middle name or multiple names, write all of them there.

    Do not add any notes or explanations here.

  7. Date of Birth (Day-Month-Year)
  8. Write your birth date exactly as on your passport. E.g., 13-Dec-1978.

  9. Place of Birth
  10. Write it exactly as on your passport.
    E.g., Chennai

    If your place of birth also has a state mentioned, please mention it here.
    E.g., Reston, VA

  11. Country of Birth
  12. The country in which you were born. Please write that even if it is not mentioned in your passport.

    If the name of the country where you were born has changed, please write the name of country as it is currently known.

    E.g., if you were born in USSR, and that place is now in Ukraine, please write Ukraine.

  13. Current Nationality
  14. Nationality at birth.

    If different:
    Write the country name of your current citizenship if it is different than the country in which you were born.

    E.g., if you were born in India, but you are now citizen of Thailand, please write Thailand here.

  15. Sex
  16. Self-explanatory. Make sure to check only one box.

  17. Marital Status
  18. Self-explanatory.

  19. In the Case of Minors: Surname, First Name, Address (If Different from Applicant’s), and Nationality of Parental Authority/Legal Guardian
  20. Self-explanatory.

  21. National Identification Number, Where Applicable
  22. E.g., Aadhar card number for residents of India. Social security number for residents of the U.S.

  23. Type of Travel Document
  24. Most people would check “Ordinary passport”.

    If they have any other type of passport, they would know that and check accordingly.

  25. Number of Travel Document
  26. Passport number, as indicated on the passport.

  27. Date of Issuance
  28. The date when your passport was issued.

  29. Valid Until
  30. The expiration date of your passport.

  31. Issued By
  32. The government authority that issued the passport.

    E.g., Government of India, U.S. Department of State, etc.

  33. Applicant’s Home Address, E-mail Address, and Telephone Number(s)
  34. Self-explanatory.

  35. Residence in a Country Other than the Country of Current Nationality
  36. Many people live in another country outside their country of citizenship.

    E.g., work visa (H, L) holders in the U.S., green card holders in the U.S.

    For H, L, and other resident visa holders: Provide Form I-94 number and its expiration date.

    For green card holders: Provide the green card number (which is USCIS # or A Number), and write “N/A” in Valid Until.

  37. Current Occupation
  38. Self-explanatory.

    If your passport mentions your occupation, write exactly that.

    Otherwise, write whatever your current occupation is:
    e.g., “Software engineer”, “Student”, “Retired”, “Home maker”, “Real estate broker”, etc.

  39. Employer and Employer’s Address and Telephone Number. For Students, the Name and Address of Educational Establishment.
  40. Self-explanatory.

    If you are retired or a home maker, write “N/A”.

  41. Main Purpose(s) of the Journey:
  42. Self-explanatory.

    If you need to check “Other”, please be very careful, as it most likely may not fall under the eligibility of Schengen visa.

  43. Member State(s) of Destination
  44. Write the names of each country in the Schengen area you plan to visit.

    Refer to where to submit Schengen visa application for further details.

  45. Member State of First Entry
  46. The Schengen country from where you will be entering the Schengen area.

  47. Number of Entries Requested
  48. Self-explanatory.

    This would depend upon your itinerary and the purpose of your trip.

  49. Duration of the Intended Stay or Transit
  50. Self-explanatory.

    Indicate number of days

  51. Schengen Visa Issued During the Past Three Years
  52. Self-explanatory.

    If you are applying for the first time, you would choose “No”.

  53. Fingerprints Collected Previously for the Purpose of Applying for a Schengen Visa
  54. Self-explanatory.

  55. Entry Permit for the Final Country of Destination, Where Applicable
  56. If the Schengen area is not your final destination, write the visa details of your final destination.

  57. Intended Date of Arrival in the Schengen Area
  58. Self-explanatory.

  59. Intended Date of Departure from the Schengen Area
  60. Self-explanatory.

  61. Surname and First Name of the Inviting Person(s) in the Member State(s). If Not Applicable, Name of Hotel(s) or Temporary Accommodation(s) in the Member State(s)
  62. If you checked “Visiting family or friends” in #21, write their names.

    If you checked another purpose, such as “Tourism”, names of the hotel(s) or temporary accommodation(s).

    In either case, you need to provide the address, email-address, phone number, and fax number (if available).

  63. Name and Address of Inviting Company/Organization
  64. This would normally be applicable if the purpose of your trip is “Business”, “Cultural”, or “Sports”.

  65. Cost of Travelling and Living During the Applicant’s Stay Is Covered
  66. You can check one or more boxes as appropriate.

  67. Personal Data of the Family Member who is an EU, EEA, or CH Citizen
  68. Provide the details, if applicable. Otherwise, write “N/A”.

  69. Family Relationship with an EU, EEA, or CH Citizen
  70. Provide the details, if applicable. Otherwise, write “N/A”.

  71. Place and Date
  72. Please write the name of the location where you are while completing this form. That can be different than the location of the Schengen embassy/consulate.

    Write today’s date when completing the form.

  73. Signature (For Minors, Signature of Parental Authority/Legal Guardian)
  74. Every applicant must sign.

    If the person is unable to sign because he/she is illiterate, a thumb print should be used.

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