American Culinary Culture – Here’s What You Need to Know For Starters

American Culinary Culture - Here's What You Need to Know For Starters

When we think about American food, the first images that come to mind are often burgers and fries. However, there is more to American food than just these. American culture and cuisine is a wonderful amalgamation of different cultures that are blended together to give birth to what we know today as “American.”

It is impossible to get bored with American food. Spicy or bland, simple or sophisticated, sweet or hot – whatever you like, American food has something for you.

American Food: Here’s What You Can Not Miss Out On

There is a huge variety of food in American cuisine. After much deliberation, we have streamlined the number of choices into this carefully curated list of food items you must not miss out on.

The American Hamburger

Sesame seed bun, ground beef patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese – what more could you ask for? Maybe a side of fries, right? The hamburger is a stereotype for a reason. It is simply an explosion of flavors. The variation is also endless. You can switch up the ingredients according to your taste. The best part about American burgers is the fact that they are often extremely affordable. Typically, you can enjoy a hearty burger and fries meal for five dollars or less.

Clam Chowder

To visit America, specifically New England, and then not indulge in clam chowder, is absurd. This chowder is warm, thick, and creamy. It is everything that a portion of comfort food should have. Commonly, chowder consists of shellfish, potatoes, pork, onions, and celery.

There are three varieties of clam chowder – white, clear, and red. There are countless regional varieties of clam chowder, such as Delaware clam chowder, Hatteras clam chowder, and Long Island clam chowder. Every region claims that their clam chowder is the best, but you will have to try them all to find out.

Deep-Dish Pizza

As the name suggests, deep-dish pizza consists of a crust that is shaped like a dish and is stuffed with an ample amount of sauce, fillings, and toppings. Dripping with spices and cheese, the deep-dish pizza, originally from Chicago, is quite a marvel. You definitely ought to give this controversial pizza a try to find out if it lives up to its reputation.

Texas Barbecue

The term Texas Barbecue refers to tender cuts of meat, cooked and grilled to perfection. Meats commonly used in Texas Barbecue include sausages, briskets, and pork ribs.

History suggests that Texas Barbecue was introduced in the early 19th century by German and Czech settlers who brought the recipe from their homeland. There are four regional variations of the Texas barbecue – East Texas barbecue, West Texas barbecue, North Texas barbecue, and South Texas barbecue. Try each of the variations to decide which one is the best.

Pot Roast

Pot roast is the perfect combination of healthy and tasty. It contains tougher cuts of meat like chuck steak, bottom round, short ribs, and seven-bone roast. It is slow-cooked in a pot. The process of slow cooking makes the meat so tender that it melts in your mouth. Pot roast is often served with sautéed vegetables like carrots, beans, tomatoes, and baby corn. If you want a hearty American meal to warm you up from the inside out, pot roast is what you should go for.


In the mood for some Tex-Mex? Go for Fajitas. Fajitas are spicy, tangy, and simply put, delicious. They are made up of shredded, grilled meat wrapped in a taco or tortilla. Popular fillings include beef, chicken, bell peppers, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, shredded cheese, and tomatoes.

Fajitas were first introduced to America in the early 1930s by Mexican cowboys, who resorted to fajitas as quick, to-go food. Today, fajitas are popular all over the continent, and there are countless variations of this classic dish available in restaurants. There are even vegetarian and vegan variations of fajitas.

Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy

Chefs and cooks in the southeastern U.S. are unmatched when it comes to comfort food. Biscuits ‘n’ gravy is a prime example of this. It is made of soft biscuits which are covered in meat gravy. They are often topped with sausages, bacon, and shredded beef or pork. The sheer simplicity of this delicious dish is amazing.

Biscuits ‘n’ gravy is said to have its roots in the American Revolutionary War. Since food was rationed, Biscuits ‘n’ gravy quickly became popular. It was easy to prepare, needed few ingredients and thus was considered the perfect comfort food. It remained a popular meal in the South through the ages and still is today.

Things You Need To Know Before Digging In

You now know what dishes to try out once you set foot in America. However, there are a few things about American food that you should know before you dig in.

  1. American portions are huge. Americans are always about making things bigger and better. Food is no exception. One slice of a New York Pizza is enough to fill you up. Thus, when you visit a restaurant, ask for a regular portion instead of a medium or a large so that you don’t end up wasting food.
  2. You can get unlimited free refills of soda at most fast-food restaurants. Carbonated drinks are cheap in the U.S., and Americans tend to be very generous about it. However, the beverage cups are usually huge and, in all probability, you won’t need a refill.
  3. You will be introduced to a completely new culture and food habits than you are used to. Unfamiliar cuisine might make your body react poorly. You may get an upset stomach or experience food poisoning. While these are easily treatable, private hospitals are likely to charge you a lot for treatment. To make sure that your hospital bills are covered, buy a health insurance plan before traveling to the U.S.

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