U.S. Immigration Abbreviations and Acronyms

U.S. Immigration Abbreviations and Acronyms
AAOAdministrative Appeals Office (formerly the Administrative Appeals Unit (AAU))
ACAssociate Commissioner (of INS)
AC21American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act of 2000
ACEAccelerated Citizen Examination
ACPAAssistant Chief Patrol Agent
ACWIAAmerican Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act of 1998
ADApproval Date
ADDAssistant District Director. Also, ADDE (Examinations); ADDI (Investigations); ADDM (Management)
ADITAlien Documentation, Identification, and Telecommunications system (ADIT photos are no longer used)
AEDPAAntiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996
AFACSA-Files Accountability and Control System
AFAIKAs Far As I Know
A-FileAlien File
AGAttorney General of the United States
AILAAmerican Immigration Lawyers Association
AILFAmerican Immigration Law Foundation
ALCAlien Labor Certification
ALJAdministrative Law Judge
AMISAsset Management Information System
A-NumberAlien Number
AO1. Administrative Officer
2. Asylum Officer
3. Adjudication Officer
AOCAsylum Officer Corps
AOICAssistant Officer-in-Charge
AOS1. Adjustment of Status (USCIS definition)
2. Affidavit of Support (Dept of State definition)
ARCAlien Registration Card (also called Permanent Resident Card or Green Card)
A/SAdjustment of Status
AP1. Advance Parole
2. Administrative Processing
ARAdministrative Review
ASCApplication Support Center (fingerprinting location)
ASVIAlien Status Verification Index
AVLOSAutomated Visa Lookout System
AWOAffirmance Without Opinion
BALCABoard of Alien Labor Certification Appeals
BARBoard of Appellate Review
BCABureau of Consular Affairs
BCCI-186 or I-586 Nonresident Alien Border Crossing Card
BCISBureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (now USCIS)
BECBacklog Elimination Center
BIABoard of Immigration Appeals
BiometricsFingerprints, signatures, photographs, and other material used to personally and uniquely identify a person
BITBilateral Investment Treaty
BOPBureau of Prisons; also, Burden of Proof
BPBorder Patrol
CATUnited Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhumane, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
CBP(U.S.) Customs and Border Protection
CCAChild Citizenship Act
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CGFNSCommission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools
CIJChief Immigration Judge
CIS1. Central Index System
2. Citizenship and Immigration Services (more commonly known as USCIS)
3. Center for Immigration Studies
CLAIMSComputer Linked Application Information Management System
CLNCertificate of Loss of Nationality
CMTCrime of Moral Turpitude (also known as Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMT))
CO1. Certifying Officer (of DOL) 
2. Consulate Officer
COAClass of Admission
COBCountry of Birth
COCCountry of Citizenship
ConOffConsular Officer
CORAPCentral Office of Refugee, Asylum, and Parole
COSChange of Status
CPConsular Processing
CPRConditional Permanent Resident
CPTCurricular Practical Training
CRConditional Resident
C/SChange of Status
CSCCalifornia Service Center
CSPAChild Status Protection Act
CUSACitizenship U.S.A.
CWOPCancelled WithOut Prejudice
D&DDetention and Deportation
DAO1. District Adjudication Officer
2. Deputy Adjudications Officer
DCFDirect Consular Filing
DCPADeputy Chief Patrol Agent
DDDistrict Director
DDDDeputy District Director
DEDDeferred Enforced Departure
DFSDesignated Fingerprint Service
DHSDepartment of Homeland Security
DO1. District Office
2. Deportation Officer
DOBDate of Birth
DODDate of Defense
DOEDate of Entry
DOJDepartment of Justice
DOLDepartment of Labor
DORADallas Office Rapid Adjustment of Status
DOSDepartment of State
DOTDictionary of Occupational Titles
D/SDuration of Status
DSODesignated School Official
DVDiversity Visa Lottery Program
EACEastern Adjudication Center (now Vermont Service Center)
EADEmployment Authorization Document (I-688B)
EAJAEqual Access to Justice Act
ENFORCEEnforcement Case Tracking System
EOIRExecutive Office for Immigration Review
EOSExtension of Stay
ERExpedited Removal
E/SExtension of Status or Stay
ETAEmployment and Training Administration
EVDExtended Voluntary Departure
EVLEmployment Verification Letter
EWIEntry Without Inspection
EWICEssential Worker Immigration Coalition
FAMForeign Affairs Manual
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FARESFees and Applications Receipt and Entry System
FCCPTForeign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy
FCNTreaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation
FCOFile Control Office
FED. REG.Federal Register
FGMFemale Genital Mutilation
FMGForeign Medical Graduate
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
FRFederal Register
FSNForeign Service National
FSOForeign Service Officer
FTAFree Trade Agreement
FTOFree Trade Officer
GALGeneral Administration Letter of DOL
GCGreen Card
GEMSGeneral Counsel Management System
GPOGovernment Printing Office
Green CardPermanent Resident Card
HBHouse Bill
HRHouse Report
HRIFAHaitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act
IAImmigration Agent
IBISInteragency Border Inspection System
ICE(U.S.) Immigration and Customs Enforcement
ICMSInvestigations Case Management System
IDInterview Date
IDENTAutomated Fingerprint Identification System
IEImmigration Examiner
iEADInterim EAD
IFMInspector’s Field Manual
IGInspector General
IIImmigration Inspector
IIOImmigration Information Officer
IIRAIRAIllegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (also IIRIRA)
IJImmigration Judge
ILTAILA’s Immigration Law Today
IMBRAInternational Marriage Brokers Act
IMFAImmigration Marriage Fraud Amendments Act
IMHOIn My Humble Opinion
IMMACT90Immigration Act of 1990
IMOIn My Opinion
INAImmigration and Nationality Act
INFOPASSOnline appointment system to take an appointment with local immigration officer
INSImmigration and Naturalization Service (now USCIS)
INSERTSImmigration and Naturalization Service Early Research and Transmittal System
INSPASSINS Passenger Accelerated Service System
INTCAImmigration and Nationality Technical Corrections Act of 1994
IOImmigration Officer
IR1. Interpreter Releases
2. Immediate Relative
IRCAImmigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
IRSInternational Revenue Service
IVACSImmigrant Visa Applicant Control System
IVImmigrant Visa
LAPRLawfully Admitted for Permanent Residence
LAULegalization Appeals Unit
LAWLawfully Authorized (or Admitted) Worker
LCALabor Condition Application
LCLabor Certification
LIFELegal Immigration and Family Equity Act of 2000
LINNorthern Service Center (now Nebraska Service Center)
LPRLawful Permanent Resident
(Green Card holder)
LWOPLeave WithOut Pay
LUDLast Update Date
MRDMachine Readable Document
MSCMissouri Service Center (National Service Center)
MS&DMaintenance of Status and Departure bond
MTINAMiscellaneous and Technical Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1991
MTRMotion To Reopen
NACARANicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act
NACSNaturalization Automated Casework System
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement
NAILSNational Automated Immigration Lookout System
NBCNational Benefits Center
NBCOTANoncitizen Benefit Clarification and Other Technical Amendments Act of 1998
NBCOTNational Board for Certification of Occupational Therapists
NOANotice of Action. The notice that you receive after filing an application with USCIS.
NOIFNotice of Intent to Fine
NCName Check
NDNotice Date. The date when your application was entered into the USCIS database.
NIVNonimmigrant Visa
NIWNational Interest Waiver
NOFNotice of Findings
NOIDNotice of Intent to Deny
NOIRNotice of Intent to Revoke
NRCNational Record Center
NSCNebraska Service Center
NSEERSNational Security Entry Exit Registration System
NTANotice to Appear
NVCNational Visa Center
OARSOutlying Area Reporting Station
OCAHOOffice of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer
ODPOrderly Departure Program
OESOccupational Employment Statistics
OIOperations Instructions
OILOffice of Immigration Litigation of DOJ’s Civil Division
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
O*NETOccupational Information Network
ONOOffice of Naturalization Operations (now ISD)
OOHOccupational Outlook Handbook (DOL)
OPTOptional Practical Training
O/SOut of Status, or Overstay
OSCOrder to Show Cause; also, Office of Special Counsel
OTMOther than Mexican
PA1. (Border) Patrol Agent 
2. Privacy Act
PCCPolice Clearance Certificate
PDPriority Date
PERMProgram Electronic Review Management System
PISSPre-INS Submission Syndrome
PLCPermanent Labor Certification
POEPort of Entry
PPPremium Processing
PRPermanent Residence
PRCPermanent Resident Card (also called an Alien Registration Card or Green Card)
PTPractical Training
QDEQualified Designated Entity
RAWReplenishment Agricultural Worker
RCRegional Commissioner of USCIS
RD1. Receipt Date. The date the application was received by USCIS
2. Regional Director of USCIS
RFERequest for Evidence
RFIRequest for Initial Evidence
RNRegistered Nurse
ROResponsible Officer of J- 1 Exchange Visitor Program
ROWRest Of the World
RSCRegional Service Center
RTDRefugee Travel Document
RVISRemote Video Inspection System
SAOSecurity Advisory Opinion
SAOSupervisory Adjudication Officer
SASpecial Agent
SAWSpecial Agricultural Worker
SBSenate Bill
SCService Center
SDAOSupervisory District Adjudications Officer
SENTRISecure Electronic Network for Travelers’ Rapid Inspection
SEVISStudent and Exchange Visitor Information System
SIESupervisory Immigration Examiner
SIISupervisory Immigration Inspector
SIO1. Supervisory Immigration Officer;
2. Special Inquiry Officer (former title for Immigration Judges)
SKSpecialized Knowledge for L Visa
SOSignificant Other
SRCSouthern Regional Center (now Texas Service Center)
SRSenate Report
SVPSpecific Vocational Preparation
SSASocial Security Administration
SSNSocial Security Number
SWAState Workforce Agency
TATrial Attorney
TAGTechnical Assistance Guide No. 656-Labor Certifications (1981)
TALTechnology Alert List
TCNThird Country National
TPCRTransition Period Custody Rules
TPSTemporary Protected Status
TSATransportation Security Administration
TSCTexas Service Center
TWOVTransit Without Visa
UNHCRUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UPLUnauthorized Practice of Law
US-VISITUnited States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology Program
USA PATRIOT ActUniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001
USC1. U.S. Code
2. U.S Citizen
USCISU.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly INS)
USCSU.S. Customs Service
VAWAViolence Against Women Act
VBVisa Bulletin
VDVoluntary Departure
VOVisa Office
VOLAGVolunteer Agency
VSCVermont Service Center
VTCVideo Teleconferencing
VWPPVisa Waiver Pilot Program
VWPVisa Waiver Program
WACWestern Adjudication Center (now California Service Center)

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