J2 Visa Waiver for dependent spouse and children
  • If the primary visa holder on J-1 visa is subject to two-year home-country physical-residence requirement, his/her dependent spouse and children who received J-2 visa based on that J-1 visa are also subject to the same requirement.

  • However, dependents don't need to separately apply for waiver as they are automatically included in J-1 visa waiver application. Dependents should be listed in the J-1 visa waiver application. No additional (per person) fees need to be paid to include the dependents.

  • The primary applicant on J-1 visa gets the waiver, the dependents on J-2 visa also automatically get the waiver.

  • With a few exceptions, dependents on J-2 via can not apply for a waiver when the primary applicant on J-1 visa is not applying.

    However, in the following circumstances, Waiver Review Division will consider the application on a case-by-case basis:
    • J-1 spouse dies:
      Attach a copy of your J-1 spouse's death certificate
    • J-1 and J-2 spouses divorce:
      Attach a copy of the divorce decree from your J-1 spouse.
    • J-2 child reaches age 21:
      Attach a copy of your birth certificate, if you are J-2 child age 21 or over.

    You should also submit a statement explaining
    1. why you are applying for a waiver and your J-1 spouse/parent is not.
    2. why your situation merits special consideration.