Application Form for Schengen Visa
A uniform visa application form is used by all members of the Schengen countries.
  • Only the latest form will be accepted.

  • Any person can fill the form either in legible handwriting or type it, but it must be signed by the applicant.

    As the form is fillable online, the best way is to fill the form online, print it and sign it.

  • Please do not leave any columns blank. Write NA if a particular field is not applicable.

  • In case of minor applicant, both parents have to provide written consent and have to sign the application form.

  • If writing by hand, complete the form in black color.

Fillable Application form is available in the following languages:


Country Specific Forms
These forms are essentially the same as above, but some embassies/consulates put their name, address or other specific information that makes it easier for local persons to fill the form.

Austria Embassy in New Delhi
Greece Embassy in New Delhi
Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi

Resident Permit Form